Philippine “activism” is in a PR crisis and the Baby River “issue” worsened it

They keep trying and trying to no avail. Today’s Filipino “activists” suffer from a crisis of public perception. They keep screeching about being “red tagged” yet continue flying red flags during their rallies. They insist they are not terrorists yet seem to choke on any words to denounce the Communist Party of the Philippines’ (CPP’s) terrorist arm the New People’s Army (NPA). They may keep pumping their fists in the air ’til they start suffering from Denunciation Elbow but will likely never score any further PR points (and will likely see their score continuing its downward spiral) unless they change their strategy.

Nobody seems to be convinced that “activist” groups like Bayan Muna, Anakbayan, Gabriela, Anakpawis, the Kilusang Mayo Uno (KMU), Panday Sining, and KADAMAY, among others, are not terrorists. This is because all of them talk, walk, and quack like communists which, by association, make them complicit to the terrorist acts of the NPA. Because of this association, any effort to spin the next Victim Porn production will fall flat on its face.

The most recent example of the dishonest “activist” campaign these radicals have become renowned for is The Tragedy of Baby River. Now any baby dying unnecessarily is an absolute tragedy. Baby River could have had better pre- and post-natal care but circumstances prevented it. What were those circumstances? In answering that question we are better off stepping back a bit to take stock of the overall motherhood environment in the Philippines. The United States Central Intelligence Agency’s (CIA’s) World Fact Book lists the Philippines as having a higher death rate for infants than Vietnam, Malaysia, China, Brunei, Thailand, and, of course, Singapore. The Philippines, in short, is not about to win any Motherhood Support medals anytime soon.

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Add to all that, the specific circumstances of the woman of the hour, the “human rights activist” Reina Mae Nasino. Nasino was doing “human rights” work with squatter “advocacy” group KADAMAY. She didn’t know she was pregnant at the time then gave birth within the Philippine prison system — a system that has been unkind to motherhood long before the idea of the presidency was even a twinkle in the eye of President Rodrigo Duterte.

So back to the question; What were the cicrcumstances surrounding Baby River’s death?

Since Philippine Opposition “activists” insist on making Nasino the centroid of this circus, let’s make those circumstances all about Nasino then. Nasino chose the life of a squatter “advocate”, notably working with KADAMAY — a group that is a known “front” organisation of the CPP-NPA. She was obviously sexually active and seems to be loath to identify the father of her late child. Considering all the shrill huffing and puffing of a large community of “supporters” — including some of the Philippines top and wealthiest celebrities and oligarch scions — no tangible support beyond the vapourware of this so-called “activism” was extended to Nasino’s child. It certainly did not come in the form of a father coming forward to take responsibility for the tragic outcome of the joys of making a baby he and Nasino engaged in. And then there is the quality of the prison system and Philippine law stipulating that “a child born in custody can remain with the mother for only the first month of their life”.

Indeed, Baby River’s death could have been prevented. It could have been prevented by Nasino making better choices, by her and her partner engaging in responsible sex, and in long-overdue legislation to change how the prison system treats women and its most vulnerable inmates.

The fact is, the so-called “activism” of the Philippine Opposition is dishonest at many levels. It continues to be designed around obsolete notions of noble “heroes” and “victims” but fails to take into account modern-day concepts of personal accountability and of today’s democratic institutions where legislative reforms could be lobbied intelligently by a truly engaged electorate. Instead, the Philippine Opposition foolishly follow the criminal approach of their communist comrades — people who belittle the system and the opportunities it presents to Filipinos to legally participate in nation-building.

In truth, Baby River is a victim of the criminal neglect of generations of “activists” who disguise their terrorist agenda with a thin veneer of “social justice” advocacies. The only real outerage here is how it is taking Filipinos so long to see through that crooked disguise.

One Reply to “Philippine “activism” is in a PR crisis and the Baby River “issue” worsened it”

  1. Commies always hide and disguise, their intentions to grab power, and create chaos, in order to strengthen their Marxist Leninist Maoist political agendas…They thrive on confusion and chaos….

    The death of that child is unfortunate; however; the mother who is active in promoting the commie front agendas, had several sexual partners in the commie organization…Nobody will claim the child as its father, because, they did not know, who made her pregnant.

    Now, we have “immorality” used as a political agenda by the commie fronts. Get pregnant and don’t take care of your infant; then, blame it on the government.

    How stupid can these commie fronts get !

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