SIT DOWN! Leni Robredo’s DISHONEST response to Duterte’s opinion about female national leaders

So what if Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte thinks women don’t make good presidents? Well, at least we now all know what Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte really thinks. That’s way better than all those wokes out there who habitually signal the virtuousness of their “inclusive” pretensions but are less than virtuous — and far more exclusive — behind closed doors when clucking amongst their chi chi amigas.

More importantly, one’s gotta ask: How are those so-called “feminists” who assert that women can do a “better” job than men any different? Isn’t that being just as prejudiced as Duterte is being accused of? Take the latest ululation of “vice presdient” Leni Robredo, for example. Robredo, as expected, chimes in on the whole brouhaha over Duterte’s latest honest statement with her trademark dishonest take on the matter reportedly pointing out that the “best performing” states when it came to responding to the COVID-19 pandemic are all “led by women”.

“We’re surrounded by countries where the leaders are women. During the pandemic, the best-performing states were led by women,” she said, possibly referring to Taiwan’s Tsai Ing-wen and New Zealand’s Jacinda Ardern who earned worldwide praise for successfully keeping COVID-19 cases down to a minimum in their countries. “We don’t have to address this point by point,” Robredo added.

Is there a scientific basis for this? Not by a stretch. Robredo makes use of a classic logical fallacy as bases for this recent dimwit Leni-ism — equating correlation to causation. Just because a woman happened to be a leader in a country that happened to be good at responding to the COVID-19 pandemic does not mean said women being leaders of said countries were the cause of the good handling of said crises there. The related fallacy post hoc ergo propter hoc also applies — that just because a woman became leader of a state that went on to handle the pandemic crisis well does not necessarily mean said woman becoming leader caused that outcome.

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Robredo basically stumbles all over herself to combat prejudice with prejudice in equal measure. Worse, she uses dishonest science to make her halfwit pronouncements!

It is also worth noting that Robredo’s dim brainwave is not even an original one. The whole dishonest idea that women leaders are “better” crisis leaders than men comes from Chinese “feminist” Leta Hong Fincher, author of, wait for it, Betraying Big Brother: The Feminist Awakening in China who, in an op-ed piece published back in April 2020 on, you guessed it, CNN made this laughable assertion:

In New Zealand, the prime minister took early action to shut down tourism and impose a month-long lockdown on the entire country, limiting coronavirus casualties to just nine deaths.

All three places have received accolades for their impressive handling of the coronavirus pandemic. They are scattered across the globe: one is in the heart of Europe, one is in Asia and the other is in the South Pacific.

But they have one thing in common: they’re all led by women.

The interesting thing about Fincher’s “observation” is that she notes that these countries are “all multi-party democracies with high levels of public trust in their governments”. Funny that. Fincher unwittingly shoots her very “thesis” that women leaders are better than men in the foot. If these states were all excellent high-trust states to begin with, then there will have been a higher probability that any leader of those lands — whether male, female, straight, gay, trans, or non-human — will have presided over a world-class crisis response just the same.

Leni Robredo essentially does a grave disservice to the feminist “movement”. A person of her stature associating dishonest rhetoric to an otherwise worthy cause degrades its credibility. If Robredo wants to be a noted feminist “thought leader”, she needs to school herself in modern thinking. Simply parroting other people’s thinking is downright mediocre statesmanship. Parroting wrong arguments makes her, quite simply, a fool. Feminists should do themselves a favour and tell Robredo and other moron virtue signallers like her to sit down and leave the feminism to to real activists.

32 Replies to “SIT DOWN! Leni Robredo’s DISHONEST response to Duterte’s opinion about female national leaders”

  1. leni didnt say that women are inherently better. she just disagreed with the notion that women are incapable of leadership or being the president. improve your reading comprehension.

    1. I suspect Benign0 thinks of himself as an influencer and hence trying to discredit Leni by making up untruthful things.
      Benign0’s DISHONEST article shows what his personality is all about: Dishonesty

        1. Benign0,
          if i have to cite specific examples then i need cite the whole article.
          You indirectly indicate that she is saying that women are better than men in leadership. We all know including you that that’s not true. And yet you use this argument as the bases for your article.

        2. if you can post link to any other sites where she or her PR henchmen asserted that then i will withdraw my previous post about you being dishonest.

        3. I don’t need to. That statement was quoted by no less than the Yellowtard newsletter itself — the Inquirer. If that’s not enough for you, well, tough shit. Google it yourself and you will find that this is a statement from the OVP that is quoted by other media outlets.

          Also I don’t really give a hoot whether you sustain or “withdraw” your earlier post. I stand by my arguments as articulated above as I believe there is more than enough evidence and references to back it.

        4. I already googled it, and read the article in Inquirer. And you are wrong, lying, deceiving and dishonest. Its remarkable how you do not have any scruples about what you are doing. You and your site are one of the reasons why the country is still in deep shit… steering it in the wrong direction.

        5. You can call me whatever you want. The fact remains, you have not tabled any argument against what I wrote in the above article. Keep on trying though. Even a chimp banging randomly on a keyboard is bound to come up with something given enough time.

        6. My argument against what you wrote is that you are wrong in your article about she stating that women is better than men in leadership (duuuh!) And asked for link. And you didn’t! which implicate that Im right and you’re wrong and dishonest.

        7. ChinoF,
          why don’t you post link to other sites where she is saying that women are better leaders than men then?

        8. It’s not a matter of laziness. it’s a matter of unable to find any article where she states that…

        9. On Duterte’s side, though, he likely doesn’t know how to answer an argument soundly. He could have said, “women being leaders of their countries does not necessarily have a causal relationship to the countries having a better response to COVID.”

        10. you are also dishonest, ChinoF … since you are defending Benign0 on this matter.
          So I’m wondering if the reason for the country’s despair and suffering is because of so many dishonest people in the country.

        11. she merely observed that jacinta ardern and tsai ing-wen performed well, thus invalidating the idea that women are inherently unfit or incapable as leaders/presidents. is that really so hard to understand benigno and chinoy?

        12. Robredo’s words could be interpreted as saying that women leaders are better and thus pointing to herself that she should be the leader. Not wrong really, and apparently made as a rushed response to Duterte’s culturally influenced statement.

        13. i can just interpret your words, ChinoF, as saying that nothing is a fact or a lie. Your logical thinking is sketchy to say the least.
          we all must stick to logic and reasoning! Otherwise we can all claim that santa claus is the devil himself, that president Duterte is a nazi, that Benign0 is the dumbest person in the world, and so on. And it is not logical reasoning to interpret Robredo’s statement as “women are better leaders than men”. It is clearly not what she is saying.

        14. you still haven’t addressed the idea though that women are unfit to be president due to their “emotional setup”. failure to do so speaks volumes.

          I haven’t addressed it because I made no such assertion in the article.

        15. You didn’t addressed it because you know you can’t defend it without being dishonest like you did with your assertion that Robredo was saying that women are better leaders than men. You are kissing Duterte’s ass without hesitation 🙂

        16. You didn’t addressed it because you know you can’t defend it without being dishonest like you did with your assertion that Robredo was saying that women are better leaders than men.

          You seem to have a reading comprehension problem then. Cite specifically where I made such an assertion.

        17. again, if i have to cite specifics then i need to cite the whole article.
          You indirectly indicate in your article that she is saying that women are better leaders than men.
          You yourself in one of your posts wrote that she asserted that. You’re not very coherent!

  2. “Just because a woman happened to be a leader in a country that happened to be good at responding to the COVID-19 pandemic does not mean said women being leaders of
    said countries were the cause of the good handling of said crises there. ”

    So what’s the role of the said women leaders in handling the COVID response of those nations?

    1. They’re just the figureheads. There is a whole bunch of staff and the political party, as well as vested interests, that make more of the decision than the women “leaders” do.

      1. Oh yes, if people want to highlight women leaders, why don’t they raise Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo? Or are they too politically colored to acknowledge this? lol

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