WHO is the Yellowtard Zena Bernardo? Is she Ana Patricia Non’s “mother”?

An Interaksyonreport” dated the 22nd April called her “a relative of community pantry organizer Ana Patricia Non”. But then an ABS-CBN News “report” posted on the same date referred to her as her “mother”. So the important question Filipinos are asking nowadays is this:

Who is Zena Bernardo???

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Seeing that the jury is still out on whether or not Bernardo is Non’s mother, we may as well, for now, check out what she’s been up to in recent years. Let’s start with an article posted on Medium on the 18th July 2018 by a certain Dolly de Leon. In “The heart and soul of #BabaeAko is Zena Bernardo”, de Leon writes…

I first met Zena in 2016, sometime in May during the presidential campaign when Duterte announced that he was going to bury Marcos at Libingan ng mga Bayani. I was furious. And alone. At least I felt alone. In one of the articles I read about that burial I came across her name and learned she founded and admined “Never Again to Marcos Family and his Cronies.”

It gets better. Bernardo also seems to have been a guest at the 2019 wedding of blogger Jover Laurio of the now-defunct Pinoy Ako Blog — a blog site dedicated to the “cause” of the Yellowtards (the partisan bloc within the Philippine Opposition whose members are rabidly-loyal to the Aquino-Cojuangco clan). Suffice to say, the esteemed guests at this notably under-reported but very chi chi wedding pretty much represent the top movers and shakers of Yellowtardom and their communist allies.

Zena Bernardo at the 2019 wedding of Pinoy Ako Blog blogger Jover Laurio
(Source: Mark Lopez)

Of course it is not surprising that Bernardo would be rewarded with an invitation to 2019’s wedding of the year and a chance to hobnob with the likes of Rappler CEO Maria Ressa and noted communist “thought leaders” such as Manila Bulletin writer Tonyo Cruz. The latter, Cruz, cited Bernardo in his Jan 2018 article “Bloggers make a statement — for freedom” as a signatory in a “statement” dubbed “Bloggers for Freedom” issued by a group of “concerned Filipino bloggers” (the usual Yellowtard and communist suspects) in support of embattled “social news network” Rappler.

There is good reason to conclude given these readily-googlable bits of information alone (there’s a lot more out there) that Zena Bernardo is a Yellowtard. But does her being Ana Patricia Non’s alleged mother pass the So What? Test? The Yellowtards and communists would argue that it doesn’t and continue to assert that those community pantries supposedly “inspired” by the the first of them (so we are told) organised by Non at Quezon City’s Maginhawa Street are beacons of the good ol’ Filipino bayanihan “spirit” and not the dull weapons of Duterte demonisation they have come to be perceived as.

Whatever, right?

But of course, Ana Patrcia Non “just so happens” to have a Yellowtard mother. Nonetheless, this association which, we may as well be reminded, was not disclosed up front by top Philippine Opposition personalities even as they copped flak for baldly politicising these community pantry initiatives casts significant shade on their intent. The simplest explanation often tends to be the most likely to be right. The fact of Bernardo being a Yellowtard coming up now does not help the Opposition agenda. Ironic, considering that if what they are being suspected of — using community pantries as a political tool — turns out to be true, then the Opposition have only themselves to blame for a failure to use said tool effectively.

8 Replies to “WHO is the Yellowtard Zena Bernardo? Is she Ana Patricia Non’s “mother”?”

  1. Typical mudslinging shit post from GRP. Like you said, who cares? Community pantries are helping THOUSANDS of pinoys in a time of need. And Ana is the root cause of it.

    How many people have YOU helped benign0? With your useless chi-chi blog, did you even spend a single australian dollar to help the poor in the philippines.

    Maybe the REAL question should be… who is this LOSER benign0? What kind of SICK individual would leave the philippines for australia and yet constantly shit-post about it?

    1. Leaving the Philippines for Australia, or for any other place, is not an act of sick individuals. It is actually the best thing to do under the persistent poor economic and political conditions in the country. Whether it is to bring one’s family to give them a better future, or to work overseas so one can send financial help back home, it’s a noble thing to do.

      Shit posting about the Philippines is actually not a sick thing to do, either. Are you saying that just because someone is no longer physically present in one’s country, they can’t criticize it?

      Besides, nowhere in this article or in this entire GRP platform do I see that this writer is shit posting about the Philippines. It is just your stupid imagination, a phenomenon that presumably arises whenever anyone says anything that goes against your lame, one dimensional political leanings.

      Who is this loser Benigno, you ask? Well, what kind of sick individual reads a loser’s post?

      Get fu____g serious, will you?

  2. Seems to me the opposition has not evolved from its KKK (Kapamilya, kasosyo, ka-whatever you put here) nature. It’s always their circle jerk, but it’s no surprise. Bernardo might also be one of those old-school moms who say, “when you buy a snack, buy for everyone, not for yourself!” that old kind of “wisdom,” but is just one’s opinion. And she used it on her daughter, lol.

    1. I spied on Twitter that she’s actually denied being a Yellowtard (nor a communist) here. Interesting. They quack like the proverbial duck but take offense when being called a duck.

  3. What a retarded post.
    Patricia Non’s community pantry started with a small cart, bearing stuff in her house she thought would benefit her fellow Filipinos who are HUNGRY. That is charity.
    Only an idiot would politicize it.

    1. No one did a bigger job of politicizing Non’s panty, er, pantry than the ones who splashed her pictures all over the newspapers with the malicious intent of making the administration look bad and incompetent. That’s on the Yellows and the media behind them.

      As for this administration… unfortunately, it is fucking incompetent, no doubt.

      Fuck the administration and fuck the Yellows.

      The real losers? Ordinary PInoys.

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