Necropolitics Card dealt by God to the Yellowtards!

Breaking News according to the Tribune, albeit a “developing story”… “Various sources have claimed that former Benigno Simeon “Noynoy” Aquino III died this morning at the Capitol Medal Center.” Possible game changer? Is this the Silver Bullet the Yellowtards have been scrounging around for? Recall back in 2009 how Noynoy Aquino was catapulted to the Liberal Party presidential candidacy and went on for the win all but dashing Mar Roxas’s presidential hopes forevah. With the Yellowtard-led Opposition in disarray and the failure of top Opposition coalition 1Sambayan to distance itself from the poisonous yellow stain, perhaps this development is a godsend for Antonio Carpio and Manny Pangilinan and their henchmen’s vision of natural gas billions!

The question in many people’s minds as this goes to press is whether Aquino’s, a.k.a. PNoy’s, legacy and the card his death “blesses” the Opposition with is potent enough to move public sentiment significantly enough to change the 2022 election landscape. Most observers don’t think so. It is widely-recognised that the Second Aquino Administration is singularly accountable for the demise of the Yellow brand. The performance of the PNoy administration is also seen to be the single biggest contributor to the wholesale discrediting of the Yellowtard narrative that had put up Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino Jr and Cory Aquino on pedestals reserved for “martyred” national heroes.

What timing, indeed. An Aquino death in an election year. Both admin and Opposition politicians will have to tread carefully in their regard for the passing of a Philippine president. Yellowtardom had made grievous mistakes framing entire political platforms around messaging hostile to the incumbent administration of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte. Administration blocs gunning for continuity post 2022 should practice what they preach. Senate President Tito Sotto issues some wise words consistent to this: “No matter what political side you’re on when a former president passes away, the country mourns.”

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Owing to the lateness of the hour, it is likely, nonetheless, that Opposition PR and campaign managers will be scrambling to develop a game plan given this development. Given the challenging situation presented by the pandemic, massive funeral parades and “multi-faith” commemoration rallies on EDSA are out of the question (or at least as far as legal avenues for these are concerned). Unfortunately for them, the Yellowtards are currently deprived of the traditional tools they use to make things like this a big deal. With ABS-CBN out of commission, the fat pipeline through which acoustic ballads of mourning can be pumped into the homes of millions of analog Filipinos is just not there. There is only Facebook for the hoi polloi and Twitter for the chi chi. Social media and PR “experts” will have to think outside of the square.

Whatever the case, the race to weaponise the death of former Philippine President Noynoy Aquino is on. Even in the best of times the Yellowtards were never above doing whatever it takes. Specially in these days when push is coming to shove, all cards will be at play. In 1983, Ninoy died. Three years later, his wife Cory was president. In 2009 Cory died. Her son Noynoy stepped on Roxas’s head to become President in 2010. 2021 and Noynoy Aquino is dead. Who becomes President in 2022? Will Noynoy be the man who will finally interrupt the Yellowtards’ tradition of necropolitics? Seeing that ABS-CBN remains eerily silent on the analog airwaves, let’s do the honours: Abangan ang susunod na kabanata.

3 Replies to “Necropolitics Card dealt by God to the Yellowtards!”

  1. Ninoy died- Cory became Prez
    Cory died- PNoy became Prez
    PNoy died- ???? Kris became Prez LOL
    Then EVERYONE died LOL

  2. First of all, Rest in Peace to him.

    Now onto the topic itself, I don’t think people would be buying into this considering how the ‘Opposition’ is right now. I doubt the necropolitics card would be so effective considering they already used it before with his mother’s death and people will just shrug it off this time around.

    Should they be stupid enough to actually use it again, I am pretty sure it will backfire and a lot of people are going to be turned off from them. The party is too weak to contend for anything in my opinion and there’s not a lot of strong choices moving forward from their side.

    Then again, looking at both sides, there’s really not much to note and I feel like people are going to be screwed again next election season. Will we even have an election?

  3. They can’t use the death card in today’s political climate. Also, Kris seems unlikely to run because of health issues. If only the family has the humility to understand the bigger picture they were involved in and make amends… But if they have to keep this up for power play, then that’s a different story.

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