Is #OustDuterte all that the Opposition could come up with?

I mean, any schmoe can come up with a hashtag and “trend” it on Twitter. So here’s a classic: “#OustDuterte”. Right. And then what?

Actually there is an even more important question that needs to be answered before that: How exactly are you going to go about “ousting” Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte?

This is the reason the Opposition continues to fail to win people over — because they make promises they cannot keep. They come up with slogans they cannot substantiate with a clear plan. It is basically a simple failure to evolve from the 1980s-vintage “oust” rhetoric they remain addicted to. Beyond these tired old calls, they offer nothing to the Filipino people.

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What is ironic is that the Opposition, specially the leading bloc within them rabidly loyal to the Aquino-Cojuangco feudal clan (a.k.a. the Yellowtards) claim to be the foremost authority on Philippine “democracy”. Yet these are the very same people calling for a change in leadership outside the frame of democratic process.

Democracy, after all, demands discipline and intelligence of its practitioners. Without discipline, you get the anarchy that the Yellowtards and their communist allies espouse. Without intelligence, you get the bankrupt rhetoric of empty hashtags and slogans that make up today’s Opposition platform (if one can even call it that). If the Opposition are truly serious about leading their country, they will need to come up with something to lead the Filipino people towards. So far they offer no such vision.

What does that leave the Opposition? Nothing other than a lust for power. Indeed, without a platform and without a vision, a rhetoric that revolves around not much else other than the “ouster” of a sitting duly-elected leader describes nothing beyond that. The promising thing about the Philippines is that its people have shown evidence that they are able to see through all the pretense of “decency” of the Yellowtards’ facade.

If the Opposition want to be victorious in the next election, they will need to work doubly hard to rebrand themselves as a genuine Opposition — one that offers alternatives and not just destruction. A healthy democracy is one where an intelligent Opposition offers a constructive counterbalance to the government. Sadly the Philippines’ Opposition in its current form is not up to the task fulfilling that vital role. Because of this failure, asking that other question — And then what? — is a pointless exercise.

8 Replies to “Is #OustDuterte all that the Opposition could come up with?”

  1. Benigno,

    On your opinion, what alternatives to propose that will answer or fix the problem from the root?

  2. The Aquino Cojuangco political axis, who are the Yellowtards, with their oligarchs and commie allies, want to oust a duly elected President…

    They are using the same 1986 EDSA tactics, they used to remove Pres. Marcos…the Roman Catholic Church liberation theology clergy, has join the efforts, to oust Duterte…

    Their “standard bearer”, Lugaw Robredo, the ‘dumb woman”, who “won” the 2016 VP election, thru HOCOS PCOS and SMARTSWITIK machines, with the direction of the crook, former COMELEC Chief , Andres Bautista, who is now a TNT in America, with his multiple “bank accounts” given by the Oligarchs…

    Lugaw Robredo, the fake VP, will be the “puppet”of the oligarchs, the NPA/CPP Mafia, and other opposition political opportunists. .. The woman is “too dumb” and “too easy” to manipulate…

    So, the scams, the thieveries and the CPP/NPA Mafia alleged rebellion will continue to plague us…The Roman Catholic liberation theology clergy will be on the forefront…and we will continue, to be “dumbed down ” by these evil people…

    Oust the Oligarch and the NPA/CPP Mafias …this should be the cry of the sensible Filipino people !

  3. So the chi-chi crowd gets to oust the thug Duterte and put that motherhood statement generator from Naga City.

    We still have the whole dysfunctional system in place – what’s the use of the whole ouster thing, then? I bet my ass the opposition couldn’t get an organized plan after #oustduterte. Out of reach for their milk-tea, social media-addled bourgeois brains.

  4. I don’t know, looking at twitter trends from the start of July 2020, looks like Filipinos care more about Kpop idols, youtubers and memes than ABS-CBN and non-sense from the opposition.

    1. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Look at the father and mother of the Dilawan “restore democracy movement”: Ninoy who supported terrorism (founding of NPA) and Cory who was the figurehead of the EDSA coup have used totally undemocratic means (anything but elections) to gain their so called end : “Democracy”.

      Ninoy, Salamat sa demokrasya ??? The world of Filipinos had been so twisted indeed.



    Ikaw benigno, get real!! Nakikita mo ang mga kamalian ng gobyerno at ikaw tatahimik ka lang ba?


    1. Thanks for proving benign0’s point, son. You always claim that “nakikita mo ang mga kamalian ng gobyerno” yet you don’t provide ANY alternative solutions.

      Unfortunately, to you’re the one who is one sided because you refuse to discuss IDEAS.

      Set your priorities for once.

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