The chilling effect on a DESPERATE Opposition of a Duterte-Marcos 2022 bid

A Bongbong Marcos – Inday Sara Duterte or Duterte-Marcos ticket is the most feasible for the administration because of the voter base of each camp. You have the north and the south and everything else in-between. This is true for either the father or the daughter. For the Opposition, pushing for the candidacy of Leni Robredo is a no-brainer; no brains for them, that is. Isko Moreno is running as the anti-Duterte oligarchs choice, as of now. Why as of now? Isko has made mistakes since his State of the City address which reveals his weaknesses. I don’t think he actually contracted Covid. This may well have been a ploy for him to lie low since the heat was on him after being singled out by the President.

“Chief Political Analyst” Antonio Contreras is into complicating the simple in his Manila Times piece “A (not so) hypothetical scenario and what the political opposition needs to do”. Contreras believes that the rift between Duterte and Daughterte is all for show. He writes, “all of these, including Duterte-Carpio’s public scolding of her father, may just be well-choreographed moves to set the stage for a Marcos-Duterte (father or daughter) tandem.” Guess again, Chief. Do you honestly think that Inday Sara “Daughterte” would surround herself with her father’s men should she run and win the Presidency?

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Robredo is a sock puppet. Daughterte is not. She will not betray her father but she won’t follow him blindly either. If we go by the quality of public statements alone, we notice that Daughterte is in a class of her own. Her thrashing of her father and his loyal aide was classic. But even better was her description of Koko Pimentel and Ronwald Munsayac. That put those morons in their proper place. If Robredo and Isko both run, they will cancel each other out.

It will be an interesting Presidential debate series if the cast is composed of Ping Lacson, Daughterte, Isko and Robredo. Daughterte is a better match for Lacson. Isko and Leni will only provide comic relief. At this point, the Lacson – Tito Sotto tandem is the better alternative for voters if they aren’t inclined to vote for the administration bet. On experience alone, even if you combine Isko and Leni’s, they still won’t be able to hold a candle to Lacson-Sotto. Lacson’s survey numbers are still low because there is no formal declaration yet. But after September 8 and through January 2022, you will see a bump upwards.

The hot-button issues candidates need to address are the economy, jobs, public health and education, in that order. These are their primary concerns in the midst of the pandemic. The South China Sea dispute has been reduced to a non-issue because of the US debacle in Afghanistan. Former Justice Antonio Carpio and former Foreign Affairs Secretary Albert Del Rosario can’t milk this anymore to prop up their failed 1Sambayan coalition. The administration still has the advantage because they have power of the purse and there is still time for Congress to pass their priority bills which addresses the public’s concern over the economy and jobs.

The “Chief Political Analys”t should advise his associates at Digivoice that they should put up at least a website so they have even a small measure of the credibility that they’re sorely lacking.

2 Replies to “The chilling effect on a DESPERATE Opposition of a Duterte-Marcos 2022 bid”

  1. You continually leave out Pacquiao… I am not sure why. You may not want him to win or something, but from everything we hear he is definitely a legit contender.

    I am thinking he is probably going to win.
    He will beat Go. He will beat Marcos. If Sara runs that will be tough. Robredo has no chance. Moreno only wins if no Robredo and 4 plus other candidates run and they all cancel each other out. These tandems mean nothing as the political parties in the country mean nothing. The poor are voting on names and everyone knows Pac.

    The country is going to be in worse shape in a year as there will continue to be stupid lockdowns and the poor will suffer more, thus the Duterte candidate will have a tough path. If Pacquiao can just run on corruption, as he has started to do, he can win. The average Filipino has no understanding or care about the number of senate bills someone has passed.

    It will be interesting to see how many votes Pacquiao will get from the poor being that he is one of the only candidates (ever) who has grown up poor and has made it all the way to being a viable candidate. This is also a positive for Moreno.

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