#NinoyIsNOTaHero trends as Commission on Audit (COA) “flagging” campaign mounted by Opposition FAILS

The hashtag #NinoyIsNOTaHero trended yesterday on the 38th anniversary of his death at the tarmac of the Manila International Airport. It is obvious that the Filipino people have had enough of that narrative. They have repudiated the proponents of such in 2016 with the loss of Mar Roxas to Rodrigo Duterte and again in 2019 with the defeat of the entire Senatorial slate of the opposition.

What is the endgame of the Opposition for the 2022 election? The purists are looking to Leni Robredo to run as their standard-bearer. But there is another candidate-in -waiting in the person of Isko Moreno. Isko has found a new home in Aksyon Demokratiko. A shell political party in the same category as a shell or holding company in business. It was founded by Raul Roco for his Presidential run in 2004. Since then, it has been mostly dormant but still convenient whenever needs such as Isko’s arises. The Opposition have their backs against the wall because Robredo hasn’t been able to build up a base in her five years as Vice-President, no matter what she does. The proof is in Bongbong Marcos, whom she “defeated” in 2016, who continues to do better than her in any survey for President, Vice-President and Senator. Marcos is electable while she is not.

What is pathetic is how the Opposition haven’t changed their strategy one bit. COA (Commission on Audit) “flagging” has become the trend since last week. The public is being agitated by the claim that billions of pesos in public funds have been wasted by several departments and agencies in the midst of the pandemic. This is meant to complement the Opposition’s support for ayuda or social amelioration each time an enhanced community quarantine is declared as in the past two weeks. This strategy is straight out of the old anti-Marcos playbook. The Opposition’s reason is if they were able to topple a powerful dictator then using this method, it should work again this time against a less powerful President who doesn’t even have the power to rule by Presidential Decree. This is stupid doing what stupid does.

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Evidently, the Opposition thinks they can rebound in 2022 using the pandemic as a wedge against the administration. Public sentiment is they have had enough of the divisiveness that the Opposition have been promoting. It is fairly obvious that Filipinos are satisfied with the President’s performance. Just look at the surveys. Inday Sara “Daughterte” continues to top all of them. The President is the top choice for Vice-President if he runs. Meantime the Opposition continues to spew out motherhood statements like “we cannot have six years more of this kind of governance”. Robredo’s biggest problem is no matter how hard she tries to project a smart image, she still comes off as stupid to the public. But what can you do? You can’t squeeze blood from stone. She is what she is.

Leni Robredo’s Yellowtard personal brand is the kiss of death for any politician.

Other candidates looking at a Presidential run should realize that negative campaigning will not work this time. No matter what statement or sound bite about corruption, malfeasance, or anything anti-administration will register only with the minority and not the majority. Robredo is again proof of this. She had been doing the same thing over and over again for the past five years and continues to expect a successful outcome each time. This is the very definition of stupid. It hasn’t raised her numbers because the public is tired of bitching and whining.

Clearly what the public wants is action or a plan of action. And if the Opposition continue to miss it, they must face the fact that the public continues to acknowledge what Marcos built during his time — specially the hospitals without which we would be worse off now as we cope with the Delta-induced surge. It’s time for the opposition to wake up to the smell of their own crap. Three Aquinos are buried next to each other at the Manila Memorial Park and not too many Filipinos give a damn anymore. This is the truth they need to learn to handle sooner than later.

8 Replies to “#NinoyIsNOTaHero trends as Commission on Audit (COA) “flagging” campaign mounted by Opposition FAILS”

    1. Busy ang coa kasi madaming project ang admin na ito. Petiks last time kasi walang masyadong ginagawa yung nagdaang admin. Tatay mo ba naman yung nagsabing “nakakain ba ang infrastructures?”

      Pero sorry na lang sa mga naghype sa auditing. Madami pang institution like mga State Universities ang nasasabit sa auditing na ito. 🙂

  1. If you think something trending is somehow an accomplishment or something popular you are an idiot.

    Every day on twitter there are ridiculous woke sayings/ideas trending. If you think these sentiments are somehow validated because they are trending you dont understand much.

    Also, anyone who is against the COA or transparency is not very bright…

  2. Ano mang experimento, gaano mo man ito ulit ulitin pagka ang proceso ay pareho, ang resulta ay di lalayo o magkakaiba, sabi yan ng mga eksperto. Estupido ka pag nag expect ka nang ibang resulta!

  3. Ngayon na may issue sa risk allowance ng mga health workers, hindi ba pwedeng dagdagan ang budget para sa kanila? Mahirap tapatan ang kanilang pagsakripisyo dito sa panahon ng krisis.

  4. Commission of Aquino the late Santa Cory kurakot sa lahat ng government owned controlled corporations of Apo lakay Marcos Martial law Government of twenty two years masagana99, has been auditing this PCGG Funds for thirty one years of yellowtard oligarchs family of mass media manipulations. This is the reason of why President Bongbong Marcos waited so long to recover the TRue GOOD name of malakas Apo lakay Marcos of the masagana99.

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