Lacson-Sotto tandem under NPC-Reporma-NUP coalition gains traction amidst fragmented admin and Opposition camps

Both the opposition and the administration are fragmented for the simple reason that their oligarch supporters and political kingmakers decided to each go on their own. In the case of the Opposition, two horses are being run; Leni Robredo and Isko Moreno Domagoso. In the case of the administration, President Rodrigo Duterte wanted Inday Sara “Daughterte” to run but she wouldn’t if not on her own terms. By Daighterte’s terms, this means no Davao Origs running her campaign and not under the PDP-Laban party.

There were reports last Friday that a compromise had been reached and Jun Evasco would file a certificate of candidacy (COC) on her behalf but something happened which made her back out with finality. Whatever it is, PDP-Laban had to file so Senator Bato dela Rosa was the designated substitute. The National Unity Party (NUP) has gone for the Ping Lacson – Tito Sotto while Lakas and the Nacionalistas continue to be silent about who they’re supporting for President. Bongbong Marcos (BBM) has filed under Partido Federal — not even with Nacionalista nor the Kilusang Bagong Lipunan (KBL). He remains isolated because he doesn’t really have a party membership base. What he does have is close advisers of his father who are still alive. These would be Titong Mendoza, Juan Ponce Enrile and Lolong Lazaro.

The kingmaker who has been silent the whole time is former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo (GMA). She didn’t even bother to file her COC personally. She had meetings with both Daughterte and Marcos but she hasn’t made any public statement about who she’s backing for President. This makes for a very fluid political environment. GMA has her lieutenants spread out over three major political parties; Lakas, PDP-Laban and NUP.

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In the meantime, the political party which has been orphaned by the death of its Chairman Emeritus Eduardo Cojuangco Jr. has emerged as the most serious challenger to the administration. Senate President Tito Sotto has been able to cobble together a powerhouse coalition with Reporma and the NUP. Between Sotto and Congressman Bebot Alvarez, they have access to a national network of Congressmen and local government unit (LGU) heads whom they can tap to strengthen their ground machinery. In fact, the NPC-Reporma-NUP combine is the most organized coalition when compared to the administration and the opposition.

Sotto divulged the other day in an Inquirer interview that Senate Minority Leader Franklin Drilon, Kris Aquino and Bam Aquino all begged off as Robredo’s VP candidate. This was to dispel reports that there were negotiations for Sen. Ping Lacson to slide down as VP or run for reelection as Senator instead to accomodate Vice-President Leni Robredo’s request for a unified slate. Sotto reiterated to the Inquirer that the Lacson-Sotto ticket is cast in stone no matter who else runs for President and Vice-President.

What is ironic now in this election cycle is the fact that a coalition which is neither pro-Opposition nor pro-Administration, is actually the best organized and is in a strong position to challenge both the administration and Opposition candidates for the 2022 election. By November 15, the political picture should be clearer but both the opposition and the administration will have a lot of catching up to do with NPC-Reporma-NUP which has laid the groundwork for their campaign towards victory on May 9, 2022.

4 Replies to “Lacson-Sotto tandem under NPC-Reporma-NUP coalition gains traction amidst fragmented admin and Opposition camps”

  1. I am not okay with Sotto as a VP of the Philippines. He is a bigot. He is the pinnacle of bigotry. Homphobic. Sexist. Rapist, if you believe those good old circulating stories about his boyband trio. He is a plagiarist as well. And he’s a showbiz personality. Thanks to Erap I am forever traumatized by actors-turned-politicians. Doctor Willie Ong is a good enough alternative.

    1. Are you kidding? Homophobia, sexism, racism and bigotry are the hallmarks of a Philippine president. That’s why Duterte won, and continues to be popular. Come to think of it, no matter how hard I try to be neutral, I find myself unconsciously rooting for Duterte and his camp. I consider him to be the underdog, what with mainstream media, both national and international, the Church, the universities and big businesses all ganging up on him.

      Hmmm… wait a minute, are you a homo? Relax. Tito Sotto was not THE rapist. The rapists were his brother, the skinny one with the big chin, and the other dude, the pockmarked-faced one with the unfunny jokes. Tito merely interceded on behalf of the two, so they could go scot-free.

      Doc Willie Ong for VP is a good choice? Only an idiot would say that.

  2. I’m not sure what ‘gaining traction’ the writer is referring to. Unless, there is a survey showing the Lacson-Sotto tandem is leading in the polls I would take it as a conjecture meant to invite a dialogue. I accede.

    My take on the issue is this, Leni Robredo and the administration ticket, whoever they are, are on the same boat as we speak, afloat and drifting to nowhere land. While she officially announced her intent to run the expected excitement and uproar was not there. The atmosphere in the 1Sambayan endorsement is a senatorial-like scenario. The political water appears to remain unperturbed. On the other hand, the Isko Moreno and the Lacson groups remain steady on their course towards the objective of bagging the Palace. I have suspicion about Moreno’s veep but I’ll reserve that in later discussion.

    The Duterte administration really wants Sara to receive the baton from her father. The president’s base is really intoxicatingly agog seeing the daughter following the father. It’s one for the books! Sadly, it was not meant to be because Sara other things on her mind. Father and daughter are not on the same page. Dad wants to continue his plans and policies to remain uninterrupted at the same time getting some protection and cover as he goes out. Daughter don’t have nothing to do with it. She doesn’t want to get involve in the intricate and problematic web her dad made in the six years he’s in office. In short, nobody wants to start in office with blood on their hands. So, there you go.

    Now, who’s going to take the sanguinary baton from Digong? Looks like nobody, at least at this moment. There were whispers but they were just that whispers. Right now, with no takers, the administration is really red in the face. Imagine, no one wants to follow Pres. Duterte’s footsteps? How come?

    As for Bongbong, man, I don’t want to be in his shoes. Like the administration, it looks like nobody is running in his direction to apply for veep. I don’t know, maybe he has one now but it surely is strange seeing a Marcos without a team. What could be the reason for it? Charisma or karma? We really don’t know. What compounds the situation is that Duterte is looking at him as a substitute for his stubborn daughter. Poor Bongbong, politically, he’s a nobody’s child. Will the course change in the coming weeks or months? Abangan natin.

  3. Digong WOULD rape both tito sotto and doc willie ong AT THE SAME TIME as though they were two men who had a common unitary ass hole.

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