Opposition to campaign on a Revenge Platform for the 2022 elections following ABS-CBN shutdown

Not to be outdone following the denied renewal of the ABS-CBN franchise to broadcast on Friday, the Opposition have now set their sights on the 2022 national elections for their “revenge”. Indeed, top Opposition “thought leaders” are now gearing up for the “fight” and crafting a Revenge Platform for that purpose as prominent “activist” Gang Badoy seems to be suggesting in this tweet

Kapamilya, field 70 artistas to run. Read write stay awake lang naman requirement these days, (and able to string at least 4 sentences straight) yung stay awake nga lang wiz. Push back, Kapamilya- RUN.

Exciting times indeed. That the Opposition plans to run on a showbiz platform and one fueled by a woke bloodlust to “avenge” ABS-CBN will make for a colourful and lucrative campaign extravaganza in the lead up to 2022. Unfortunately, the now-darkened Yellowtard network will no longer be able to reap the billions of pesos in ad revenue that will be generated by such a circus.

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Then again, it is likely that most ordinary Filipinos will have moved on from or even forgotten ABS-CBN by then. Indeed, after a frenzy of “trending” hashtags in the midst of the ABS-CBN brouhaha just yesterday, a quick look at trending topics on Twitter the day after shows how quickly Filipinos turn their attention to other things more relevant to their day-to-day lives after the curtain goes down on such shows.

More importantly, the fact that the Opposition would actually espouse such an intellectually-bankrupt campaign platform as the Revenge Platform upon which former ABS-CBN starlets would run, as Badoy suggests, proves just how singularly-focused the Yellowtards are at seizing power at all costs. They would go as far as encouraging Filipino voters to vote like starstruck ignoramuses just to further their dishonest power-hungry agenda.

Dishonesty heaped upon dishonesty is how the Yellowtard-led Opposition operates. It further highlights how sharp a tool ABS-CBN was in a decades-long effort to keep Filipinos too dazzled by artistas and OA songs and dances to choose wisely come election day. Fortunately the demise of ABS-CBN now presents an opportunity for the national discourse to dial back and rebuild a truly intelligent national debate on a level playing field — without the shadow ABS-CBN had long cast upon the sort of modern conversation that would have normally befit the mature democracy that the Philippines could have been over the last several decades.

6 Replies to “Opposition to campaign on a Revenge Platform for the 2022 elections following ABS-CBN shutdown”

  1. I am curious about what the hearings/findings/decision about ABSCBN will bring about?

    1) Will it bring new legislation that specifically bans the sale of PDRs, securities or the like to foreigners for entities that should only be exclusively Filipino owned/operated?

    2) Will they amend the Dual Citizenship law so that, if an industry or position will require to the “candidate” or person to be a Filipino, it will be ONLY a Filipino, not a Dual Citizen?

    3) For the tax havens, tax shelters, or PEZA based industry being used by local companies, are they going to abolish it or amend the rules further?

    4) Or for all of the above, will it just be a resolution from the concerned government agency that will issue it without the need for the supporting law/amendment to law?


    I’ve read the denial of Congress for ABS CBN’s franchise. I am wondering though, are their findings meant to be “corrective”? Meaning that should ABSCBN fix those issues before re-applying, they will be approved? Or is it outright denial and even if they correct, they can still be denied? Just curious.


    What will that also mean for GMA’s PDRs? Will the SEC now request from GMA the previous and current owners of their PDRs to determine whether or not there is foreign ownership? There should be a follow through, not just on ABS CBN, but all concerned media entities under the scope of such findings.

    The SEC stated in the detailed transcript that they allowed ABSCBN to sell PDRs, but they did not specifically allow ABSCBN to sell to foreigners.


    Will the BIR now audit ABSCBN after Congress’ findings of tax discrepancy between GMA and ABSCBN, since the documents are now in the hands of congress with their comparison?

  2. the congress let the lopez’s ran away legally with their loot. eluding to pay taxes is plundering the country. that’s their tactic to avoid being charge of plunder. it’s clear why the aquino administration didn’t renew its franchise.

  3. The Aquio Cojuangco political axis, and their Lopez Oligarch ally, with their closed ABS CBN propaganda machine are now Devastated. …they lost their “primary tool” in “brainwashing” gullible Filipinos, to vote for what they want for you to vote in elections…

    So, they will “field” some idiotic “artistas” and “commedians”; as well as Fake news personalities to run for various government offices and positions. Maybe, Vice Ganda will run for “Congresswoman” …
    Maybe Kim Chiu will run for Senator ..,or Angel Locsin will run for Vice President….Lugaw Robredo will surely run as President.

    I have never seen such idiotic ideas like this one in my life. We need candidates who have political platforms, on what they can do for us , and for the country, for these government positions.

    What would these idiot “entertainers ” do in Congress and Senate ? Entertain us with idiotic shows ?

    Whom the Gods want to destroy, they make them “insane or mad” first !

  4. Yeah, ABS-CBN hasn’t been relevant to this generation for years, they are so out of touch that they should just go. Getting tired of their outdated ideas and their love for romanticizing poverty and anti-intellectualism.

  5. At this rate, if the choice is between being a dumb, fanatical DDS and a spoiled brat Dilawan who disowns his/her parents for social media clout, I’d rather be a DDS.

    Dumbassery and fanaticism can be cured, but disrespecting one’s parents on Twatter is another level of cringe.

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