Death of Noynoy Aquino is NOT end of the line for Yellowtardism

The late former President Benigno Simeon “Noynoy” Aquino III was the last of the great Aquino-Cojuangco politicians. Because he did not have kids, there is no heir to his legacy just as he was to that of his father Ninoy and mother Cory. Though presenting a low bar for his nephew Bam Aquino to measure up to, the latter Ninoy lookalike does not cut it having been part of the Great Catastrophic Yellowtard wipeout of 2019.

When Noynoy died this week, the Yellow brand did not die with him despite him being the last of the top Liberal Party honchos who wore the Yellow symbol conspicuously. The rest of even his closest party cronies — including Bam — have tried their darndest to scrub the Yellow stain off their personal brands. But Yellow continues to shine through form their camp.

This highlights the irony of it all. The Yellowtards are currently on a rabid campaign to sing ballads about and grab media mileage for Noynoy’s so-called “legacy”. Beyond the coverage of the usual suspects, the family broadsheets Inquirer and PhilSTAR, the family social media “experts” at Rappler, and their chi chi Tweetizen family in those exclusive Katipunan schools, nobody is really in any mood to be in solidarity with shrill 1980s-style grieving. An election year means polticians will be focused on adding to their voter base and not subtracting from it.

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Thing with the Yellowtards is that they don’t think. If they did, they’d realise that sitting right under their artificially-pointy noses is Noynoy’s legacy. The Yellow political stain. That is Noynoy and his family’s legacy, and boy does it stick like a rash. Short of using sandpaper to scrub the legacy off themselves, the Yellowtards remain perceived as such — Yellowtards.

So, you see, the Yellowtards don’t really need to work hard to prop up the legacy of the founders of the Philippines’ tradition of necropolitics. History has already done the job for them. Rest in peace, Noynoy.

One Reply to “Death of Noynoy Aquino is NOT end of the line for Yellowtardism”

  1. The defense of Yellowtards for Noynoy is that he was clean, while all the others around were the corrupt ones. That forgets that as the top honcho, he signed the approvals for their shenanigans.

    Now that he’s dead and everyone else left in the Yellowtard stable is questionable, that means the Yellowtards have no more personality to latch on to. Either they give up their Yellowtard wokedom or it will be the end of the line for them soon enough.

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