Yellowtards’ behaviour following PNoy’s death reminds Filipinos why they SHOULD NOT vote for their candidates

The edification of Benigno C. Aquino III (PNoy) begins. My basic problem with the Yellowidiots is their holier-than-thou attitude and the hypocrisy that comes with it. I’ve experienced what it’s like to be gaslighted into believing that all of former President Ferdinand Marcos was bad. That was my political naiveté at its peak. But since 1987, I’ve become pragmatic.

I used to have the impression that the President was all-powerful that he can change the system by himself. My short stint at a local city university had reality slapping me in the face. Even at that level, it was difficult to institute reforms with the resistance you will encounter from an entenched bureaucracy which thrives on political patronage. Funny that. Here is “economist” Winnie Monsod’s exhibiting the very naiveté I ditched decades ago in her Inquirer piece today where she answers her own question, “How did PNoy fare?”…

President Arroyo, in her 10 years of presidency, succeeded in raising the value of the country’s gross domestic product (the market value of the final goods and services produced in the country in a specified period of time) by about P3.6 trillion (at 2018 prices). Population during that period increased by about 14 million.

President Aquino, in his six years of presidency, raised the value of GDP by P4.7 trillion, with the number of Filipinos increasing by about 10 million.

And finally, President Duterte during his 4.75 years in office, has raised the value of GDP by about P2 trillion, even as Filipinos have increased by 6 million.

This shows that Aquino fared better than his immediate predecessor, and it looks like he will fare better than the present regime.

Mareng Winnie and the rest of the Yellowidiots now want us to believe that PNoy did good during his term? It’s evident that he didn’t. Do we need to elaborate on what Noynoy did wrong? That’s like a broken CD already even if the reference is obsolete. The Establishment obviously does not like President Rodrigo Duterte for the simple reason that he’s an outsider. But this is also why he remains popular going into the sunset of his Presidency, which can’t be said of Aquino. If Noynoy did good, Mar Roxas should have won, despite Duterte. The worst case scenario was then Vice President Jejomar Binay prevailing despite the demolition job on him.

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Corruption still exists. The same with drugs, but at a minimized level. Drastic in terms of the drug situation but less in corruption. It’s a fact of life that Western organizations concerned with advocacies about human rights and transparency in government tend to frown upon the likes of Duterte. He has been labeled as “populist” even if he is not. Duterte is not former US President Donald Trump or Brazilian President Jair Messias Bolsonaro. He is nowhere near similar to China’s Xi Jinping or Russia’s Vladimir Putin. The reality is Noynoy was the accidental President. No one ever thought he would follow in Cory’s footsteps but he did. It was his mother who gave him the opportunity because her death was the missing piece of the puzzle in that election cycle. If Cory hadn’t died, Joseph “Erap” Estrada would’ve made history as the only President who won it twice.

The Yellows refuse to accept responsibility for the consequences of their actions. In truth and in fact, it was them who spawned Rodrigo Duterte by the act of removing elected public officials after they took power in 1986. It’s doubtful that Duterte’s late mother Nanay Soling asked for a reward for what she did for Cory in Davao. The fact that it was only the Vice-Mayorship offered speaks volumes about how they regarded the Duterte matriarch. But she didn’t complain. She was old and didn’t have the appetite for politics. She knew her boy could do good, one way or the other, in transforming their adopted home into a progressive regional hub.

The Yellows can edify Noynoy all they want. But the Filipino people and history are in the better position to judge. They made that known in 2016 and 2019. 2022 is the turning point in history again because it marks the end of the Aquinos in the country’s political firmament. The behavior of the Yellowidiots since Noynoy’s passing the other day just reminded Filipinos why they should not vote for the Aquino family’s candidates in 2022. Sadly for them, Noynoy’s death is also the death of that damned and blasted Yellow Ribbon.

One Reply to “Yellowtards’ behaviour following PNoy’s death reminds Filipinos why they SHOULD NOT vote for their candidates”

  1. The Aquino Cojuangco political axis, is on the brink of extinction now…the YellowTards are also on the brink of extinction.
    There are no viable political candidates, that the YellowTards can present to us.
    We also want political candidates to give us their platforms, and not cover their incompetence, with the “political dynasties names”, or of their political parties.

    We want relevance in our politics.

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