Commie “activist” Katrina Stuart Santiago calls on the Opposition to “get its shit together”

But is anyone listening? They should. For their sake. If the Opposition really want to seize power legally in 2022, they could begin with reading Kat Stuart Santiago’s recent blog, “Duterte’s killing it #Talk2022”. Now that is a blog — the sort of writing the Yellowtards and commies need to be re-learning to do and one that expresses the sort of introspection long overdue the embattled Philippine Opposition at large.

Stuart-Santiago’s call to action is simple…

Duterte’s killing it. And the only way we even have a chance of winning 2022 is if we go back to basics: understand the enemy, battle with propaganda, set aside difference, unite on common issues, and get our shit together.

…but simple as that may be in writing, it is difficult to put in practice when one considers the pompousness, arrogance, and stupidity of the the Opposition’s top “thought leaders”.

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For starters, it would be difficult to understand the enemy if the Opposition’s top “influencers” would rather block and dismiss them. Indeed, Stuart-Santiago laments, “we’re still talking about what we like to dismiss to be nothing more than troll discourse, brought on by a few high-profile propagandists and spread by troll farms” — an unpopular opinion in a sea of clucking amigas who get their kicks bragging amongst themselves about the number of “trolls” that they have so far blocked or muted on Twitter. In such an environment, an article that makes audacious claims such as this gem of mine, “Leni Robredo is the source of all stupidity in the Philippines” is pretty much free to propagate across the Net unchallenged. To my standard call prove me wrong, all I get is crickets.

Interestingly enough, much as how Stuart-Santiago tries her darndest to swallow her pride and admit that her enemies are “killing it”, she remains guilty of the very thing that had done her lot in — dismissing without understanding. Throughout her piece, she works off the underlying assumption that all of the info and messaging coming from The Enemy are mere “lies” and “propaganda”. The fact is, and Stuart-Santiago herself wrote this, all of what they are up against and need to face like men lest they end up “delivering 2022 to Duterte-Marcos-GMA on a silver platter” is “multilayered and complex”. Simply assuming that it is all propaganda and lies is Stuart-Santiago contradicting her own regard for the challenge by oversimplifying her enemy’s arsenal.

Therein that too in regarding her “enemy” and their arsenal is another flawed assumption — that, in her own words, it is all part of some sort of “machinery” that, she suggests, is orchestrated and directed from the top-down by the administration of President Rodrigo Duterte. Again, this is an oversimplification. Much of what constitutes this “machinery” are just ordinary people and agents acting on disparate, individual, and personal motivations. Perhaps the idea that an individualistic community could come together into a collective force that she describes as “well-strategized, hard-at-work, uncompromising, and unstoppable” is alien to minds like hers that are imprisoned by an ideology of extreme collectivism — Communism 101 right there.

The fact is, this “machinery” Stuart-Santiago sees today is an emergent manifestation of a true grassroots community united from the bottom-up not by the directives of any one politician or anointed “thought leader” from the Establishment but by a shared ethic of independent discourse. It only so happens that the hypocrisy, inconsistency, and self-righteousness of the two dominant blocs within the Opposition — the Yellowtards and the communists — have made it easy for this community to align their thinking against the intellectual disease propagated by these two blocs and create what is now perceived to be a “machine” by an Opposition that refuses to really understand what is going on in an intellectually honest manner.

It is because of these oversimplifications that Stuart-Santiago gets her call to action to “get [their] shit together” only half-right. She includes something that is quite revealing of the character of the Opposition today — perhaps the very reason they’ve been losing, will continue to lose, and will likely lose in 2022. Stuart-Santiago calls on her lot to “battle with propaganda” — basically continue living by the very intellectual dishonesty that had cost them an entire nation to begin with. Indeed, Yellowtardism and communism were all narratives propagated on the back of lies — the lie that the Aquinos and Cojuangcos own the 1986 EDSA Revolution and the lie that the communists hold the best interests of the nation foremost as they seek to overthrow legitimately-elected governments all over the world.

Nonetheless, Kat Stuart-Santiago is off to a good start — begin by understanding The Enemy. Only then can a plan to beat them at least make it to the drawing board. That said, perhaps applying a bit more intellectual honesty to their “cause” still remains an area for development for a camp that had long been accustomed with getting away with dishonesty.

5 Replies to “Commie “activist” Katrina Stuart Santiago calls on the Opposition to “get its shit together””

  1. LOL, what a laugh! Did she forget what propaganda is?

    It also demonstrates that the wokes of the opposition can’t accept that propaganda is not the reason why people support Marcos or Duterte. It is because these figures fit many people’s cultural beliefs of what a leader should be. And second, they don’t realize that even the “morally good” opposition is ranked with liars and corrupt too.

    1. Yes, her analysis of the Opposition’s dire situation could’ve been ok if not for her blanket assumption that it is all “lies” and “propaganda” orchestrated by a single man or his alleged minions. That idiotic assumption led her to an ill-thought-out call for her own camp to mount their own dishonest propaganda campaign.

  2. The opposition cannot win any election…So, they cheat; do EDSAs to grab power. The Aquino Cojuangco political axis, which tried to rationalize itself, is a relic of the 1086 EDSA grab of power….

  3. Well quite frankly Commie “activist” Katrina Stuart Santiago doesn’t understand that the so-called why enemy party of the Philippines CALLING itself an “OPPOSITION” DOES, IN FACT FACT THEIR SH*T TOGETHER!

    Simply put, they are all together, and there’s nothing else BUT SH*T because that’s all they are; back-stabbing, traitorous, communist wannabe sh*t! Heck, they aren’t even an OPPOSITION PARTY because they fail the very first qualification to even BE an opposition party.

    All opposition parties everywhere else in the world are, first and foremost, LOYAL TO THEIR COUNTRY! They are NOT sworn enemies of their country who wish every other leader would die!

    Only HERE do we have a such a COUNTERFEIT OPPOSITION PARTY along with all the other counterfeit crap that’s being sold here.

    Of course, this is just the typical communist type propaganda using terms like “NEW PEOPLE’S ARMY” to try and make themselves sound legitimate, and pro-country when they are only interested in total anarchy, confusion and death to everyone but themselves.

    But we now have a brand be breed of communists this time around. We now have communist supporters in Congress who are no longer trying to hide their identities and affiliations!

    Castro acts like referring to her actual actions is violating her rights; Hontivirus is so openly angry and hateful of the country and it’s leaders that she’s ready to explode.

    Then, of course, there’s the biggest loser ever, deLima! No one wants to hear her nonsense problems with FPRRD, so now she transfers all her hatred for him on our VP Sara! Her last complaint was REALLY scraping the bottom of the barrel.

    According to de LIMA, Sara is now interfering in areas she has no right being involved in; like still holding the line with PBBMs ORIGINAL PARTY LINE ON TERRORISM.

    As I said in the start, the so-called Opposition Party has nothing BUT sh*t when they’re together. But, on the brighter side, thank God above that we no longer have to listen to Trillanes, Alejano, or Leni any more.

    I still don’t understand why, with all the communists and terrorist supporters there are already in Congress PBBM needs to travel to Oslo to have talks with them.

    He could simply just call an executive meeting with them, including his cousin, and discuss all the issues right here.

    I know that with all the self-proclaimed enemies of the country in Congress, I would NEVER LEAVE THE COUNTRY.

    I still remember how, during PRRD’s term, after Trillanes tried to give him some “free money – no strings attached” from the EU, that he turned down, PRRD left for a diplomatic meeting with Putin.

    Right before he landed in Russia, the LP-hired Maute attacked Marawi. AS USUAL, the so-called opposition didn’t expect him to declare martial law in the area.

    Pretty much all the opposition could do then was b!tch, moan and complain. Guess they haven’t changed much, except their numbers have dwindled a bit. 😅

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