Instead of blaming the gov’t for the rise in COVID-19 cases, people should take responsibility for keeping their communities safe

I was having a conversation with a friend about the COVID-19 pandemic the other day. I asked him why people around the world, not just in the Philippines, blame their governments for the spread of the virus? I mean, people don’t blame their governments when they get a cold or a flu so why blame the government for people getting sick with COVID-19, which is caused by another type of coronavirus similar to the ones that cause Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS)? When those viruses came out, the people weren’t calling on all the heads in government to roll during the outbreak.

I find it quite baffling, really. People die from all kinds of diseases every day but COVID-19 has created panic worldwide since the beginning of the year to the point where economies have been left to rot and a lot of people sinking into depression as a result of either losing their jobs or being separated from their loved ones because of the mandatory lockdowns imposed by governments.

A quick search has so far yielded a result showing 18 million COVID-19 confirmed cases as of this writing, 10.6 million recoveries and 685,000 deaths worldwide from the virus. If you look at the numbers objectively, the death rate isn’t proportionate to the panic this virus has created, which is colossal.  Of course, if you are one of those who caught and suffered from the virus or have loved ones who passed away due to the virus, then it may not be possible to look at it the way some of us are seeing it. Admittedly my opinion about this could change if I ever get COVID-19 or if any of my loved ones suffer from it. One’s emotions take over when the experience becomes personal. Then again, suffering from any major disease that has been proven fatal will always change one’s perspective. Having said that, a lot of diseases like cancer can be debilitating, it’s just that the devastation old diseases bring into people’s lives has lost its novelty unlike those wreaked by the novel coronavirus.

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We can already see that three months of lockdown only delayed the spread of the virus in some countries. As soon as the restrictions eased, some places experienced a rise in COVID-19 cases again. This is what happened in the state of Victoria, Australia and in South Korea, Singapore and other parts of the world. That’s what they call the “second wave”. But what happens when there is a third or fourth wave? Is the world going to keep going into lockdown every time new cases arise? Did governments do this when the plague or what they called the Black Death wiped out millions of people around the world? In fact, the plague is still around but improvements in personal hygiene were thought to have eventually helped stop the spread of the disease.

Going back to my friend, what was his response to me, you might ask? He said that there are a lot of irresponsible and stupid people out there who can spread the virus and make more people sick. It is the government’s role to protect the majority from these selfish people. But the problem with that reasoning is, not all governments have the resources and the funds to prevent some from being stupid and irresponsible.

Take the case of the Philippines. If there was a society unprepared for the onslaught of a pandemic, it is Philippine society. Filipinos aren’t even prepared for the garden-variety typhoons that visit a few times a year, what more a pandemic? It has brought the country to its knees. The gains the Duterte government had made before the pandemic has shifted to a glacial pace instead of staying in full gear. The economy has suffered a blow. Small businesses had no choice but to declare massive losses due to lack of sales.

But President Rodrigo Duterte had to make the hard decision of putting the country into what he calls quarantine mode that sounds more relaxed but in reality, is even stricter than the lockdown rules imposed by some governments in other countries. Families haven’t been able to visit their relatives in the last four months since the quarantine started. Face masks were made mandatory way ahead of other countries. So accusing the government of not doing enough is totally wrong.

It’s actually surprising and annoying at the same time the people, mostly from the Opposition, who are outraged that the number of COVID-19 cases is high in the Philippines. Considering there are so many people who live in densely populated areas in the country, what were members of the Opposition expecting? Are they dense and can’t see how millions of people live in squatter areas? When I drive by these areas I often wonder how a family of six or more can fit in a tiny shack. I can only imagine family members sleeping on top of one another.

The Philippine Opposition actually contradict themselves on where they stand on quarantines. Because they like going on protest marches to show their indignation against the Duterte government, they resent the fact that they can’t do it freely during the lockdown or quarantine period. They even accuse Duterte of using the COVID-19 pandemic to discourage people from going to rallies.

However, as soon as Duterte eased the restrictions, they, particularly the current Vice President Leni Robredo — who even said at some point that extended lockdowns won’t help fight against the virus — accused the President of not doing enough to stop Covid_19 from spreading and claimed his government is not helping the medical front-liners get a break then pleaded with him to bring back the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) in Manila. They really can’t make up their minds up.

There is a time to blame the government and there is a time when people need to take accountability for their own actions. The government can only do so much to stop the spread of diseases like COVID-19. Members of the Opposition are not helping when they criticise the government heavily for something it did not cause. They are adding to the problem. The whole world is suffering from the pandemic. It’s not just the Philippines grappling for a solution that can put an end to people’s misery brought on by a disease most medical experts still know too little about.

If there is one thing people need to do it is to stop whining when the government is already doing its best with very little resources at its disposal. The hard truth is, the Philippine population has reached a point where nature is doing its job to flatten the curve. It’s hard to argue with nature, indeed.

37 Replies to “Instead of blaming the gov’t for the rise in COVID-19 cases, people should take responsibility for keeping their communities safe”

  1. Dear people of the Philippines:

    As I’ve concurred with our smart & flashy HS Physics teacher, Sir Abdulnajar Allama
    , no one wanted this #COVID19 so we should blame no one too. What we need is a united front to fight this contagion.

    Our collectivity, acting as a one-single entity, should take precedence over our divisiveness – especially during the difficult times like what we have right now brought about by this pandemic. Our collective-whole will surely make a big difference. Let’s all unite. Our own little-ways count a lot and would, in turn, help our government.


  2. I personally think going back to MECQ is a right step despite the economic ramifications. I acknowledge that our frontliners have been hammered and have been/are working themselves ragged. Though during hte 14 day MECQ, they will still expect more cases to come in, hopefully, after the MECQ, the cases start going down, and not just plateau.

    Now, for the next part of my comment. After putting it back to MECQ, I see some of those I know “share” screenshots from alleged “frontliner twitter twitter or fb group” saying “This isn’t what we wanted.” after the government heeded their call.

    I’m just scratching my head at that.

    Also read benigno’s recent post and I do find it perplexing that those that make noise really want to have convenient “short term” and convenient “long term” memory. I do recall that pronouncement by VP that lockdown is not the answer back in June and now in August, it is. She just harps on and on generalities and that’s why I don’t think she is effective in that front as a VP. Her assistance to the frontliners is effective and that is duly recognized, but I just can no longer separate her as a simple “noise maker” instead of a VP. She will never amount or be able to raise herself up to be a confident presidentiable/president if she keeps up with the mindset. That’s how I see it. She is just a placeholder because opposition couldn’t find anyone else to run. She’d be more effective as the head of an NGO that helps but doesn’t lead/run a government.

    Those who are vocal publicly seem to not understand the term “working WITH government”. Don’t they realize that it doesn’t matter who is in charge, “they” will always have something to say against it.

    Have they not had enough with that mindset?

    I do acknowledge government can do more but with the pandemic, we were stuck with Duque and I do find it baffling how people just want to remove him for his “lack of performance”. Can’t they see that the admin is plugging up Duque’s holes in the meantime so they can keep the organizational structure going.

    If they took out Duque and replace him with someone else, I’d wager that the noisemakers will expect the replacement to do magic. That’s not how management works, especially in a crisis situation.

    I do think Duque has a lot of shortcomings and he will have a lot to answer for after this whole thing is over, but now is not the time to do that. If you take his “piece” out of the structure, there will be a void and it will just be an interim “acting” chief.

    Are the noisemakers going to pretend that no formal chief can be inducted to replace Duque at this time? Or do they want the replacement to go through the Commission of Appointments hearings while dealing with the pandemic?


    To close, can our government do better? Yes! It definitely can.

    But it can do more right now if we just work together and stop finger pointing. We have checks and balances in place and if it comes to it, audits can be done for the funds. Whether an official can be held accountable for the deaths during such a pandemic, I am not sure. But that’s where the ombudsman and SC come into play to decide on that, if there is a case filed right?

    1. Trust me, if someone that works for the government found a vaccine they would do every effort to sabotage that too. People are fueled by where their political alignment is this days. Logic, common sense, justice don’t mean anything to fanatical partisans what’s important is that their side is winning in public eyes.

      And for VP Leni, she is a mouthpiece of their corpo-political circle I can’t see any character in her that represents the real person in her. She has no self representation and only acts as a face/puppet.

      1. I would assume as much as well.

        And say the vaccine does arrive, I’m almost 100% sure there will be a bidding war that will happen with the initial limited supply and that will cause the price to jump/skyrocket.

        And someone from the “other side” will say there is automatic corruption with no proof. Just because the SRP is supposed to be so and so.

        Don’t they know supply and demand. Plus what is the COA for if not to do this very job to determine for a fact whether a case should be filed. I don’t need a politician politicizing the price of something, especially not right now.

        Heck, even the US States had to go on a bidding war with other states for masks when it started, along with the federal government as a known fact per their own reports and accounts. And that’s already within the US, what more for something worldwide coming from the first source of a vaccine or determined effective medication.

        We’ll see how it goes but I have grown to expect the same old from the same old folks/groups. Nothing changes or will ever change. Because that’s the function they believe they serve, to dissent and make noise as that seems to be their “calling” for whatever reason.

        Reminds me an ex who I told before we got together that communication is important for me in the relationship. I thought all was clear and understood but during the relationship, I could hear nothing but complaints and when confronted, communication was avoided. Ika nga, “hindi niya kaya (daw)” and my mind could only freak out with WTF?!

        I couldn’t live like that so it had to end one way or another for my health and sanity.

        1. Why do they have to subject everything to a bidding war? The thing has affected everybody especially now that borders are more accessible and open with the transport systems. They can’t seriously solve this using the old thinking.

        2. @17Sphynx17 – Exactly – people who do not know the law of supply and demand would think badly when a commodity’s price is higher than the normal as they will not take the time to look deeper and find out why.

          The truth is, even in procurement process competitions are at times so grueling, especially when the manufacturers limit the supplies to their exclusive vendors that would then dictate the market price of the items consumers need.

          When a supplier knows you cannot get the material elsewhere, you don’t have any other option but to buy it from them at a very high price! And your predicament will not end there too! Because there is again another way to increase the item’s price, i.e., by giving clients a very long delivery lead-time that sends you kneeling-down to expedite its shipment for an additional fee! Because in the procurement world, the word “urgent” to fast-track the delivery of your badly needed item is an opportunity for the seller to charge its patron as high as a “double price”!

          It goes without saying, this is where we are now in this Covid19 Pandemic health crisis: prices of the essential medical supplies to fight the contagion are all jack-up!

          But, we have to always remember #BadWillJam!

    2. You’d think that a crisis of this sort would galvanise Filipinos to work together but no. It gets politicised and made into an even more divisive issue. Perhaps the Philippines was never meant to be a nation. Further goes to show that Filipinos are at their worst when together and at their best when apart from one another.

      1. @benign0 You are the prime example of someone sowing divisiveness. You live in AUSTRALIA benign0. WHY DONT YOU FUCK OFF?!?!

        Blonde people dont like you? So you hate on fellow pinoys?!?! You dont live here anymore. GO SUK WHITE COCK!

        1. You’re already a prime example of divisiveness since you always spend time doing as hominem attacks on the author. Only Yellowtards and commies do that, son.

          When someone citing out how dysfunctional our culture was, then you’re greatly offended. There’s a fitting term for that: triggered.

  3. When you “politicize” the COVID 19 pandemic….this is the result….Politicians from the opposition, try to get “political points”, by blaming Duterte and his government of the COVID 19 pandemic.

    The COVID 19 came out from Wuhan, China laboratory research facilities, financed by the the U.S. and Canada. They were researching on “fruit bats” that are the carriers, and have immunities of the the COVID 19 virus. Some researchers ” accidentally released ” , they claimed, the COVID 19 virus to the public. And, the people, who were infected with the virus, they claimed . “unknowingly travelled” to different countries throughout the world…so , the virus spread worldwide.

    Italy and Spain have many COVID 19 cases on the start of the pandemic…then, other countries followed.

    In the Philippines, we have many Chinese, legal or illegal travelers…most may have been carriers of the COVID 19 virus…some may have come from Wuhan, China…

    So, it is not good to blame Duterte and his government , and politicize the COVID 19 pandemic…Practice social distancing; wear face mask; and wash your hands frequently to remove the germs in your body; take a bath daily and observe sanitary living conditions…

    Rallying, blame game and all kinds of idiotic ways to earn “political points” will not stop the COVID 19 pandemic. If you lockdown, the cases of the pandemic will go down…if you open up…the cases of the pandemic will go up again…so wave after wave , this pandemic will hit us all…

    So, do your part to prevent the spread to the COVID 19 pandemic !

  4. Ilda,

    You sounded like you are putting more blame to the people and the opposition rather than the government itself. Looks like you pretend not to know or just forget what had happened and act like you just came out to know about this outbreak recently or you just want to hide the hurtful truth. Don’t fool your readers. Get real and spread the hard truth and facts.

    Following the timeline and history of this virus before coming into the Philippine soil from Wuhan, China for the first time since the late January, you can already figure out it’s solely the government’s fault that is the root cause of this major virus spread in the Philippines. It’s because Duterte and his health secretary Duque underestimated the virus and did not act swiftly when other countries like Vietnam, Hongkong and Taiwan took early initiative and imposed quick travel restrictions and emergency measures, the Philippines was late to follow suit. The virus already entered the Philippines for its 1st case before it imposed travel ban, and Duterte declared public health emergency only a month later. The Philippines could have shielded itself and maybe have small numbers of virus cases like Vietnam, Taiwan or Thailand today if only the government took appropriate measures in the earlier days. The government could have save many people’s lives; their livelihood and businesses; and the economy as a whole; the safety and health of medical frontliners and many more.

    While many Filipinos are not following health and safety protocols as a later factor of this virus spread to the people that is now totaled more than 100k, and coupled with the negligence and failures of LGUs’ strict implementation of such protocols to their constituents, we cannot deny the fact that the major fault came first from the government especially from Duterte and Duque that you, Ilda, failed to brutally recognize and highlight in your above article. But since you are a bias and one-sided hypocritical opinion maker, your gullible and die hard duterte followers and fellow puppet writers in this website would only come up with this dismal and sordid thinking of finger pointing the major blame to the ordinary Filipinos and the opposition. This proves you are after the interests of your politicians and their political party and not the best interest of the Filipino people as a whole. Better change your website name into fakeisrealphilippines. That speaks and suits best of you as well as your fellow writers here.

    1. @Jason the YellowTard:

      You are blaming bloggers (writers) here at GRP, of being biased…we are not biased… Ilda, maybe, but , most of us bloggers are not…

      You have shown your being in the ” pockets” of the Aquino Cojuangco political axis; the oligarchs ; the commies; the opposition; etc…who blamed Duterte for the CPVID 19 pandemic.

      The COVID 19 pandemic was used by China, to sell masks, and COVID 19 testing equipment. This was the reason; some countries were not forewarned of the pandemic…It was also used by China to destroy, countries they thought, as their competitors in their bid for economic supremacy of the world…

      So, all you YellowTards and commies…blame China for infecting a worker in the COVID virus research center; and allowing infected COVID 19 people from Wuhan, China to travel to various countries in the world to infect people…maybe they tested this “biological warfare tool”, to see what they can get from it…in economic and military terms…

      Please don’t politicize the COVID 19 pandemic ….it does us no good !

      1. HydenToro,

        I’m not a yellowtard. I don’t favor any political party or politician. I just love my country Philippines and anything that I see wrong especially from leaders of this country who are mandated by laws to be a prime example of excellence, integrity, accountability and credibility I blame them for their mediocrity and ineffeciency. The Duterte administration has done a dismal job of containing the virus and was the main reason of bringing the virus into the Philippines when Duterte did not impose travel ban immediately after learning this first hand from China, whom Duterte is looking up to as his friend and ally and whom you despise in your above comment.
        Duterte even donated masks and other PPEs to China in February as if the Philippines had reserved enough for medical workers and then only later on he ordered PPEs from China because of insufficiency of the stocks here. Terrible.

        Your conspiracy theory of labaling someone as yellowtard just because he opposed the wrongdoing of politician you support means you like to indulge in partisan and divisiveness. As i see it, you only want to criticize the opposition. Yes they did wrong but so this administration, with the major blunders it did in the last 4 years of its power, the impunity and nepotism and inefficiency, I have never heard you criticize Duterte admin for once as you criticize the so called yellowtard. If you truly love the Philippines, you should criticize both the Duterte and Opposition of their failures. And since Duterte is in power, then it’s normal Duterte draws more of the flak whom you, Ilda and other GRP writers here are ignoring. You cannot blame me if I think this GRP website and its supporters like you love only what’s best for their politicians and political party not related to Aquino but, not really after for the good of the Filipino nation as a whole. For once, you should set high standard for Duterte as what you did for setting high standard during Noynoy Aquino from 2010-2016. So far, GRP website and you, are a failure and a fraud since the Duterte admin.

        1. The recent statements won’t sit well with the healthworkers. it’s just what the oppositors want. The message was directed at the wrong people.

    2. I suggest you should think your priorities straight because you’re using your EMOTIONS on this. Please, you can do better than that.

    3. @Jason the YellowTard:

      Your rant on us, proves you are a YellowTard. We are not fake writers, and we are not “in the pocket ” of any politician like you. The COVID 19 pandemic is there, and even industrialized countries, cannot contain it…

      We detest that you play, the “blame game” in order to earn “political points”, from your political masters.
      You sound the same as that fake VP Lugaw Robredo, who was installed as fake VP, thru the COMELEC HOCUS PCOS and SMARTSWITIK….COMELEC Andres Bautista, is now a TNT in America, enjoying his multiple bank accounts given by the oligarchs…

      Anyway the “blame game” is one of their tactics of the YellowTards/Oligarchs, to remove Duterte and put the fake VP Lugaw Robredo as President.

      Maybe, that is the order of your Oligarch masters !

      1. HydenToro,

        Since you insist me being a yellowtard just because I criticize your president and grp writers, then i cannot help but to conclude that you are currently suffering from a mental illness called Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), a disorder characterized primarily by extreme “black and white” thinking believing that something is one of only two possible things, and ignoring any possible “in-betweens.” Time and again, you’ve shown a BPD disorder whenever someone opposed or disagree with you. Only shows or highlights your mental illness.

        On to the topic, I only discussed here the facts as I already repeated above that, Duterte and Duque were the main reason of bringing the covid 19 virus in the Philippines. They did not take initiative of imposing travel ban from china and not taking initiative of early emergency health measures. Your comparison of the Philippines with the industralized countries that have more heavy numbers of covid cases than us as an excuse is simply incomparable. You only have to look at the Southeast Asian Countries and see that we are first in number of active covid cases and second to indonesia in number of total cases, while Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia and even Singapore have far lower cases than the Philippines. This has proven incompetence of the Philippines to the highest level. I blame the Duterte government because they are the root cause of the covid cases problem in the Philippines and because they are mandated by laws to guarantee public welfare and public health. The opposition and the ordinary Filipinos whom Ilda and you took the blame are outrageous.

        Duterte and his health secretary has the control in the beginning to contain or stop the virus from coming into the Philippines. Despite of massive calls from the Senators and other medical healthworkers to fire Duque, Duterte does not want to heed the call. The only reason is that Dr. Duque’s brother, Atty. Duque is “very close” with Duterte and the reason is that only him who accomodate Duterte in Dagupan City during presidential elections. A blatant pay time of “utang na loob.” Utang na loob is what one of Duterte’s flagship agenda in his entire presidency. This is what Duterte also showed when the Congressmen cannot decide whom to elect the next Speaker of the house. When Duterte said Allan Cayetano is the next speaker then it came true that Cayetano is now the speaker. Cayetano was the 2nd major campaign donor of Duterte in the presidential bid amounting to php70million. Dennis Uy who donated campaign funds to Duterte amounting to php 30million also took the award of winning the 3rd telco now called DITO telecom. This speaks of weakness in his leadership not to mention the military oligarchy in cabinet secretaries and offices whom Duterte installed. One of that is Former Senator Gregorio Honasan, a former army personnel, whom Duterte assigned to lead the DICT now. A blatant mismatched of Honasan’s expertise if there’s any. And many more of just reshuffling of military personnel in many different government positions despite corruption and incompetent issues.

        1. @Jason the YellowTard:

          I have no personality disorder…I am well employed and educated and accomplished human being…I blog, because I care for my country…I don’t have any master, like you who is being pressured by his political masters, and the oligarchs, to attack anyone against them…Duterte just happens to be President , when the COVID 19 pandemic came…

          As I had stated, it is not good to have a Blame Game on this pandemic…It is also bad, to Politicize this COVID 19 pandemic, just to destroy your political opponents, and earn political points…

          There is no one to blame , but China, where this COVID 19 came from its research facilities in Wuhan, China…China allowed it to spread throughout the world…

          So, Jason the “paid YellowTard”, must now be kissing the asses of his oligarch masters and his political masters, for defending them well and blaming all of us of this COVID 19 pandemic !

        2. HydenToro,

          I doubt you are educated. I think you are mentally ill. You cannot even pass the test of stating facts first before drawing conclusion and not merely speculations. You cannot even make good counter-arguments about the issues I raised such as: why did the duterte government not impose travel ban early against China and other covid positive countries? Why it did not ensure early emergency measures against covid 19? Why other neighboring countries such as thailand, vietnam, malaysia and taiwan have contained the virus and better prepared than the Duterte government? Is it because Duterte government is clearly incompetent in times of crisis? Is this the second showing of incompetence of him after the marawi crisis seige where he also failed to control the war and until now the marawi victims are still living under the temporary shelters in marawi until now? You should have focused on these issues more rather than attacking me of being a yellowtard if you are really an educated one and not a streetlike fighter squatter raised in tondo manila. But so far, you have proven a squatter mentality by focusing more on speculations rather than on hard evidence.

          Covid 19 may have started in China, but Duterte government could have done a great job of containing the effects of covid 19 in the Philippines as what other Southeast Asian countries accomplished so far. Unfortunately, this another crisis, after the marawi siege, proves so far he is not up to the task of being competent in handling a crisis. He is no different than Noynoy Aquino during the Yolanda crisis. I thought at first in 2016 Duterte is a no nonsense leader, but now after 4 years of observation, I think he is the same with other old traditional politicians.

  5. why do we listen to WHO? when president Duterte said the philippines will be back to normal by december, here comes the WHO again rushing on us with their covid scam for money. the only solution there is to ignore them and go back to normal….period.

    1. @Jason the YellowTard:

      You are mentally ill; biased and an ass kisser of the oligarchs…ask Duterte, why he did not do what you want him to do….Go to him, and ask him…Is this hard for you ? I cannot answer for him, since I am not Duterte…

      Whatever, you think of me is your biased opinion… I know you are a paid blogger of the oligarchs , and the Aquino Cojuangco political axis…you may even be a part of the commie Mafiosi…

      So, the COVID pandemic will continue to kill, no matter who you are to blame !

      1. HydenToro,

        Accusing me of being a yellowtard won’t change the issues I emphasized above. Your style is to keep deflecting from real issues at hand while insisting on trivial one, and that sounds of a mentally retard, uneducated, and idiotic person like you who is incapable of having good counter arguments and a real debate.

        I already stated my reasons above why Duterte is to be blame for the start and spread of covid 19 in the Philippines, and so far, you have not made any concrete arguments to discourage any of my assertions above. And you even went embarassing yourself by not knowing the real reason why and asking me to ask Duterte about this issue only proves my point that, Duterte is to be blame in this Philippine crisis. Not the ordinary filipinos like me nor the opposition are to be blame in this crisis as what Ilda is trying to pursue in her above article.

        1. @Jason the YellowTard:

          You are just one of the YellowTards, who is playing the Blame Game, to demonize Duterte…
          Blame Game on everything is their tactic, they have now to have an issue on Duterte.

          They cannot come out with good political platforms and programs to improve our lives, and our country. They have no solutions to the problems of our country…They cannot use their dismal past performances , when they ruled out country…

          I am not a spokesperson of Duterte. You have to ask him, why he did, what you are blaming him of what he had done… I cannot answer for him…nor debate on such stupid issue of which , I had no part of it…

          So, Jason the YellowTard; kiss your bosses asses, they may have thought you have done a good job in the Blame Game !

        2. HydenToro the stupid idiotard,

          I’m a neutral one. I have the right to criticize my government and it doesn’t necessarily follow that i’m a yellowtard. Only idiotic one like you will think that criticizing the current regime makes you a yellowtard.

          Blame game was your agenda when Noynoy Aquino was in power, and now Duterte your politician is in the helm, what sort of “good political platforms and programs to improve our lives and our country” in the past 4 years he has done? Corruption from different government departments, bureaus and offices are still there. Crimes and illegal drugs are still rampant, chronic poverty and dilapidated infrastructure are still existing, balloning of Philippines debt continues to rise, WPS problem is still lingering, population explosion, erosion of environmental protection and unemployment and underemployment getting worse, terrorism are still there, economic recession is now the current mode because of the importation of covid 19 by not calling early travel ban and because of incompetence, and many more problems that we have still waiting to be solved by Dutertards. What solutions that Dutertards have proven among the issues I raised different than the Yellowtards when Noynoy was in charge of the country? Tell me. I will appreciate it if you think Dutertards have solution to these problems now that only 2 years left in the term of Duterte. I don’t think you are different than the yellowtards.

  6. I heard it’s a matter of managing the inflammatory response in cases with symptoms. The healthcare sector really needs help and improvement. They shouldn’t be caught in the politics.

    1. Jason the YellowTard:

      You are not only stupid but an idiot…you are part of the paid trolls of the Aquino Cojuangco political axis; the oligarchs; the commies; and others who are paid to enact the Blame Game against Duterte.

      If you are neutral…why do you not question the failures of the Aquinos, during their 30 years in power ?

      From the Hacienda Luisita massacre; to the Mamapasano massacre; to the theft of the Typhoon Yolanda Funds; to the DAP; PDAF; Pork Barrel Bribery; to the recent PhilHealth funds scams…

      Why do you concentrate only on Duterte ? The people who committed the scams like: Aquino, Mar Roxas, Porky Drilon, Hontivirus, etc… are there …

      You did not even bring out the COMELEC Andres Bautista HOCUS PCOS and SMARTSWITIK of the 2016 vice Presidential election…In truth, you never touch them….this clearly shows your being biased and a running dog and a troll of these criminals…Maybe, Lugaw Robredo paid you very well, to bring down Duterte, and replace him as President…

      Jason the YellowTard has shown his true color …Yellow !

      1. HydenToro,

        Why do I criticize the Duterte regime? Simply because he is now in charge of the Philippines and the yellowtards have made no significant leap of changes in the past to your so called “30 years” in power so I won’t expect anything from them now. Hence, i’m calling to the Dutertards like you for your solutions to the Philippine problems I have mentioned above, but you failed to answer. You are a real embarassment.

        Such a waste of time debating on you since what you did in our thread is to deflect from the relevant issues being discussed, and, you don’t even know how to follow and answer where the argument is leading – the basic elementary in a debate. This is a testament that you are mentally ill and uneducated nincompoop.

        1. Somebody might be suffering from something, and you do know it’s hard to argue with somebody like that..

        2. @Jason the YellowTard:

          You are a hiding paid troll of the Aquino Cojuangco political axis and the oligarchs…the thievery in the PhilHealth is too much; yet you do not touch it…

          As for me, Duterte is very much better than the mentally retarded Aquino, who is your boss.
          The 2016 VP election fraud is still an issue… the fake VP Lugaw Robredo is still there…the former COMELEC crook, Andres Bautista, with his multiple bank accounts given by the oligarchs to do the election fraud is now a TNT in America, enjoying his bribes, for a job well done…

          Why do you not touch these issues ? They are pending issues and not yet resolved…

          Your YellowTard bias is just obvious….maybe the oligarchs paid you well, to put your fake VP Lugaw Robredo, as President by playing the “Blame Game” !

  7. LOL @SHEEP IILDA so STOOPID. WHy don’t you go to Australia and get a room and suck off benign0!!!!

    This was 100% the government’s fault. And GRP wants socialism (aka more government) STOOPID STOOPID STOOPID.

    This is what you get when you put a “dictator” in charge. Can’t “dictate” COVID away. GRP is a STOOPID site in-breeding STOOPID people… like hyden torotoro and other retards

    Here is a list of failures

    * Not banning CHINA immediately. In March a woman from wuhan flew to boracay and spead the virus. Obviously benign0 wont talk about it because he loves taking Chinese money and sucking them off

    * Having a “warning” before lockdown of metro manila.

    * Cutting off public transport thereby stranding thousands

    * Koko pimentel galavanting around while he has COVID…..


    * Shutting down ABS-CBN instead of building up hospital capacity. WHY WAS THERE AN ENTIRE CONGRESS SESSION ON ABS DURING A PANDEMIC


    IN CONCLUSION —- fuck you benign0. Stay in Australia you dirty commie whore and SHUT THE FUCK UP

    1. You’re the one who’s a commie whore because commie whores always post like this. They’re always TRIGGERED.

      Better to follow your own advice, commie whore. Only STOOPID people would think the Makabayan Bloc are not commie whores but surprise, they are.

    2. @Darth M the Lunatic YellowTard:

      Sounds like your being a lunatic and , having mental illness are getting worse….or your oligarch puppets, are pressuring you, to give us a good rant…

      Anyway, take your medications…it seems , you forgot to take them today !

  8. War on a virus is not very easy. Let’s take a lesson from history. wiki/African_swine_fever_virus:
    African swine fever virus:
    The first outbreak was retrospectively recognized as having occurred in 1907 after ASF was first described in 1921 in Kenya.[18] The disease remained restricted to Africa until 1957, when it was reported in Lisbon, Portugal. A further outbreak occurred in Portugal in 1960. Subsequent to these initial introductions, the disease became established in the Iberian peninsula, and sporadic outbreaks occurred in France, Belgium, and other European countries during the 1980s. Both Spain and Portugal had managed to eradicate the disease by the mid-1990s through a slaughter policy.
    Vaccine research:
    As of 2020, no vaccine is commercially available.

    We should at least thank our government we are not treated like animals. Be ready. This fight could be for the long haul. This could be the end of international travel as we know it. How long can hotels, restaurants, bars and inns go without customers? Filipinos need to rethink how they can ensure pen de sal / rice on the table. The government cannot feed you all. Not even Henry Sy kids with all their billions can save you. Many should start planting camote on their own back yards. Find an industry that is Covid proof. Semiconductors/electronics for one is here to stay as everything begins to shift to online. Anything internet related will flourish during lock down. Filipinos should start thinking of life on Mars – i.e. start wearing space suits. The government can’t do all the thinking for you. Be creative – Filipinos are world-renown for their ability to turn something out of junk (Jeepney). It could be the Pinoy’s time to shine (with or without government assistance).

  9. There’s one disease that is worst than COVID-19 & it’s been a while since the prehistoric Philippine era & this disease that I’m talking about is it’s the AIDS or also known as Anti-Discipline Infectious Disease Syndrome. And what’s the cure for that disease for those Filipinos who have it? Either bring back the death penalty or a shoot-to-kill order who violated the laws & having a hard-headed attitude or a Singaporean style Draconian rule in our country. If these solutions won’t work then our country would become a huge S*hithole & I’m leaving to planet Mars immediately. ?

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