Does Kakie Pangilinan really have talent?

For many Filipinos, the jury is still out one whether Kakie Pangilinan, daughter to Senator and Mrs. Sharon Cuneta has what it takes to succeed in Philippine showbiz. One thing’s for sure though. Being the daughter of The Megastar has its perks. Pangilinan gets to be on TV with top talk host Boy Abunda to talk about and promote her new songs– a privilege the obscure, unconnected, but, perhaps, vastly more talented will likely have jumped through hundreds of fiery hoops to get a shot at.

Nonetheless, as they say, whatever way you get there does not matter. What matters is what happens after you are in. Pangilinan is certainly working on that department. She currently enjoys disproportionate airtime thanks to the “support” of Big Corporate Media who are evidently delivering an end on some kind of “deal” they may have struck with Kakie Inc. At a time when the rest of struggling Filipino talent are squelched of opportunity to perform live in front of even small audiences thanks to a club scene in the Philippines’ big cities all but decimated by COVID-19 restrictions, Brand Kakie is propped up by the best media mileage money could buy.

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Fortunately for Pangilinan, she’s got a lot going for her considering the market she is pitching her “talent” to. This is, after all, a country where mediocrity sells; where “songbirds” who scream rather sing make it to the top.

To be fair to Pangilinan though, she does write her own songs and her voice is not bad.

More importantly, her music does not come across to me as stuff that would fly in a country of Regine Velasquez and BTS fantards any more than, say, a show like Ricky Gervais’s After Life could compete with Ang Pangarap Kong Holdap for streams on Netflix. She may therefore need to reevaluate her product marketing priorities. Her mother’s fanbase, for one, is probably not among the best ones to prioritise given her chosen genre, style, and language.

One thing’s for sure, Kakie Pangilinan needs all the fans she could get and none of the attacks on her talent she is copping. That’s a tall ask of a person who also wants to have a political opinion on top of her showbiz ambitions. Pangilinan may be a girl who grew up with everything but in a competitive endeavour in the cutthroat business of show business, sometimes it pays to shut up and just deliver where it counts. Winning often comes at a cost so Pangilinan will have to decide at some point what exactly she wants to win and where she is willing to cop the cost of those victories.

10 Replies to “Does Kakie Pangilinan really have talent?”

  1. Seems to me that talent won’t matter in the end for Kakie. In her kind of circle, what likely matters is marketing, personal connections and, perhaps, grease money.

  2. Let us wait and see, if People will buy her records….Kikay, matsing can sing; but selling records is different…

  3. …or, she can show some skin like her sister KC. It may not attract the same publicity like Sharon’s or KC’s but it’s still publicity nonetheless…

  4. Her image is already been tarnished by meddling in political issues. I don’t think that people would want to watch her sing.

  5. She can carry a tune. Nothing special though, her performance is not outstanding. When the young lady got mixed up with politics, it was the nail int the coffin, esp when the person she is criticizing has an high approval rating.

  6. Most Filipinos can sing. Her talent is average for a regular Filipino. Sadly, not enough to be professional singer… not even close.

  7. Above average compared to videoke singer sa mga parties but not worth spending a buck on her record.

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