Leni Robredo and Isko Moreno are the same: both are cunning and diabolical political PROSTITUTES

“Leni Robredo’s narrative is as compelling as that if Isko Moreno,” asserts Professor Randy David in his Inquirer piece today “Reclaiming the power to choose our leaders”. He goes further to elaborate…

The widow of a model public servant who died in a tragic plane crash, she took up her late husband’s crusade for a government dedicated to lifting the lives of the marginalized and ran and won a congressional seat. In 2016, she proved her mettle by accepting a draft to run as vice president even though she was not the first choice. Embodying the defiant Edsa spirit, she won against the Marcos son, and subsequently proved herself as a quiet, competent, and courageous public servant who is not afraid to take on the most challenging assignments. Her appeal is both populist and modern.

I agree with David’s comparing Robredo’s narrative to that of Isko Moreno, but for a different reason. Their narratives are similar because they’re both political prostitutes. Isko’s rise is due to his being both cunning and diabolical. The same can be said of Robredo who hides behind her squeaky clean image of being Ms. Goody Twoshoes. About the most pure is Pacquiao but with purity comes intellectual incapacity for the highest office of the land.

Who’s talking to who? Manny Pacquiao isn’t above getting in bed with Yellowtard coalition 1Sambayan.

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It may well be just a ploy to engineer the outcome of the election by having two Manchurian candidates in Isko Moreno and Leni Robredo. It may be an expensive proposition for the anti-Duterte oligarchs but the stakes are high. A Bongbong Marcos – Rodrigo Duterte ticket winning at the polls would be a wholesale repudiation of the Opposition narrative. The oligarchs would lose control of the government and their wholesale rape of the Filipino people would be stopped because the overwhelming mandate would give the government moral ascendancy. The Opposition has failed in its role as fiscalizer because it has resorted to its old strategy of black propaganda to oust a duly-elected government. They are too lazy to do the hard work that comes with real governance.

Leni Robredo’s campaign platform amounts to no more than the very narrative that lost the Yellowtards an ENTIRE nation.

The pandemic might just end up as the sideshow to the ultimate showdown which will finally decide the winner in the long-running saga of Marcos versus Aquino. Should the opposition lose, it only has itself to blame.

4 Replies to “Leni Robredo and Isko Moreno are the same: both are cunning and diabolical political PROSTITUTES”

  1. A Bongbong Marcos – Rodrigo Duterte ticket is a hard sell. Admit it or not both names carries a legacy of violence and corruption and everything ugly. In fairness to Bongbong, he really doesn’t deserve it because he is his own man. The problem is, he’s not willing to step out and distance himself from his father’s shadow. I know, I know it is impossible to separate Bongbong from Ferdie and for that it’s pretty safe to say that politically it’s a scarlet letter on his neck. There may be Marcos loyalists around but we all know that they no longer has the clout and power to put Bongbong back to Malacanang. And when you connect the Duterte name to a Marcos, everything is smashed to smithereens. Duterte is a Macoy on steroid. It’s that simple.

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