Opposition against charter change because they fear disruption to a political order that benefits a few

If you look at a map of the pre-Spanish “Philippines,” you would see that sultanates were the norm. The archipelago was heavily influenced by Islam which came by way of Indonesia and Malaysia. It was the Spaniards who introduced Christianity. One could argue that if the archipelago wasn’t colonized it would be composed today of three or even more nation-states. The concept of the Filipino never really took off. The national identity was hijacked by the elites as well but who knows how many of them were actual Spanish and American citizens during the colonial times? Spain brought over the Basques to work the fields. They also brought in their elites to establish the trading houses for agricultural commodities which is why our politics is still plantation-style peppered by political dynasties.

Clearly, the Philippines’ problems are structural and begging systemic solutions. Under that light, Tony La Viña makes a weak argument for postponing charter change in his Manila Standard piece “Not a good time for charter change” today.

We are still in the midst of a global pandemic, and the end is far from sight, particularly because of the limited success so far in mass vaccination. Holding the campaign today will only serve to divide the country: both its fiscal resources and its people. The fight against the pandemic is a bigger concern to everyone and should receive the government’s highest attention.

Yes, we are in the midst of a global recession. Any self-respecting fiscal policy expert will tell you you can’t keep on borrowing to keep the economy afloat while waiting for a recovery to begin. There is no better time to amend the Constitution when there is actually a need for foreign direct investment. The Opposition is against charter change because it will bring about a disruption in the political order which will leave them without a single bogeyman. It will also bring development to the regions which will leave them without followers for their leftist-liberal-militant ideology. The issue is more about their survival than the country’s. It will leave them without an issue to justify their cause.

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The truth is, poverty is not only caused by the political structure but by the intelligentsia themselves. Just look at the new breed of economists, statisticians and journalists and you will have an idea of the kind of influence they have in molding the next generation because of their involvement in the academe. Instead of propounding solutions, the millennials continue to rail at government even if they lack sight over the whole picture because they only choose to look at the trees and not the forest. The thing is, they are the minority. The majority of Filipinos who work here and abroad are the ones carrying the burden for these intellectual numbskulls. They continue to exploit the system of professorial chairs and grants while keeping the poor, poor. When they lose elections, the blame is not on them but the poor who are bobotantes.

Close to two years into the pandemic and their battle cry is still ayuda. That’s not even Pilipino. It’s Spanish for “help”. Mendicancy and the promotion of a welfare state which can’t afford it will not get the country anywhere. It’s about time that La Viña and his ilk be put down for the good of the country and the Filipino people. They can’t be allowed to keep fooling the students whom they are molding to take their place. The 2022 election provides an excellent opportunity to finally be rid of these leeches. Their priority has never been nation-building but destroying the very essence of the rule of law through destabilization. I can’t wait for June 12. This is the day of reckoning for the opposition.

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