Leni Robredo is leading history’s “most stupid” Philippine Opposition down a path to oblivion

The true state of the Opposition is laid out today by former Ambassador Bobi Tiglao in his Manila Times piece “Philippine democracy is in trouble”. Tiglao writes about how today’s Opposition is “the most feeble, most stupid opposition ever in our history”. Among other aspects of the problem with the “opposition”, his indictment of the media, in particular, by itself sums up their key intellectual shortcomings…

The Philippine Daily Inquirer continues its pathetic nitpicking against Duterte with all its fatuous columnists, open or secret members of the anti-Duterte Yellow Cult. Burdened by huge debts and the high salaries of its top people, Rappler should have died with a thousand cuts, if you believe its CEO’s claims, yet it’s still there with its inane anti-Duterte articles by unthinking, never-heard “thought leaders.”

Therein lies the rational explanation in how the Opposition was lazy when they were in power and in how, following that, they continue to be so out of power today. Their formula for winning back power has always been the same — vilify and destabilize. They deem the Constitution “sacred” but conveniently throw it out the window when they need to as in the case of the civil-military coup against then President Joseph “Erap” Estrada under the guise of “People Power” in 2001. Then they plead clueless as to why they lost in 2016 and 2019.

Nothing proves this point more than Vice President Leni Robredo’s statement yesterday on why she rejected the offer of Sen. Panfilo Lacson for a unification formula. Robredo claimed that the basis was for common candidates to be fielded but those who are found to be weak on the basis of surveys should withdraw and be replaced by stronger candidates. Robredo said this was unacceptable. Why? Because if she was found to be weak in the surveys, she would have to withdraw as well. The reality is, if there are two or more “opposition” candidates running for the top two posts, the chances of winning become slimmer because the vote is split. Lacson’s formula does not prevent Robredo from declaring her candidacy but gives her an exit strategy that saves face. Haven’t they learned their lesson from 2016 when Roxas made a desperate appeal for Poe to withdraw so he would have a better chance against Duterte? Robredo has only been in national politics since 2016. Lacson was first elected Senator in 2001 and has been reelected twice. He ran for President in 2004. Surely his experience and network trumps Robredo’s.

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Lacson’s reaction to Robredo’s statement was succinct; he stood up to take the challenge. At least, he made the effort. Robredo did not even think about it in depth. Her posturing continues with her saying that she will only make a decision either in September or October. This will be too late. As it is, time is running out what with the latest enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) running until August 20. Robredo forgets that as titular head of the opposition, it is her duty and responsibility to offer the public an alternative to the administration in the coming polls.

Lacson and Tito Sotto aren’t the opposition. In fact, Robredo’s supporters have described them as “Duterte enablers.” Tito Sotto had no choice because as a member of the Nationalist People’s Coalition (NPC), he had to abide by the decision of Danding Cojuangco. It is not as well known that Duterte was also close to Boss Danding. When Duterte finally decided he was running in December 2015, Boss Danding decided to withdraw his support for Grace Poe. By then, Cojuangco also had had enough of the infighting between Chiz Escudero and Neil Llamanzares over campaign funds. There are reports that the two actually brawled at one point. Lacson actually took a risk meeting with Robredo because he is also perceived to be Yellow what with his appointment as Yolanda rehabilitation czar in 2013. Robredo is again caught in a deer-in-headlights situation because she might not be aware that Manila Mayor Isko Moreno is the anointed of the anti-Duterte oligarchs. This is why he is moving to Aksyon Demokratiko.

The state of the Yellows now is so miserable because even Mar Roxas refuses to be dragged into the affairs of the party his grandfather founded. This goes to show the lack of principles among the so-called “leaders” of the opposition. Robredo was again playing the victim in her statement when in truth and in fact, she is actually struggling in her fight for political survival. At this rate, the Liberal Party might not even make it past October. The funding for 1Sambayan will eventually dry up or it will after it crowns Isko as its candidate under Aksyon Demokratiko.

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  1. We would like to know from these probable candidates, of how they will solve the country’s numerous problems…and what can they do to improve our lives.

    We don’t want anything else…Leni Robredo, took her Law Bar exams, three times…the “bagsak exam queen”…so, the opposition has no way to win again…Would I believe, she can solve these problems? She is too dumb to pass her exams, and she is much dumber to solve these problems !!!

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