June 12 “Freedom Day” marks the ironic end of @1Sambayan

Hare-brained 1Sampayan. Supposed democracy advocates actually killed democracy today. Why? The holier-than-thou attitude was disastrous. It wasn’t even long before the named candidates were declining their “nominations.” It was supposed to be a “democratic” process but as it turned out the convenors made the decision without even bothering to consult the personalities on their list. It might as well have been a coronation of Leni Robredo and Antonio Trillanes.

From the opening video, it is clearly evident that they have not leaned a single thing about the 2019 Otso Diretso loss and are already making the SAME mistake again.

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The recurring theme of the messaging is “‘change”. Trite emo slogans and songs highlighting the victimhood of Filipinos asking “when will Filipinos rise up” are juxtaposed against grim imagery. That says something about the sort of campaign we can expect from these people — the usual negative sort.

The next question is, will Robredo run now that she got what she wanted? Judging by the tepid public response to the event, she will surely lose. Surveys may be snapshots of the present but she’s had five years to build up her national base. At this point she can only count on the votes in Region 5, her bailiwick, and probably the National Capital Region (NCR). But if Manila Mayor Isko Moreno runs, and from all indicators he probably will, he will take votes away from Robredo. Isko’s glass ceiling is low. He will hit it easily and the public will see through it. This is the perfect opportunity for the Ping Lacson – Tito Sotto tandem. Sources have confirmed that the two senior Senators will team up. This means it will likely be a three-way race for the Presidency.

There will be political realignments in the offing. It depends now on who President Rodrigo Duterte will anoint. If Inday Sara “Daughterte” Duterte is not running then Bongbong Marcos will. Who will be his running mate? Daughterte would be the ideal. She would beat Poe and Sotto. Another option would be a Marcos-Pacman (Manny Pacquiao) tandem but the glass ceiling of Pac-Man is lower than Isko. Sotto could beat him given his experience and the following of Dabarkads. This might turn out to be a repeat of 1992 where Danding Cojuangco lost but Joseph “Erap” Estrada won. A Marcos-Sotto tandem out of the ballot box isn’t bad. The X factor is former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo (GMA). She’s been too silent for comfort and whenever she is, that means something is up.

The reports of the Opposition’s death hadn’t been greatly exaggerated. They’ve been dead since 2016. But like former President Ferdinand “Apo Lakay” Marcos, their interment had been delayed. Isn’t it ironic that they picked June 12 to hammer in the final nail on their coffin? Good riddance.

2 Replies to “June 12 “Freedom Day” marks the ironic end of @1Sambayan”

  1. They shot themselves in their feet again. But I’m happy for them. Thinking they are the next kingmakers of this country, they are clueless on how to run a campaign. But let’s not interrupt them.

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