The insanity in allowing communists to roam free in the Philippines must STOP!

One of the most baffling things about the Philippines’ political landscape is the continued existence of the communists. No matter how much evidence is on exhibit proving that the communists are the leaders of the terrorist New People’s Army (NPA) and that this “army” have it as their sole mission to kill Filipino soldiers and police officers and overthrow the government, there seems to be no wherewithal in either the government or the Filipino people overall to do something about this cancer. No matter how much evidence exists to prove direct links between “legal fronts” such as Anakbayan, Gabriela, Bayan Muna, the Kilusang Mayo Uno (KMU), and the League of Filipino Students (LFS) among many others, to this terrorism that the communists espouse, it seems Filipinos and their security forces seem pretty ok allowing these elements to roam free and spread their virulent extremist ideology. Indeed, most astonishing of all, communists have just about taken full control of campus student councils and campus “journalism” in the Philippines’ biggest and most prestigious universities. Filipino parents seem to be ok with that too.

Why do Filipinos continue to tolerate these parasites? Why do Filipino parents not seem to be disturbed that communists infest their kids’ schools? Why do Filipino voters continue to allow these communist cells masquerading as “party lists” to put “representatives” in Congress seats funded by taxpayers? It seems the Philippines suffers a form of national insanity that makes its people seemingly oblivious to this massive tapeworm colony that stains their politics red from within.

Presidential Communications Undersecretary Lorraine Badoy wrote in her article “The poisoned pen of Tonyo Cruz” how Cruz and a cadre of seemingly legit Opposition “thought leaders” routinely go about building their public personas on a platform of lies — supposedly denying that they support NPA terrorism yet making no apologies about being members — even leaders — of the Communist Party’s vassal “legal” fronts.

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…you can never take away the NPA component of the CPP-NPA-NDF. The overthrow of the government through violent means is at the very core of this terrorist group.

Are Tonyo Cruz, Inday Varona, Nonoy Espina, Renato Reyes,Teddy Casiño, Carol Araullo NPA members?

No, they’re not.

They are members of the CPP-NPA-NDF, however, and have consciously and willingly agreed to the overthrow of the government. Carol Aurallo is a central party committee member of the CPP-NPA-NDF, for instance.

Interestingly, no amount of communism seems to prevent these personalities from hobnobbing with a who’s-who of chi chi oligarchs and their political and media lapdogs. What is even more astounding is the blatantly selective nature of their public schmoozing — prefering the company of the prayerful set associated with the Opposition bloc rabidly loyal to the Aquino-Cojuangco feudal clan (a.k.a. the Yellowtards).

Inday Espina Varona (in red) and Tonyo Cruz (top-right corner) grace the 2019 wedding of Yellowtard blogger Jover Laurio

Hypocrisy is, of course, the least of the crimes of these communist honchos though the company they keep does raise questions around their loyalties. Are they really pro-worker? Or do these bozos turn pro-management behind the gates of the chi chi subdivisions that host the soirees they attend on weekends? Regardless of whose weddings these people grace, the fact is, they shamelessly associate themselves with parties and groups that are ok with terrorism. That’s not being woke. That’s just plain being crooked.

Why so Filipinos continue to tolerate these crooks? The mystery persists.

11 Replies to “The insanity in allowing communists to roam free in the Philippines must STOP!”

  1. The Marxist Leninist ideology is a bankrupt ideology…It was tried by various countries…it did not work…it will never work…

    The Aquinos made the NPA/CPP strong; legitimized them politically; and helped them get government funds, to fund their political agenda to overthrow, the duly elected government.

    The commies have now become a “Filipino Mafiosi”, entity; using : extortion, murders, protection rackets, scams and thievery…to enrich themselves…

    Their leaders are enjoying, “rich and famous” lives…their followers are hiding in the mountains and forests; living miserable lives.

    With the advances in military technology…the military can easily destroy these commies. However, maybe for political reason and for political agendas, to cheat and win in elections, with the help of the NPA. Some politicians, are willing to use these commies, during elections…to cheat and intimidate voters…

    We are all fooled by these crooks…ideology does not matter to them…it is the necessity to win in elections by hook or by crook.

    The Lugaw Robredo case of the 2016 VP election cheating is a good example…the former COMELEC Chief , Andres Bautista, facilitated the cheating thru HOCUS PCOS and SMARTSWITIK…he was found with multiple bank accounts, which are bribes from Aquino and the oligarchy…then, he fled to the U.S. , as TNT, enjoying his bribes. The Supreme Court PET, are also accomplish in the cheating…

    This is how our country works…and we just don’t mind in righting the wrongs in it !

  2. I doubt if the members even understand the ideology they’re supposedly espousing. Anybody can use an ideological or legal front for a different cause. Just like what happened in Malawi, the gov’t and the people lost a lot in their effort of containing the “insurgency”. What are we supposed to do? Sit it out? Then again, it’s just my opinion.

  3. There’s that time Ramos lifted the Anti-Subversion law (which was passed during Carlos P. Garcia’s term, not Marcos’), which effectively legalized the CPP-NPA. It’s because of that and the party-list system that we have these commies running around. Restoring the Anti-Subversion law should be pursued today. Too bad it likely got derailed by COVID-19.

    And yes, as Skyworth said, the young members probably don’t understand the ideology of the group, or don’t realize that they are being exploited. They think they are helping the poor by attacking the rich, but they are subscribing to a flawed idea that lacks common sense.

  4. the country needs bongbong marcos to presidency sit to fight the rising communism in the philippines. am sure he’s the only one who can do it.

  5. Perhaps the appeal to the young, bright, adventurously restless and untamed Filipino folks targeted to rally behind the movement is by way of carefully chosen issues, to which they can identify with and relate to, exploiting the idealism.

    Issues that are presented is as close as to what they can actually see, feel and experience – poverty, inequality, social injustice, and government neglect among others.

    It’s a slow burn booby trap that allow the recruits to invest some time ’till they have gone too deep enough into movement that it’s harder to get out later on when they found out that it’s not really what they actually wanted. It’s a deception!

    We give face to some of these wasted lives…×430.jpg

    1. The same fate happened to a boy named, alias Batman, a runaway guerilla soldier, in this documentary film called “A Rustling Of Leaves: Inside The Philippine Revolution” (1988) directed by Nettie Wild.

      This bold documentary film, it seems, appears to offer no actual judgement but allows the viewer to draw its own. A young Lieutenant Bato Dela Rosa, still with some hair, had an appearance in the film as the man-in-charge of running the war (in the countryside war zone of Davao) and the ‘holy christians’ (aka the ‘Tad-Tad’ vigilante group against the NPA). Duterte though isn’t in the film. He’s not the sitting mayor at the time so that probably explains why he escaped the director’s radar.

      Here’s a description of the film from Cinema Politica:

      “This film offers a remarkable behind-the-front-lines look at the aftermath of the anti-Marcos “Yellow Revolution” that brought Corazon Aquino to power in the Philippines in 1986. Shot over eight months, often in dangerous conditions, the film chronicles the three points of an often-violent political triangle: the legal left; the illegal, armed leftists of the New People’s Army; and the armed, reactionary right-wing groups operating on both sides of the law. The fascinating personalities on display include a former guerrilla leader (Dante Buscayno) now running for election; a rabidly right-wing radio DJ (Jun Pala) propagandizing for the death squads; and a rebel Catholic priest (Fr. Frank Navarro) who shares command of the NPA. “There is [also] the puzzling dark side to Mrs. Aquino’s presidency. The film captures the tragedy of the Mendiola massacre where farmers were killed marching on the palace to demand land reform, and the president’s confusing endorsement of the vigilante groups which have brought back the terror of the Marcos era.”

    2. Indeed, what a waste, them, being gone too soon. The contrast in transition from the innocence to their death in combat is simply heartbreaking.

      You would think that the ‘Etta Rosales types’ are the only ones being recruited into the movement but then the reality is far from it.

      Not only are the young female recruits scholarly and with future leadership potential but some are genuinely attractive ‘girlfriend material types’ especially MSU-IIT scholar Kemberly Jul Luna who was killed in action in encounter with government troops in 2009. She was only 21 years old.

      We are reminded of some radical female revolutionaries of the past having the same profiles of beauty, intellect and with the caliber of leadership who have chosen the ‘wrong’ path to the other side:

      Maita Gomez was a Pitoy Moreno classy fashion model and Miss World Philippines of 1967 who represented the country in Miss World the same year in the UK.

      Nelia Sancho won the title Queen of the Pacific of 1971 and bagged the Most Photogenic award when she represented the country in the Queen of the Pacific time in Melbourne, Australia. She’s also the 1969 Binibining Pilipinas first runner-up (to eventual Miss Universe, Gloria Diaz) and was crowned the Binibining Pilipinas- International. She’s seen in the mentioned film above, ‘A Rustling Of Leaves’, campaigning as a Senatorial candidate.

      Dr. Carol Pagaduan-Araullo, the mother of Atom Araullo, isn’t a beauty queen but has been described as being ‘artistahin’ in her younger years. She’s a consistent ‘Iskolar ng Bayan’ and a leader.

      My kind apologies to Etta Rosales, but, she’s not in the league.

  6. Well… all the factions and the gov’t haven’t achieved what they’re aiming for. It’s either the strategy isn’t working or the system itself doesn’t allow things to work. It’s common for these types to become outcasts, and so it could be more effective to stay behind the scenes. A death squad or having your own army seems tempting, but it will take more than that.

    1. @Levy:

      The main problem are the crooked politicians, who twist the system of government; and make it work to enrich themselves…the people who elect these crooks are the problems; the corrupt politicians are the problem; the laws enacted to not punish crooks in the government are the problem….

      Need to say more ?…

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