A return to post-1986 Yellowtard culture? Filipinos will have none of that and none of Leni Robredo

Pitch her as anything but a “tyrant” and everything about being “pro-poor”, sugar, spice, and everything nice, whatever. Supporting “vice president” Leni Robredo means supporting a return to the Yellowtard society that the 1986 EDSA “revolution” ushered in. Robredo may bathe herself and her camp in pink today, much the same way they did in white in 2019, and in “multi-faith” and “multi-sectoral” colours in between 2016 and that catastrophic year. One way or another the colour Yellow would shine through — and it did, and it still does.

One only need dig up old photos of Robredo and her sidekick Mar Roxas running under the Liberal Party in the lead up to the 2016 national elections. You’d be hard-pressed to find any images not dominated by Yellow. If Robredo and her mob of colour-of-the-day-tards want us to believe that they stand for the very same “rock solid” values and principles they stood for when they went up against then-emerging top candidate Rodrigo Duterte six years ago, they will need to explain why they would not be caught dead today wearing those same yellow colours that symbolised their “cause” at that time. So the colour changes but not the principles at stake? If the principles and values haven’t changed, what does the change in colour mean?

Try as they might, the Yellow brand shines through any fresh colour coating the Yellowtards wash their brand with. Proof of this is in how their attempts to cobble together a “unity” coalition fell flat. It is because their underlying — and unchanged — character could not be concealed by their brand-new pink motif. Why, after all, would one be suddenly ashamed to be associated to a colour they once wore with pride, right? Inconsistent people are phoney. You can’t get any simpler than that. Just as, to their detractors, they will always be Yellowtards, it is evident that, to the likes of Isko Moreno, Manny Pacquiao, and Ping Lacson, Leni Robredo and the 1Sambayan coalition she’s rubbed her brand off on are Yellowtards on the inside.

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Back in the old days, Yellowtards actually wore yellow.

Why the obsession with a dominant colour to begin with? Among the major parties fielding a presidential candidate, it is only Robredo and her camp that make themselves synonymous with their political colour. The rest may use a colour to differentiate themselves in the race but not necessarily to define themselves by. The Yellowtards have long been obsessed by symbols and hand gestures — perhaps intoxicated by their original lucky strike with the yellow brand, the Laban slogan, and the “L” hand gesture that collectively symbolise the dishonest Aquino-equals-Saintly-Hero narrative they shoved down Filipinos’ throats for three decades. Ultimately, this astounding success went on to become their undoing. Since their loss in 2016, the Yellowtards have turned into desperate chameleons.

Indeed, pink denotes femininity which makes perverse sense when one considers that Robredo is pitching herself to Filipino voters as some sort of mother figure. Worse, the Robredo brand has feminism written all over it — which is bad news from a statistical perspective because that effectively makes her brand a pitch to just half of the voter population. Looking past these colours can be found neither substance nor compelling value proposition. “Let Leni Lead” is the pathetic call to action — as if Robredo’s mob are leaving it up to the Filipino people to find it in their hearts allow themselves to be led by this woman.

Filipinos don’t need a mother. They want a leader. They don’t want some bozo asking them nicely that they allow her to lead them. They want to see a person exhibit some character, step up to the occasion and yell “FOLLOW ME!” with conviction. They are not going to find that in a party or camp that uses a sissy colour, sissy messaging, and sissy personas in lame efforts to come across as the “good” choice in a made-up battle between “good” and “evil”.

17 Replies to “A return to post-1986 Yellowtard culture? Filipinos will have none of that and none of Leni Robredo”

  1. A victory for these GODDAMNED MOTHERF**KING WOKE LIBERAL SON OF A B***HES (if ever Leni Robredo wins the presidency) will ONLY MEAN ONE GODDAMNED F**KING THING: the return of the goddamned bulls**t status quos that these ret**ded yellowtards/pinktards motherf**kers always f**king wanted, like the lack of law and order, prevalence of crime, drugs, killings and murders by drug users, drug lords, drug addicts, rapists, carnappings, kidnappings and other types of bad bulls**t. That’s what made the country reduced to that f**king bad level of situation that forced people ended up picking Duterte as President in the first place.

    Another thing is that Leni Robredo is that Philippine counterpart version of Hillary Clinton (let that similarity of these two, sink in) and it would that f**king hilarious to see if Leni Robredo ends up losing the 2022 presidential elections to Bongbong Marcos (who’s ending more popular and more support as each day passes).

    Like, a defeat of Leni Robredo at the 2022 presidential elections, would signal a HUGE “F**K YOU!!” and a goddamned middle finger s**t message to the bulls**t liberal oligarchs and the goddamned bulls**t establishment, which definitely put a nail to the coffins to the obsolete good-for-nothing liberal establishment son of a b***hes.

  2. Not so fast. With the administration having no solid representation, the yellow group has a lot of leeway to snatch the race in their favor and do a Maria Ressa comeback. It’s really isn’t necessary that Leni has to win per se for the yellow to stage a coup. All they have to do (they might be doing it right now) is to back up any horse among the anti-administration candidates, and presto, the circus is back in town! Once a credible survey comes out showing the standing of the candidates’ popular numbers, we will know who’s going to be the real contender for the crown and who’s going to be just clowns.

    My take is, if it’s one on one between Leni and Bongbong, and that’s a big IF, Leni has the edge. The Yellow group is just too many against the loud rabid Marcos loyalists. They are too many because they also got the hot pink and the ordinary anti-Marcos crowd. That and not counting those from other parties that will coalesce with them eventually if the price is right.

    Good thing a mano-a-mano between Leni and Junior is just that, a yellow imagination for now. With Lacson and Isko dead serious in their campaign, Leni is in a place where Bongbong would like her to be. But if the bulk of the yellow crowd decides to dump Leni in the last second and shift their allegiance to either Lacson or Isko or whoever is on top, tapos na ang Pacquiao, este boksing!

    Now, to go back to the corner of the Duterte diehards, sad to say, they already lost even before the game begins when nobody came to the aid of Digong. Look, the daughter defied his father again and again in not acquiescing on the proposal to come to the aid of her tottering dad. No Bong Go, no Bato. Nampucha, nagtakbuhan lahat! No wonder, the administration team look pathetic right now.

    Is a return of the yellow dynasty possible? People, you need to wake up, they’re knocking on the door as we speak!

    1. So you think Leni can restore the oppressive status quo including the moral superiority of these cocksuckers in cassocks that make up the CBCP

      1. We’ll never know for sure but it’s a possibility. Gloria Arroyo and Duterte would never have won the presidency had cooler and sensible minds among the candidates prevailed.

  3. Benign0, I think I know what you really are.

    Obviously the ingrained sexism in Australia’s rugby culture (the sport, not the chemical high has gotten into you…

    1. “Everyone from the pro-government to the non-liberal centrist moderates are rooting and anticipating for Inday Sara to run and win on 2022”

      Maybe they’re rooting for her to run but she has no stomach for it, that’s the problem. One, maybe she knows she’s not going to win; two, she don’t want to be identified with a bloody regime his dad created, so she passed. Lastly, the corruption thing that exploded in her dad’s face is too much to bear. No chance, Sara said.

      1. She knows she would win. Who is going to beat her in the current field? You look at the field and no one would beat her unless certain people drop out of the race.

        If Robredo drops out and supports Isko he would be the only person with a shot to beat Sara.

        The problem is, and I think she knows this, she would have to clean up her dad’s mess and she doesnt want to do that. She has already had that experience in Davao. She will run in 6 years and win big most likely.

        1. Who’s going to beat her? Anybody, on a one-on-one race. Look, Sara is the Isko Moreno of Davao. That’s where her base is, that’s it. She’s smart though, she knows now is not the right time to join the race. The handicap is too much.

          Yes, of course, she’s a Duterte but the name is no longer as appealing like in 2016. After her dad’s dismal performance, everyone in their camp, including her, realized that her dad’s track record is hard to follow, not because of accomplishments but because of scandals and infamies.

          If she runs in six years, she has to do something spectacular in Davao that will cushion the negative impact on the Duterte brand.

  4. Lenny is a listless slobbering fool who will be bludgeoned like a bitch dog come election day.the miserable wailing cries of the motherless demons among her yellow tribe will echo no end come judgment day in may.

    And digong will lop their heads off with a rusty machete, one after the other, and the streets will be stained with the blood of priests and cocksuckers and cocksucking priests alike.

    1. “And digong will lop their heads off with a rusty machete, one after the other, and the streets will be stained with the blood…”

      That’s exactly what happened that caused Duterte’s followers to abandon him. Now we know why Inday Sara refused to walk the streets her dad drenched in blood.

      1. And digong walks off into the light, and his myriad followers follow him into the light.
        And no remorse will be had for the lopping off of the heads of priests and cocksuckers and cocksucking priests alike.

  5. And those that somehow survive the first tribulation will be ripping out their garments and begging for their lives; and digong will come astride a great white horse holding out the severed heads of his enemies, and they who witness him will bow their heads hoping to be spared; yet not one among those who bear the mark of the yellow beast will live past the last light of day.

  6. Sara will lop off their dicks, the emasculated dicks of the priests and cocksuckers and cocksucking priests..yes that includes jimjak paredes the grand inquisitor and acclaimed self-pleasurer.

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