Leni Robredo’s BITTER response to her dismal Pulse Asia presidential survey ranking

Philippine “vice president” Leni Robredo sucks even at sourgraping. It’s either that or she really needs to fire her PR team. Following a recently-released Pulse Asia survey on potential presidential candidates that could make a bid for the 2022 national elections in which Davao City Mayor Inday Sara Duterte emerged as the top choice, Robredo’s office issued a sourgrapy statement insisting that there is no sourgraping on the part of the “vice president” over this survey result…

[Office of the Vice President (OVP)] spokesman Barry Gutierrez said Robredo’s office is not “paying much mind” to the said early survey results since the elections are still “a long way away.”

And then, wait for it, Gutierrez adds further that, “the VP is still focused on working to help our Filipinos get past the crisis of COVID-19, and recover from the calamities of the past few months”. Bingo, right? The old “for the Filipino people” card in all its clichéd glory played yet again. The Opposition really need to come up with a more innovative playbook if they hope to be the old “winnable” political force of yore.

The irony in the OVP statement seems to fly way above Robredo’s pointed talking heads. The whole spiel around Leni Robredo working as a servant “for the people” quite simply no longer works. The fact is, Robredo and her fandom spent much of 2020 on a PR campaign that is underpinned by the concept of a politician being “of service” to ordinary people “on the ground”. If they could be bothered to reflect on (rather than be all defensive about) this recent Pulse Asia report as a measure of how effective all that posturing was, they’d at least take the important lesson staring them in the face and take stock of the non-results of all that effort and spin. Unfortunately, no lessons have been learnt by the OVP. The fact that Gutierrez would respond to Robredo’s dismal Pulse Asia numbers by insisting that she will continue doing the same thing proves their incompetence in the PR game.

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The Opposition need to cut their losses and stop investing in a loser.

There is no way Leni Robredo will ever lead the Opposition to a legal political victory. This is likely the reason that the Yellowtards (Robredo’s party and the bloc within the Opposition rabidly loyal to the Aquino-Cojuangco feudal clan) are now in bed with the communists, are subscribed to their violent terrorist rhetoric, and are gleefully lapping up their dishonest Cold War Era “oust the president” ululations. Therein lies the crooked strategy of today’s Yellowtard-led Opposition:

If we can’t win power legally, we will seize power illegally.

It is interesting that none other than the Yellowtards themselves are busy chiseling away at the foundations of their very own 1987 Yellowtard Constitution. They see nothing short of the total collapse of Philippine democracy itself as their only hope for another shot at power. Perhaps this is their last chance seeing that Yellowtardism is in the throes of its dying gasps. This makes the Yellowtards even more dangerous and their alliance with the communists even more insidious. It’s time Filipinos stop putting up with this dishonest Opposition.

Leni Robredo by herself symbolises the rot at the heart of the crooked intelligence-insulting proposition the Opposition makes in its bid for power. The broader Opposition need to rethink this “leadership” Robredo presumes to exercise over their sorry lot.

7 Replies to “Leni Robredo’s BITTER response to her dismal Pulse Asia presidential survey ranking”

  1. The “heavy political baggage” of Lugaw Robredo , is the way she ” won” the Vice President position….it was thru : Hocus Pcos, SMARTMATIC and Dominion software. The votes, that were for Bongbong Marcos Jr., were counted , as Lugaw Robredo’s votes, by the Dominion Software. The SMARTMATIC voting machine, is susceptible, to tampering and manipulation, to count the votes, and transfer the votes, to favored candidates.

    This was the reason, that an unknown congresswoman, won the Vice President position; and Porky Drilon, the “swine crook” topped the Senatorial votes.

    We should remove these SMARTMATIC machine, and its Dominion Software, to improve the integrity of our elections.

    No amount of “pakitang tao” by Lugaw Robredo, can convince me, or anybody else ; that she is the “worse blockhead and brain dead politician” that ever, came in the Philippine political arena.

    This is the Age of Information Technology…people are easily being informed, of the capabilities of any politician.

    If Lugaw Robredo’s political handlers, cannot face these realities…she is destined to the “inodoro”, like their “otso diretso” !!!

  2. Oh my God, you guys don’t get it. These surveys only show the unenlightened state of Filipino thinking. Filipinos are too stupid too appreciate a true leader like Leni. Until the country’s collective intellect improves, leaders like Leni will continue to be ignored. That is why she the leader we need but we do not deserve.

    1. Lugaw Robredo, True Leader ? My Ass ! Kabit yan ni Bolet Banal….immoral woman…Nang aagaw ng asawa…

    2. lel, Spoken like a true Yellowtard.

      I knew she’s a sham when she made ‘suggestions’ that doesn’t even work. I mean seriously, ‘taasan ang suweldo ng mga empleyado?’ In a time of recession. You must be stupid.

    3. Oh definitely Filipinos don’t deserve Leni Robredo. I wouldn’t unleash her on my worst enemy; to unleash such a bimbo would be too cruel.

  3. OVP spox: “It’s too early for politicking and jostling for the 2022 elections.”

    Oh Thanks for the correction. We were of the impression Leni had been in campaign mode since the day she took office.

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