Duterte trolling the Opposition with VP run confirmation. Opposition react predictably!

Trolling the opposition. I keep saying that any candidate who wants to have a chance at winning in 2022 should be as disruptive as he was in 2015. President Rodrigo Duterte is setting the narrative again and is on top of it. The pandemic has caused great disruption which needs an equal or greater appropriate disruptive response.

Motherhood statements will not cut it in political campaigns anymore specially in this environment where sorties and rallies aren’t allowed. The voters are looking for certainty in a situation where the only certainty is uncertainty. Specific plans of action moving forward are what voters will be looking at buying, not motherhood statements and appeal to emotions. And for god’s sake, enough of going back into the past with the Aquino-Marcos issue. Ninoy and Noynoy are dead and buried. That’s the end of it. How the country will move forward is what voters will respond to. The old Opposition is dead and they still didn’t get that memo.

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A new Opposition should rise. One that will not run with the notion that taking potshots at the administration is the performance of the fiscalizer function. It’s easy to level accusations of corruption in government. We already know that. What should be done about it? What’s your plan if ever you’re elected? You can’t talk about issues-based politics without walking the walk. Set the example. The 21-45 demographic is 40M Filipinos. These are the true digital natives. Filipinos who were born with a mobile device in their hands.

Just as Duterte disrupted the traditional campaign template in 2016, so should any candidate running in this election cycle. The pandemic has brought about the new normal in political campaigns. It’s already here. The candidate who has the best chance in 2022 is one who both adopts and adapts to the disruption and will cause his own disruption.

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