Senate composition post-2022 election key to crucial admin agendas – including Charter Change

Self-described “Chief Political Analyst”. “CPA”. De La Salle University professor Antonio Contreras won’t even endorse former Senator Bongbong Marcos whom he fought hard for in 2016. Contreras was actually a Jojo Binay – Marcos cheerleader in that election cycle. Back then, he was a critical collaborator of Duterte he said while fully-embracing the label of “DDS” (“Duterte Die-hard Supporters”). We all know what happened to their group. It was bound to self-destruct given the vested interests of each “member.” Para sa Bayan turned out to be Para sa Bulsa at Posisyon. But that’s how politics works.

So now, Contreras writes this in his piece “Electoral possibilities” published on the Manila Times how “nothing stops me from imagining certain likely scenarios.” Of BBM, the “CPA” writes…

Having lost to Robredo, by virtue of the decision by the Presidential Electoral Tribunal, Marcos will think hard before he risks another loss. The specter of losing twice in a row may be a strong motivation for him to take the safer path. But then again, things may change, and it may even be possible that Marcos could team up with a Duterte, whether Sara as president or even perhaps Digong as his vice, which will change the entire game completely.

I’m interested in the opinion of the “CPA” with regard to the Senatorial race. Twelve slots up for grabs. Whoever wins the most seats gets control of the legislative agenda. The Nationalist People’s Coalition (NPC) has the most number of “viable” candidates. Viable in the sense they are returnees after a short hiatus because of term limits. It remains to be seen if the NPC will remain with the administration. The minute a Ping Lacson – Tito Sotto tandem is officially announced the die is cast. No animosity on the same level as the Yellowidiots and we can be sure that if they win, they’d be willing to work with what may eventually become the new Opposition or another administration coalition. Such are the vagaries of Philippine politics. An NPC Senate bloc is Tito Sotto’s insurance policy against irrelevance in the event he isn’t elected Vice-President. It makes him a kingmaker in determining who becomes Senate President.

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The administration also has a shallow bench in the Senatorial race. The NPC fielding a Lacson-Sotto tandem leaves the administration with only one re-electionist in Migs Zubiri. Richard Gordon is threatening to run for President again. More than likely he will go back to the Senate again — on which side is not known yet. Mark Villar will be on the administration slate for sure. Among the Cabinet members, Art Tugade, Teddyboy Locsin, Eduardo Año and Delfin Lorenzana are viable. This leaves the administration with six slots to fill. Add Bong Go, Bato dela Rosa, and Francis Tolentino and assuming the new faces all win, that only makes for a total of nine. Still short of the thirteen required for a simple majority and the 3/4 majority needed to amend the Constitution. This makes it all the more important for voters to know the stand of each of the Senatorial candidates on key issues. These will all play a huge factor in which direction the country takes after 2022.

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