Iron fists and visionary leadership will continue to sell well in Philippine elections

Gone are the days when voters lapped up motherhood statements and ayuda or suntok sa buwan promises to sooth their longing for a respite from the painful reality of living in the Philippines. The landslide victory of Duterte in 2016 was a resounding stamp of approval by the general populace for a change from the way liberal freedom-addicted politicians have been managing the country.

Filipinos now want a strong-handed enforcer to straighten up the system and bring people in line. We saw how lame-duck presidencies led the country down the road of chaos and suffering: like the mess that ensued during Cory’s coup d’etat riddled stint in Malacanang coupled with our literally entering the dark ages (those debilitating power outages), and the shame that came with PNoy taking on the title of worst president the Philippines ever had (with his long infamous list of goof-ups starting from the Luneta hostage crisis down to the SAF44 massacre).

Majority of Filipinos want the same Duterte-type brand of rule in the country this coming 2022, no matter how much the West and the Nobel Peace Prize committee want to portray any tinge of authoritarianism in the country as “evil”. The fathers of past generations have led their families as “authoritarians”. What they said became the rule of law, and that ensured order, stability, unity, and progress in the home.

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In fact most functional institutions and organizations are dictatorial by nature. Take a basketball team for example: you cannot question the coach if he decided to use a certain play as a last-2-minute strategy. In a given company like Toyota or Sony, workers are not asked if they prefer Marketing VP Mr. Nakamura to take the reins of the company instead Design Chief Mr. Marumi.

Now let’s take a look at the iron-fisted contenders for this coming 2022 presidential elections:

  1. Manny Pacquiao – The boxer with iron fists in the ring, offering to bring those same “fists” in leading the country. His selling point is on being tough on the corrupt.
  2. Isko Moreno – The mayor who takes pride in cleaning up Manila and bringing order to the city’s stubborn chaos.
  3. Rolando ‘Bato’ de la Rosa – Duterte’s hard-rock right-hand man in executing his war on drugs; one we can expect to continue the drive against drugs and criminality.
  4. Ping Lacson – The former police chief known for his tough stance on graft and corruption, and living out his convictions by not accepting PDAF/Pork Barrel.
  5. Bongbong Marcos – The man who is equated to “authoritarian rule” by the Yellows and Reds just for bearing his father’s surname.

But beyond the iron fists and strong leadership qualities that each can bring, the additional quality that Duterte brought to the table was his visionary leadership: he sold Filipinos his dream of the country’s youth free from drugs and a new political system based on Federalism. We should elect our next leader not just for being tough and strong but also for his forward-looking agenda. Ask yourself if who you plan to vote for has a plan. Does he have a destination for the country? Does he have a clear strategy for getting us from point A to B?

We are a unique democracy because everyone wants a hand in choosing the best authoritarian-leaning leader who can get us to our destination, and in the most efficient way. Many Filipinos believe a tinge of strict autocratic rule is good for the nation’s soul. Many think that what will work best for us now as a laggard in Asia is a benevolent dictator – someone who calls the shot like a big boss, rather than a weakling pulled by the strings of a puppeteer.

Let us believe in our vision for a Singapore-class C.O.D. (clean, orderly, disciplined) Philippines. Our experiment with too much freedom has left us in the dust amidst our high-flying East Asian neighbors. Let’s choose the man who has the best plan and has the strongest pollical will for getting us there. But if you don’t have a clear concept of our country’s 10-year or 50-year goals, how can we identify the man who best fits the bill in leading us? If we just want an “anything goes” country, then it won’t really matter who leads us as long as we are entertained. As the saying by Lewis Carroll (Alice in Wonderland) goes…

If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.

32 Replies to “Iron fists and visionary leadership will continue to sell well in Philippine elections”

  1. “Many think that what will work best for us now as a laggard in Asia is a benevolent dictator”

    I thought we already had that in Marcos? Or even with the current resident of the Palace who is about to go out next year in dishonor?
    I mean, iron fist leader is not what the country needs. Iron fist leadership refers to the exercise of power in an oppressive or ruthless way. Nobody wants that. Like I said, we had that in the past not because we want it but because somebody insisted to become one. And we have it right now not because we longed for it but because the doofus in our midst thought it was a good idea to bring a miscreant version of Marcos in the Palace.

    What we actually need is just a good leader. A good leader that do not just kill to solve a problem. We need one that is not corrupt to the bones. One that has good moral character, respectful and a role model for leadership and a mentor to our youth.

    1. Zaxx,

      You blame Cory, Ramos, and Noynoy but you escaped Marcos. Marcos in his 20 years of being president had chaotic reign in the country. Only had minimum infrastructures when he was supposed to make it double or triple in his 20 years straight. Those infra were mostly concentrated in Manila. He never built good infra in Cebu and Mindanao. Concreted only less roads in these areas and provided very limited transportation. Never had a Railway system in Cebu and Mindanao. Only made one interconnecting bridge in Samar-Leyte. Imagine that in 20 years straight of being President you only achieved these few and the fact during his time, he entered billions of loans for the country and he had the possession of gold deposits left during Japanese occupation. If he was not a corrupt politician then what could he be?

      His son Bongbong Marcos never had an outstanding performance in the Senate. He can bank on his Father’s “achievements” but those were mediocre performance in his 20 years in power. The Philippines never even reach middle income economy in his time.

      We should get rid of the names of these famous politicians in the past like Marcos and Aquino from entering national politics again. We must choose someone who is neutral and looks promising in his vision for the country. Someone who doesn’t dwell on revenge and petty politics. It is up to you to figure that out.

      1. Minimum Infra? If FM did not accomplish much, why is the list so long? (press “See More” in link below). Benevolent “dictators” are typically characterized by their aggressive infrastructure programs.

        It was only under “benevolent dictator” Duterte that finally a train system is under way that will connect the airport to the city center. Irrespective of political color, the best person to lead the country is someone who will continue pursuing Duterte’s vision, projects, policies and programs, not someone who will undo the good initiatives that have been started/revived during his term.

        1. Assuming without conceding that Marcos did all that, they are still minimum infra for me considering he had an absolute control of all the powers and resources of government in his time and he had 20 years, a very long time for a sitting president not to build enough infra for the whole country. Bottom line is the Philippines did not reach a respectable stature in Asia at the time Marcos completed his 20 years and neither did the other Presidents after him. His 20 years in power was a mediocre performance of a dictator, far from other infra-addict dictators in the world. I won’t settle for that as something all of you can brag about.

    1. History will look back on this presidency and realize the greatness of the man.

      We have just seen an entire generation of filipino children who will be forever free from the evil choke hold of methampethamine.

      1. “History will look back on this presidency and realize the greatness of the man.”

        Six years of debauchery? Yes, of course, history will look back and it’s not going to be pleasing.

        1. 6 years of debauchery would describe how you have been watching 50 shades of gay over and over again, with your old pal jimjakel paredes by your side

        2. 6 years of debauchery – would make a great book title about your rapeler ceo and her international jet-setting lesbian buddies..

        3. Bunch of lesbians scissoring each other in a thousand cuts..58 year old indonesian titties flying around..that gotta be pretty debauched, right?

    2. You want a VISIONARY, then I am going to step in the plate if no one can.
      First of all, I will be really TOUGH to my critics – I will have them EXTERMINATED like the Daleks from Doctor Who…no questions asked, no pleas for humanity accepted, just “EX-TER-MI=NAAAATE!!!”

    3. Good question. Visionary means a person ‘thinking about or planning the future with imagination or wisdom.’ Clearly, the answer is easy, everyone (running for presidency) is a visionary. If you will listen to each candidate, all of them have their respective vision and plans for the country’s future.

      Madaling maging visionary. Ang tanong e, can you make your vision into reality in six years?

      Can anyone among the candidates promise that we will be Singapore-like or something like that in six years? Can anyone commit that we’ll be out of the woods for good and have a revving economy in six years?

      Marcos had more than twenty years which qualifies him as the only politician who was able to achieve a visionary status. He was able to implement his plans, programs and policies and commanded and ruled with constitutional supremacy (a.k.a autocracy). And in the end, what happened?

      I’d rather have a practical leader than a visionary one.

      1. You are right to raise the point that it can take decades to realize a vision. So what’s important is for the national leadership to sustain that vision until completion as one president passes the baton to the next every 6 years. It is ideal to have a ruling party stay in power for decades and not have a government that flip-flops every 6 years between/among parties and personalities with conflicting interests and priorities. That way we avoid a case where Marcos builds a multi-billion-dollar nuclear plant but Cory won’t flip the switch to turn it on. Or where GMA gets a foreign contractor for flood control but PNoy cancels the contract and we are sued big-time for breaching it while damaging our credibility.

        Aquino axed key flood-control project in 2010

        The way it goes, we keep taking 2 steps forward only to take 1 step back. This is why we are being left behind even by the likes of Vietnam now.

        Stability and consistency towards a goal treading a roadmap with clear measurable milestones are key. In some way, dynasties which perpetuate the grand masterplan are good – as long as they don’t grow complacent for lack of real or imagined threats to their power.

  2. In the case of the candidates, be it for president, mayor, senator or congressman. The problem really lies is not finding out the “BEST” candidate to be in that position, but that the rational decision is always to pick the “LEAST WORST” candidate (Aka slim pickings).

    Even if you say have a potential candidate (neophyte) who has all these plans and dreams how to run things, the system will break and corrupt them in one way or another. To get things done, you have to get people to agree and work with you and that means compromising (ethics, principles, shortcuts in processes, cutting out groups and what not, etc).

    I do agree, the Philippines needs leaders with iron will and iron fists at the present state of the system because you can’t really get anything done otherwise. But one candidate/person isn’t going to cut it and the “Savior” myth really needs to be done away with in our country.

    Why do people hope and believe a candidate can save us from the corrupt system we already have? The idea of a HERO swooping in to solve our problems is never going to happen because it is only made for TV/MOVIES/BOOKS. The real world doesn’t work like that and never will.

    How do we effect change then?

    It is a concerted effort of a strong leader and a country willing to follow (and that includes the bureacracy willing to follow the leader).

    But that isn’t going to happen because we believe we are entitled to our EXCESS of DEMOCRACY. And I believe that is the crux of the matter, the EXCESS indulgence in DEMOCRACY has broken it. (Those in power or above you enjoy more DEMOCRARY than you can ever dream of)

    1. I have no confidence on Manny Paquiao to even lead the country. I respect him as a boxer but I don’t trust him to a whole country.

      Lacson is always on the losing side whenever he runs for presidency, just like Miriam Defensor Santiago. Will he win this time? Who knows.

      Other three is a tough choice to choose, if only Bong Go runs for presidency but he concede. I’m fine with any candidate as long as it’s not Manny Paquiao.

      1. Why vote for Pacquiao when he doesn’t even like reading all the time and he doesn’t speak good english? One of the duties of the President is to read a lot, not just to command his subordinates. There will be many papers on his table that he needs to read once he becomes president. I don’t think Pacquiao can discipline himself to do that since he doesn’t have good education. He will have many advisers to decide for him if ever he becomes president.

        Also, don’t vote for Bongbong Marcos and Leni Robredo for they are hell-bent on revenge and on protecting their own agenda. Choose who is not for revenge and who doesn’t have so many enemies. Choose who always looks forward and who wants to unite the whole country. It is for you to figure out.

    2. Democracy is like sugar; too much of it will poison your system.
      Unfettered democracy is like giving your teen-ager kid 24/7 access to the internet, Netflix, Tiktok, Youtube, RPG games, FB and what not – in the comfort of his own private bedroom and expecting him/her to get sufficient sleep and graduate with top honors.
      That’s why kids need parents; that’s why immature developing countries need their “dictators”. Only after they grow up and become more responsible through repetition and habit formation can we release them into the wild to fend for and excel by themselves.
      Freedom is for people disciplined enough to handle its power.

    1. A woman can

      But this lenny is a joke

      Even that butt ugly dyke from rapeler is smarter than this joker lenny, and she dumb as a dog.

    2. Well according to this list of Female Dictators:

      Indira Gandhi is most famous for her State of Emergency. In 1975 Indira declared a state of emergency, giving her dictatorial powers. Civil liberties and democracy was suspended during The Emergency. Opposition leaders were arrested. A controversial family planning program was put in place, which led to many Indians being unwillingly sterilized.

      The question is: Does Leni even have the balls to unilaterally sterilize Filipinos who are multiplying like rabbits?

  3. 6 years of debauchery would describe how you have been watching 50 shades of gay over and over again, with your old pal jimjakel paredes by your side

  4. Speaking of leaders/leadership, let me share my two cents opinion on the prospective presidential candidates.

    Ping Lacson – Surprisingly has long been identified as a dark horse. To date he has maintain the image of an independent and ethical solon which best suit him to convey his fitness to the challenge. In terms of political experience and expertise, notwithstanding his leadership quality, he’s way ahead of the pack. His superior background in governance should have him leading in all the surveys.

    Leni Robredo – Her public skirmishes with Pres. Duterte and Bongbong Marcos has made her the darling of the yellow crowd and the antis. But how credible and viable a leader she is remains to be seen. Personally, walang dating si Leni. To refresh her image she was presented as the latter day version of Cory Aquino. It worked. And coupled with her rabid anti-Marcos stand, voila, she became the fighting Leni. She’s running as an independent even though she’s the top dog in the Liberal party. Sounds suspicious. She was yellow then but now a hot pink! Very puzzling. I hope her eventual stepping out of Cory’s shadow would not cost her in the end.

    Manny Pacquiao – Manny is a classic case of biting off more than he can chew (pardon the pun). I think anybody who wants to run for office because he/she wants to serve the country should be commended. Read that, I said commended, not voted. Nothing against Manny and, unlike others, I’m not about to pulverize him for lack of essential qualifications for office. But he very well knows the public office/s he occupies was primarily because of his success purely in the boxing ring, period. To aim that high at this time is just way too early from someone who has not demonstrated a keen political knowledge and skills that would indicate readiness on an enormous task such as the presidency.

    (to be continued)

  5. Bong Bong Marcos – Poor guy, the unofficial punching bag in the race. He’s the only candidate that is being called to explain for the past (not necessarily his and not about accomplishments) to account for his part on it. Unfair maybe? I’m sure Bongbong knows that the world is not fair. Why? He’s a Marcos for heaven’s sake!

    Although the only visible pugilist that one can see using the speed bag is Leni, it’s understandable that he’s a fair game with everyone else because of his brand. And I’m not even talking about Everlast!

    Does he have a shot? Sure. The playing field is blurry, unpredictable at best. Everybody wants to be president but nobody has the monopoly on the public pulse. If the race ends up in a four or five or more cornered fight, Bongbong has a clearer path to the Palace. Dehado kaya delikado.

    Isko Moreno – One, he has to transplant his popularity in Manila over the entire archipelago. The minuscule attention he gets outside Manila is not enough to deliver ballots for him. In my opinion, he’s a bit ahead of Robredo and Marcos and maybe Pacquiao in terms of masa crowd. However, he doesn’t have the charisma of Erap, the serenity of Noynoy and the roughness of Digong. He’s popular, yes, but hollow popular. He still have time to work on expanding his base. As it is, if things remain the same, he will have a hard time to even make it to third place.

    1. Let’s face it. Any explanation from a person that those in high places are opposed to will just be spinned and obscured to fit a certain agenda or narrative. Why bother asking the same questions ’til kingdom come if truth is not the objective?

  6. Fear begets freedom

    We need the boogeyman to instill fear in the hearts of evil doers and fags and cocksuckers.

    Boogeyman dont wear pink or have names like bam

  7. Zaxx, we want absolute leader to have his iron grip on power in the Philippines. Take a look in China, Xi Jinping is cracking down any dissent, homosexuality, effeminate ones, LGBTQIA and rich celebs in which it was all about another cultural revolution 2.0.

    We want totalitarian regime in the Philippines as of North Korea in the future after my death…

    1. Great. And look at where China is now… Prosperous, Peaceful, Technologically advanced and Progressive.

      However, it’s ironic how Pinoy commies cry out against any form of authoritarian/dictatorial rule and ML, when in fact their primary objective is oust the current government and install what? –> authoritarian/totalitarian rule by their communist leader/party.

      Ano ba talaga kuya?

  8. Zaxx,

    Prime examples were Benito Mussolini, Adolf Hitler, Josef Stalin, Kim Il-Sung, Kim Jong-Il, Hideki Toujou and Kim Jong-Un were best examples of totalitarian strongmen or dictators who had absolute rule to control every public and private aspects of life.

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