The communists should PROVE their “remorse” for Absalon landmine deaths by turning themselves in

It was enough of an atrocity that the terrorist arm of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP), the New People’s Army (NPA), use landmines in the “revolution” they wage against the Filipino people. The, response from the CPP-NPA makes it worse. The tragedy in the unnecessary deaths of Far Easterner University (FEU) footballer Kieth Absalon and his cousin Nolven Absalon in an explosion of one such mines is evidently lost in CPP spokesman Marco Valbuena who only had this lame apology to issue in a tweet.

The entire CPP and NPA express deep remorse and take full responsibility for the untimely deaths of cousins Kieth and Nolven Absalon resulting from the errors of an NPA unit in a military action last Sunday in Masbate City.

In a statement attached to the tweet as an image, Valbuena all but exhibited the utter hypocrisy of the CPP-NPA in the way he put his clearly un-shaken belief in the righteousness of the practice of their terrorism front and centre…

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In waging a people’s war, the New People’s Army is always reminded to give the highest priority to the protection of civilian lives and property. In this regard, the Masbate incident should not have happened.

We are aware that an investigation is already being carried out by the Party’s Bicol Regional Committee and Masbate Provincial Committee of the Party and the higher commands of the NPA to identify the errors and weaknesses that led to this tragedy.

The lessons that will be drawn should guide the NPA to avoid such unfortunate incidents in the future and strengthen its resolve to serve and defend the people.

In (1) deferring to their own internal investigation and not to the only true authorities in criminal investigation — the Philippine police — and in (2) suggesting that this incident be a lesson “to avoid such unfortunate incidents in the future”, Valbuena effectively makes the CPP-NPA apology conditional. Valbuena clearly sticks to their crooked position that the CPP-NPA are above the law that the police are sworn to enforce and that they will continue their terrorist “revolution” over the “future” he foresees.

If, indeed, the CPP-NPA “take full responsibility”, the question should be asked: responsibility to who?

Under the law, one takes responsibility for a criminal act before a Philippine judge. If the CPP-NPA are sincere in their efforts to account for their crimes, they should submit to due process within the Philippines’ criminal justice system. Unless they do this, Valbuena’s words are just that — mere words.

A favourite template protest slogan we hear from these communists whenever they allege that a crime was committed against one of their own is the ol’ “Justice for [insert name of “victim” here]!” And so here we see the CPP-NPA with a perfect opportunity to practice what they preach. Under Philippine law, justice can only be meted out through a Philippine court following observation of due process. Justice for Kieth and Nolven Absalon.

Ball is in your court Mr. Valbuena and comrades. Prove to the Filipino people that you people are serious about taking full responsibility.

One Reply to “The communists should PROVE their “remorse” for Absalon landmine deaths by turning themselves in”

  1. Interesting… CPP-NPA & Full Responsibility – in the same sentence? We can only dream of hearing such “words of comfort” from the Yellow prince at the height of his Reign of Error. Nevertheless, words without action do little to convince anyone of one’s sincerity.

    CPP-NPA should take a lesson from an unexpected hero named Magawa (the name speaks for itself)…
    Anti-landmine hero rat

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