Marcos Derangement Syndrome Overdrive

So it is presidential elections season again in the Philippines and cultish partisan bashing has started to get heated up once more. We know that exciting things are ahead as the country seems to be in a bar fight populated by a bunch of drunken basketball fans watching the Philippine team Gilas duking it out against Australia’s Boomers in a FIBA World Cup Qualifier. So why are a bunch of loons who, in all likelihood, are not even personally acquainted with the candidates, even fighting? This is exactly what identity politics give! It gives emotionally charged and bitter sentiments propelled by anger and retribution.

Perhaps one of the biggest culprits out there that stirs the pot of boiling hatred is the jaundiced news site Rappler. Now that the son of whom the Yellows consider to be the Pinoy version of Hitler, is leading in the polls, Rappler seems to be going on overdrive in discrediting anything and everything positive being attributed to Bongbong Marcos (BBM). Take for instance, the Bangui Windmills in Ilocos Norte, in which the establishment BBM has been praised for, is now being “cancelled” as a BBM project. Rappler contends that:

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Hey, if it is from the organization of her yellow Holiness herself, Nobel Laureate Ma. Ressa, then it must be true! Afterall, Rappler is the bastion of integrity and truth, right? This is what the decent and the inteligencia of Philippine society affirms! Questioning that would make you a purveyor of fake news and a dreg of society. Subscribing to something outside of the yellow groupthink would make one a pariah. Eeewww! Gross! Definitely not worthy to even kiss the ground Megastar Sharon Cuneta’s Figlia shoes touches.

Anyway, what is interesting is that looking at the history of the Bangui Windmills, a Philstar article back in 2005 tells that work on the project started after a Danish engineer, who headed the project, met with then Ilocos Norte Governor BBM. The article states that:

“Jacobsen started work on the 24.75-megawatt project in 1999 after meeting Ilocos Norte Gov. Ferdinand Marcos Jr., who was intent on fixing the patchy and low-voltage power supply to his region which lies on the northern tip of the country’s electricity grid.

Marcos was well aware of the potential of wind because his father and former president, Ferdinand Marcos, ordered a study into alternative energy in the 1970s amid the first global oil crisis.”

Okay so maybe technically speaking, Rappler is correct. In all likelihood, BBM’s name will not appear as one of the authors of the 1996 NREL study by the Americans. BBM was not identified as the project head in NorthWind Power Development Corporation’s study plan! Never mind that BBM was already intent on looking for ways to resolve the energy cost problem in Ilocos Norte (and never mind that alternative energy explorations were also one of his dad’s plans going back to the 70s), the fact is BBM’s name is not identified as an author of the 1996 NREL study nor as project head in the NorthWind Power Development Corporation’s study plan. So it is like this – a research study is conducted by lab ABC to see whether test article X has any use or is effective in addressing problem Y (which BBM is trying to look for answers to). The lab comes out with a study report (complete with the scientists’ or engineers’ names as authors in the study report). BBM gets approached about this study and BBM finds the utility of test article X to address problem Y that his province is experiencing. BBM gives the go-ahead on the execution of the project in his province but no credit should be attributed to him. His role, simply, is ministerial – at least this is what Yellows seem to be trying to convey.

Heaven forbid giving credit to BBM’s involvement in the realization of the project! No! If his name is not identified as an author in the study or if he isn’t identified as the head of the project in the project plan, then BBM being credited for the Bangui Windfarm project is “fake news”. One thing I am just curious about is – I wonder what would have happened to the project proposal or project plan document if the then Ilocos Norte Governor’s thinking was:

“Magtatayo ka ng windmill, paano kung walang hangin?”

It seems that any positive achievements or even effort, once attached to an identity (in this case, a Marcos), would trigger a rabid response that would give the green light (a color which, incidentally, an opposition candidate for VP is suggested to be owned by) to keyboard warriors to start their hunt and destroy mode. The Marcos Derangement Syndrome is quite amusing! It seems to invoke so much hatred from a bunch angry jaundiced partisans that can be likened to a pack of hyenas with hemorrhoids! Of course, we also do have calm heads from the Yellow side appealing for decency and a respectful exchange of ideas – right after appearing to insinuate that the people on the opposing side are indecent. Some of these self-proclaimed “learned” and “decent” appear to even be using the victim card just right after discriminating against people who don’t share their political beliefs, supported by people who advocate for the “decent” act of spitting on the food of BBM supporters.

Aren’t the Yellows supposed to be the paragon of decency, in which tolerance is a virtue? It seems that the reality for these folks is that preaching about decency is nothing but a practice of mere virtue signaling. Shouldn’t the “Tolerrati” be confident in their beliefs and not be so insecure about opposing views? Shouldn’t they actually embrace opposing views if they are so decent and tolerant? Well, it appears that they are insecure, and it appears that until the elections are over, at least – they won’t be embracing opposing views any time soon. The virtuous inteligencia of Philippine society must be so irked with us mere mortals for being in a fancy restaurant and asking for ketchup instead of Grey Poupon.

17 Replies to “Marcos Derangement Syndrome Overdrive”

    1. lol.

      You may not understand how the Marcos troll farm works. Someone says something bad about Marcos and the troll farm is alerted and they go downvote the video/article/restaurant. This happens over and over.

      It is blatantly obvious. All those negative reviews are from the past few days. Anything before is a positive review. It is sad that the Yellows are Reds are both so insecure they can’t take negative talk. The Philippines will not be a better place with a red or yellow as president.

      1. partisan millennial ideologues whose fathers were still swimming in their grandads nuts during the marcos’ era were indoctrinated to hate any opposing narrative that goes against what they have been erroneously taught.

        everything wokeness touch will turn in to crap

      2. It’s noy noy fault why the people now a days loves Marcoses than the nanay na may saltik sa utak, what is the infra of the yellows? An open toilet that u can poop together while holding hands?

      3. Do you have any evidence that there are Marcos troll farms? I bet these are real people who comments and response to any anti-marcos articles,there is no same pattern of comment and reply. I checked also randomly most of profiles are legit and Filipinos.

        I am not pro or anti but just a observer on the polical arena. I hope you do the same crititical thinking

      4. Those millions of trolls for Marcos across the country should wear red until election time. They should wear red at the time of voting. It should be interesting to see a flood of red all over the place.

  1. Anything BBM approved under his watch as governor is rightfully part of his legacy, in the same way Filipinos can thank Duterte for extended validity 10-year!!! passports and 5-year!!! driver’s licenses because those became realities during his term.

    Ressa’s yellow-pus+porky-pink Rappler (aka BBM demolition machine) can’t find mud to sling against the man of the hour who is about to fulfill his destiny; so they have to settle with throwing “fact check” crumbs they can find under the table. Such desperate souls with no hope of victory for their Manok this coming 2022 – what a pity.

    So this is the Yellow folks’ idea of integrity in business. Yeah spit on ’em fried chicken all you want ‘coz BBM folks will still enjoy the meal prepared by their fellow Filipinos nonetheless. Business under the pandemic is already bad; having to turn down a much-needed volume order in the name of politics is worse. Just a friendly advice: Better fact-check your soul instead! Maybe it’s not as white as you think it is.

  2. It’s really hard to look at history and not feel a sense of derangement when you see what happened to our country during the time Marcos was president. It’s hard for others to accept what happened but it is what it is. You did the crime, you do the time, so they say. Marcos decided to stay longer than what was mandated, hence, everything that happened on that stay falls right on his lap; the good, the bad and the worst.

    Just a simple analogy, if you decide to drive and maintain a car for more than twenty years, when you’re supposed to do so for only eight years max, you’ll be responsible for the sorry state that car will end up. No ifs and buts, it’s your fault.

  3. @Juan Luna:
    Whatever Marcos had done is history. I lived during the Martial Law years…the commies were running around freely; there was a threat to the Republic; and there were insurrections of the Muslim radicals in Mindanao…I believe that Marcos did the right thing…he made it sure that the commies are defeated, and Mindanao, remained as part of the Philippines…the Aquino Cojuangco political axis, that were then supporters of the commies with its New Peoples’ Army, were neutralized…Benigno Aquino, Jr. was assassinated on the order of Jose Maria Sison, to ignite the commie revolution…

    1. Exactly.

      And history was not kind to him. And that is so because of what he did. He has to answer for everything that he has done, not only the good but especially the bad ones. Marcos took the risk of staying too long and part of that risk is him becoming the author of all actions that affected the entire country.

      In the car analogy, you have prevented the rust (communists) to eat your car or made repairs so the bumper will not get detached (muslim insurgents) from the body which is a positive act in the maintenance of the vehicle. However, you do not stop there. You continue the maintenance and use of the vehicle. It is only when you are done or be told to stop what you are doing that a proper evaluation will be conducted.

      And it turns out in the end, in spite of repairs and upgrades, the serious deterioration and decay in the vehicle was caused by your abuse, and how you carelessly and recklessly operate it through the years.

  4. The Aquino/Cojuangcos did not implement the Land Reform Program, to protect their Hacienda Luisita…our county remain up to now, a Feudal Oligarchy…Marcos started the Land Reform Program…
    The Feudal Oligarch entrenched their power, during the Aquino Cojuangco reign….

  5. I’m waiting for the day when all this passive-aggressive liberal posturing gets an aggressive response.

    Say, this liberal restaurant-owner spits on someone’s food – but that someone found out. Customer doesn’t have the best temper, and a holstered .45 to go along with it… Fun times ensue.

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