The Philippine Opposition has declared the Philippines a DICTATORSHIP

What’s a political opposition to do when it can’t win an election and sees no hope of ever winning one again legitimately. What else but seize power illegally. This is why they now would like everyone to believe the Philippines is a “dictatorship” — so that they could do just that.

For all their efforts trying to convince everyone that they are pro-democracy and pro-freedom, today’s Opposition don’t see the irony in their being the first to declare the Philippines a “dictatorship”. No less than former solicitor general and failed senatorial candidate in the 2019 national elections Florin “Pilo” Hilbay insists that Filipinos “ARE in a dictatorship”.

Truth is, it has happened again.  We ARE in a dictatorship, one that may be even worse than before. But still, we must keep shouting NEVER AGAIN--again and again--bec the struggle against tyranny and for good governance is a democratic ritual we must practice over and over again.

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If, according to Hilbay, there is indeed a “struggle against tyranny” to be had, he would be the last person Filipinos should be looking to for leadership. In a modern democracy such as the Philippines’ where institutions, due process, and systems actually work, no such notion of a “struggle” of that sort exists. Filipinos are given every chance to choose their leaders and representatives and hold them to account — through elections, for example. Hilbay, back in 2019, failed to convince Filipinos to select him to be one of their representatives. So everyone behold the whiner that Pilo Hilbay is today following that catastrophic failure on his part. What Hilbay is saying is nonsense in essence. What “struggle” is he talking about?

There can really be only one motive behind why the Philippine Opposition are rabidly focused on gas-lighting Filipinos into believing that their county is a “dictatorship”. Key to understanding this bizarre political strategy is to look back to the days when the Yellowtards (the bloc of partisans loyal to the Aquino-Cojuangco feudal clan seen to be the leaders of the Opposition) were the top dogs. Back in the 1980s, a “dictator” was an essential character in the Yellowtards’ dishonest narrative of victimisation and worship of “freedom fighters” and tank-facing nuns. That time, they succeeded in turning that narrative into political power. Evidently they are trying to use the same playbook to seize power again.

This is also the reason they would like Filipinos to remain stuck in the past and trembling as they “remember” those “Martial Law Years”. Instead of encouraging people to imagine what they could be, today’s Opposition emotionally-blackmail them to remain fearful of that which they must not be “again”.

The Yellowtards, in short, derive power from a stunted society, one that is unable to move on from a perception of a past they manufactured for their political ends. This is why the Yellowtards’ biggest fear is that Filipinos forget and move on from having to “remember” the “Martial Law Years” — because when Filipinos do, their obsolete Yellow narrative of prayerful “heroes” crumbles and, along with it, their hopes of a return to their glory days.

10 Replies to “The Philippine Opposition has declared the Philippines a DICTATORSHIP”

  1. I had lived during Martial Law years…there was peace, prosperity , and less corruption. Manila Bay was clean and refreshing …

    The YellowTards, used the assassination of Ninoy Aquino, as a reason to ask help from the U.S./C.I.A. , to overthrow Marcos… Ninoy Aquino was murdered on the order of Jo Ma Sison, with the help of the oligarchy, and people, within Marcos inner circle …

    Marcos refused to renew the U.S. Bases agreements…so, he was overthrown by U.S./C.I.A. coup d’ etat, with the help of Fidel Ramos and Juan Ponce Enrile…

    The cold war was still there…Vietnam had just fallen to the communists…and the U.S. was afraid of the “Domino Effect”, of the Vietnam debacle…

    So, they overthrew Marcos, and replaced him, with a stupid housewife, Cory Aquino; who was in truth a commie supporter and a puppet of the oligarchs….the U.S. , also used the Roman Catholic Church, “liberation theology ” clergy…

    The situation today is far from the situation in 1986…Duterte is popular among the people…the U.S., under Pres. Trump is not interested in overthrowing head of states. In truth, Pres. Trump, is ordering U.S. troops back home…the “Trump doctrine” is negotiation, instead of removals of head of states…

    And the Philippines has now modernized its Armed Forces…so, the plan to remove Duterte and put the fake VP Lugaw Robredo, is just a “YellowTard fantasy”…and by the way, where is TNT, former COMELEC Chief, Andres Bautista ? He facilitated the 2016 VP Election cheating…

    Put all YellowTard candidates again into the “indoro” !

  2. I will have to say that I do understand that there are actions that government takes that will not be agreeable to everyone. That is a normal given. But the problem with the “Opposition” is they can’t seem to agree to anything and everything. And that is where they lose the logic in the discussion.

    One of the things they say is the government doesn’t do anything relevant to COVID-19, but they seem to complain about a lot of actions the government has done in relation to actions to prevent the spread of COVID-19. This is already contradictory.

    When the government listened to the health sector’s appeal about locking this down or about maintaining social distancing in public transport (i.e. keeping the 1m gap rule), they complain why we can’t be like Thailand, Vietnam etc. And that we have been on lockdown “long enough” and time for a change in leadership per this “opposition”.

    So now we are still in a GCQ “lockdown”, the partial re-noursihment of a Manila Bay Beachfront with Dolomite was opened. Even with the GCQ guidelines already in place and should be drilled into all our local heads, we could see people violating it and “not caring” mainly for the likes online once they post a photo or share they “were there”. And now the “opposition” points this out. But, they seem to forgot their very slogan at the start of it all… “solusyong medikal, hindi militar”. They wanted reduced enforcers right?

    And that’s also the result of easing, the bad behavior/lack of discipline in the population will show.

    I have gone around the Metro for work and you can clearly see people still not following protocols. Mask with face shields raised up, so pointless. Some are even wearing “eye shields” and not a complete faceshields. They should be written up for violation of protocol.

    Honestly, the noisy “opposition” is not really a legitimate Opposition party. And that is where they FAIL. They are just “noise makers” trying to “trend” and make the “news cycle”.

    They say they have proposed solutions but all I could read up about it is generalities that would never work because it does not conform with policy but is easily made popular to trend because it claims to care for the well being of the less fortunate, but that’s already the task of the DSWD. They are already doing what they can and being beefed up by Bayanihan 2.

    But again, the “opposition” sees nothing and claims inaction on the government’s part. If they do get a chance to take charge, I feel it will be a repeat of “The blind leading the blind”.

    1. TBH, this “Opposition” exists just for the sake of ‘opposing’ and not making alternative solutions. And if they have one, it will just be rejected because they don’t have an explanation of how they work ‘work’. It’s just ‘noise’, as they said.

  3. It would be really hard to pull off a “dictatorship” these days. The press and the public have so much freedom to express criticism or support. The opposition are noisy but they haven’t shown any seriousness in “opposing”. Support for president still strong after 4 years and all they can say is that it’s manufactured. Parang hangin lang ang kausap nila.

  4. their biggest fear (the yellow dynasty) is the scarborough shoal. what if china says they bought it? it was open up last EU meeting, the UNCLOS?

  5. No amount of martial law can fix the reality that the current power structure breeds this kind of opposition. Of course, there are those not identified with them who are working against the gov’t but call themselves allies.

  6. The Opposition are the dictators because they can do and say whatever they want without due consequences. Would they behave the way they do if they were, say, in North Korea? It is a resounding NO! How lucky they are to be in the Philippines, enjoying the freedoms that some people can only dream of having. INGRATE!

  7. Sorry, but from an American perspective the Philippines has never been a very democratic country. I perceive Duterte like a disgusting and impulsive dictator with a massive ego. He’s too narcissistic to admit his mistakes. How can you even call this guy a leader? I call him a stupid prick. No one can possibly have a conversation with an egocentric like that. When he’s in the place it’s all about He talks and we listen. There’s no possible debate. The boss is always right about everything.
    Now according to a new bubble that popped up in his big brain, everything is the fault of Facebook so he wants to ban itin the Philippines lol. I kind of respect it because it’s Filipino thing. You feel more secure with a strongman. You’re a primitive race and it’s not like you know what a good leader is. Marcos has rapped the country and stayee in the power for 20 years or so. Her monstrous wife never spent a single minute of her life in a jail.
    No one ever said something like ‘Want to know how democracy works kids? Go in the Philippines, watch, listen and learn!’ Naa! The Philippines is a great example of what neo fascism is: This certain class of people have these rights and have access to this and that and this this this and that that that, but you see the scums there? They’re communist or leftist or libertard so they’re not welcome here and it’s ok if we kill them because they’re like this and that and bla bla bla bla.. Don’t worry guys, your Beloved Imelda Marcos and her great family are all very safe.

    1. Strong words from a Yellowtard who had the same level of thinking as the commies, leftists and libertards, kek.

      Emptily strong, that is.

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