Opposition infighting cancelling out Isko Moreno and Leni Robredo camps, paving the way for either a Marcos or Lacson win

Too much drama in the Opposition camp. The way Boo Chanco tells it in his PhilSTAR piece “Keep focused” smacks of historical revisionism. According to Chanco, the Reds “tricked” Cory into releasing them after she “ousted” Marcos. He should he call them out for what they really are — political opportunists prostituting their organizations. Their release was the reason why the Reform the Armed Forces Movement (RAM) went against the administration just a couple of months after February 1986 which began the string of coup attempts against Cory.

Chanco claims the Reds went for Gringo Honasan and Ping Lacson in 2004 but this is false. The Reds hold RAM responsible for the killings of Rolando Olalia and Lean Alejandro. Lacson was under Col. Rolly Abadilla at the Military Intelligence and Security Group (MISG). What Chanco doesn’t mention is the Reds gained ground under the administration of Fidel Ramos with the peace talks and the passage of the enabling law for party-list representatives which the Reds exploited to the hilt and gave rise to the Makabayan Bloc in the House of Representatives. President Joseph “Erap” Estrada forged a broad coalition in 1998 with Boy Morales and Edicio De La Torre representing the Reds. They dumped Erap for Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo (GMA) and dumped GMA again for Noynoy Aquino. But Akbayan had the upper hand as Ronald Llamas became Political Affairs Adviser of PNoy. In 2010, they coalesced with the Nacionalistas and ran together with Bongbong Marcos for the Senate. Come 2016, they went for Grace Poe and Neri Colmenares was in the same slate as Isko Moreno.

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Chanco tries very hard to justify the Senate slate of Leni Robredo but fails. If the basis is the lesser evil then it should comes down to the NPC-Reporma-NUP-UNA coalition, some of whose candidates have been adopted by Robredo. Why vote for the Pinklawans when the Lacson – Tito Sotto tandem is more organized and has a better platform compared to Robredo and her ilk who still continue to stumble in the dark despite her being Vice-President for the past five years? Voters who are neither pro-Opposition or pro-Administration will consider first the Lacson-Sotto ticket. Surveys haven’t really focused on this niche at all but it is growing. Another consideration is the fact that the 21-45 demographic, which is 40 million strong were born between 2001 – 1977. Those who are 45 were nine years old when Marcos was ousted so they grew up under the Yellows. Those who are 21 were born the year GMA became President. They came of mind during the PNoy administration and as adults under the present administration. For sure, they have witnessed the stark difference in governance.

It’s not likely probable also that this demographic will go for Isko even if he comes from it for the simple reason that those in the upper range will question his ability to lead and govern given his experience and track record. But, as it is, the bickering is inside the Robredo camp and that of Isko, and between the two. The net effect is they are cancelling each other out even before the official campaign period begins. The opposition might as well be branded as the That’s Entertainment group because that’s all they’re good for. The men get separated from the boys and, the way it’s looking, it will be a race between Senators Lacson and Marcos. This is actually more beneficial to the public became there will be no bickering, mudslinging and black propaganda. It will be an issues-based campaign between two gentlemen, which is actually the kind of politics we need.

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  1. We have no concrete basis, at present, if the independents will go for Lacson-Sotto. What is obvious is the dominance of the Robredo-led opposition which has a lot of clout considering the scope of the party. On the other hand, the administration, although appears to be weaker because of the absence of noteworthy candidate, is holding out its commanding influence because of the Duterte specter.

    I’m also not sure if the ‘difference in governance’ will matter much this coming election. Everyone has their own style of governing, philosophy, etc. The voters right now, young and old, expects that they will get a kind of leadership different from the past not because of ideology but mainly personality.

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