Nobody could be bothered to solve Ninoy Aquino’s murder — not even the last two Aquino presidents, his wife and son

National artist F. Sionil Jose’s PhilSTAR piece today, “Remembering Ninoy”, best sums up Ninoy Aquino who, on this day in 1983, was assassinated. Jose recalls, “Immediately after EDSA I, Lt. Victor Corpuz saw me; he confirmed that Ninoy was really involved with the New People’s Army.”

And so, to this very day we don’t know who really killed Ninoy. It is also inexplicable why Cory as President and her son in the same formidable position have not bothered to resolve the murder. So many of those in the know have died, some under the most suspicious circumstances. Not long ago, retired General Joven Abadia visited me and said that a participant in the conspiracy that killed Ninoy is still around and living in Australia. It should not be difficult to locate him and have him talk.

Ninoy was not the hero he was cast out to be after his assassination. A lot of us boomers were fooled then because we didn’t have access to information like we do now. Some say he experienced a transformation while incarcerated. This was the justification for his martyrdom. But if you have the ability of introspection, you will be able to place yourself in Ninoy’s mindset and think about what you would do if you were in his shoes? What was his obsession with the Presidency? Why couldn’t he wait?

It was a fact that he met Imelda before Marcos did and was smitten by her. But Imelda didn’t have the money of Cory. The Cojuangcos needed a politically-savvy husband for Cory who could do what her brothers couldn’t for the family. Not too many people know Ninoy was close to Cory’s cousin Danding. Ninoy, Danding and Dee Teodoro would go out gallivanting at Dewey Boulevard. They would closet themselves in a private room at the premiere nightclub of their choice and drink and enjoy the women’s company.

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Ninoy and Danding were both warlords in the true sense of the word. This is why Ninoy entrusted his top lieutenants, the Pineda brothers, Susing and Chit, to Danding after his arrest. The two would go on to help Danding build his business and political empire. Danding provided Ninoy with money during his Boston exile. Tita Ellen Soriano attested to this. The monies were paid out of Danding’s Los Angeles office and transfered to Ninoy’s account in Boston. How could Danding have any involvement in Ninoy’s murder?

Thirty-eight years to the day, the mastermind has never been identified despite two members of his immediate family becoming President. It’s about time we end the fallacy of Ninoy Aquino being a hero. To begin with, there is no law that makes him one. There is only this holiday which only serves to divide, instead of unify Filipinos. Marcos, Ninoy, Cory, Noynoy and Danding have passed away. There is no reason for us keeping their ghosts alive to haunt the country in the present and the future. It’s time to move on to face the challenge of building a nation that is truly Filipino, one which we can all be proud of to call our country and our home.

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  1. clubs in dewey blvd weren’t for the hoi polloi, old timers mention the nile or la playa and bayside where deals and schemes are made by the rich, gangsters and politicians alike while they drank the finest wines, cavort with the ‘hostess’, dancing as the orchestra played (yes, a full orchestra) or play cards in the game rooms hidden behind the curtains.

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