This is why woke “influencers” aren’t credible socio-political commentators

After that big shrill spate of ululations coming from a lynch mob of screeching “influencers” that catapulted the hashtag #JusticeForChristineDacera onto their hallowed Church of Trending Hashtags, it seems certain “thought leaders” are now in the midst of some painful personal reflection. One of the ringleaders, social media “icon” Frank Baraan was one among many of them called out for breaking a cornerstone principle of any modern criminal justice system and has since issued another one of his now-famous It’s All About Me apologies…

Guys, I just deleted my tweet re: Christine Dacera. With my reach, it was imprudent & irresponsible of me to have tweeted in such an emotional, triggered state w/o having all the facts. I published inaccurate information w/ so many blinders on, & have unwittingly wronged others.

Adding further to what would go on to become a lengthy thread elucidating the glory of his chi chi “apology”, Baraan then tweets

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Just like everyone else, I, too, want #JusticeForChristineDacera. But I should have paused to verify the facts.

I’ve been advocating for human rights, but in a momentary huge lapse of judgment, I forgot one very important human right:


And to think Baraan is one of those Red Tagging Crybabies who also populate the shrill echo chambers of Philippine social media wokedom. Indeed, in “unwittingly” tweeting in a manner that presumed the guilt of a number of people who may just had been unfortunate enough to be at the wrong party at the wrong time, Baraan and many of his like-minded ilk proved what big halfwits they really are. A “momentary huge lapse of judgment” had already been embedded in the tiny brains of tens of thousands of Baraan’s moron followers.

No amount of “apology” will undo the damage that had already been done and the further injustice that these ironic “social justice warriors” created. Mela Franco Habijan, a “transgender woman with a beautifulpurpose [sic]”, is another such “influencer” whose good intentions were as built on as astounding an edifice of self-absorption as Baraan’s. Her almost 13,000 followers were just as misled by her tweets and ought to be learning to be a bit more circumspect about being accessories to the spread of crooked information.

I, too, over reacted. I got triggered by the news that a young woman died and was presupposed to have been a victim of rape. I also shared a tweet bearing the names of the suspects without looking into their backgrounds. And when I did, it was too late. I sincerely apologize.

Bottom line is this. These woke bozos are first to get all snooty about the “spread of disinformation” that blights the social media landscape. So then much should be expected of these pompous windbags. In an age when information is created and spread following a few key strokes and a tap on the Retweet or Share button within minutes or even seconds of inception or consumption of said information, it is essential that communicators get it right the first time.

The big reflection in order here is the crooked emotionalism that these people contribute to chatter on politics and social issues. Reason, logic, and cool heads are sorely lacking in these landscapes and the few who contribute such are drowned out by the noise sustained by shills like Baraan and his tribe.

5 Replies to “This is why woke “influencers” aren’t credible socio-political commentators”

  1. This is the reason…a thorough investigation must be conducted, and let the guilty be punished.

    We must bring back the , death penalty, as a deterrent for heinous crimes like this one.

  2. PNP chief says they have evidence that can’t be revealed at this time, which probably explains the mix of info from their side.

    1. If that evidence is sufficient, I would assume that was included in the submittals to the Makati Prosecutor.

      But the Prosecutor returned the case to the PNP and told them to release the detained suspects. Basically telling the PNP to make sure the case they are filing is sufficient first and then refile it.

      As it stands now, there are no arrest warrants, the rape claim only came from the PNP which is turning out not to be based on evidence (yet) nor any testimony. So, if there really is a case for rape to be filed, the PNP should properly do the case build up and evidence gathering. Stop with the press releases with no basis.

      The PNP claim that it was an open and shut case (Case closed) has just been pried wide open by the prosecutor telling them to continue their investigation and work (and not just speculate).

      Per media reports online, we now have 2 conflicting “medico legal” reports right?

      Honestly this has become really messy because they did it in the media instead of what would normally be investigated with no leaks to media first and no pronouncements (pre-judging the case).

      1. “As it stands now, there are no arrest warrants, the rape claim only came from the PNP which is turning out not to be based on evidence (yet) nor any testimony.”

        Great! A very level-headed comment.

        This is why, of course, with the benefit of hindsight, some people with authority who are supposed to be our protectors aren’t credible and can’t be trusted. Really, they’re no different from those woke “influencers”. The bigger difference is bigger damage done with the lies and wrong information they fed the public, especially the victim’s mother.
        Definitely not scientifically accurate information based on physical evidence.

        Their blunder and incompetence in the handling the case even made some lawmakers offer bounties, monetary reward for the arrest of those suspected, which has affected the security of the same.

        And what was the intention in doing so? According to a police spokesman, as stated in the tv news, it was in an effort to file the case immediately. Why? And with the lack of a solid proof, why held a press conference?

        The supposed perpetrators of the crime come from well-off families and there are a number of them. We can only theorize on the real intent.

        1. Ding ding ding.
          This seems to be a terribly handled situation so far from the PNP.

          If I were to guess what will probably happen is one person will take the fall (and that persons family will probably be compensated from the other families).

          I would guess it will become a he said / she said case and all the people at the party will come up with the same story.

          These type of families are not letting their kids go to jail.

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