Carlo Katigbak should resign as President and CEO of ABS-CBN


Carlo Katigbak had one job as chief executive of embattled media conglomerate ABS-CBN. He was paid the big bucks not only to secure the investment of the company’s shareholders but to ensure an acceptable return on their investment is squeezed out of the enterprise every year. But under Katigbak’s watch, ABS-CBN share prices had gone down more than 15 percent over the last 12 months and are down more than five percent year to date at the close of Friday trading. That’s not that big a disaster considering the network’s disastrous year having fought and lost a battle to have its franchise to broadcast renewed. With that bomb going off, a huge chunk of the company’s annual revenue stream dried up. Katigbak failed to defuse that bomb while he could.

If I were a shareholder of ABS-CBN, I’d be hopping mad and calling for Katigbak’s head. Most of the chatter on social media painting ABS-CBN as a victim are not hard-nosed investors. They blame everything and everyone for the demise of the Philippines’ biggest media network — everyone, that is, except its CEO Carlo Katigbak. Indeed, so full are they of the Kool Aid poured down their throats by the hotshot mega-paid PR and brand managers of ABS-CBN that they forget that it is the job of any executive management team of any business to ensure this sort of disaster does not happen and its shareholders are kept laughing all the way to the bank year in and year out.

Katigbak’s job was to do what it takes to ensure ABS-CBN kept enriching its shareholders. Everything short of doing just that are mere excuses. Failing to do that means failure as a CEO. It’s really that simple. A CEO’s job is that simple. You fuck up, your head rolls.

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How did Katigbak fuck up? He did not do what it took to keep the company he was singularly accountable for afloat in the political storm. See, when you are responsible for the wealth of your shareholders and the livelihoods of your employees, you kiss the asses of everyone who has the power to shut your business down. ABS-CBN fantards insist that history will judge those congressmen who voted to not renew the network’s broadcast franchise. I don’t think so. When all the chi chi idealism over “principles and integrity” dissipates and all everyone has left are a bunch of unemployed former ABS-CBN employees losing their homes and making a beeline for the GMA Network’s Department for Hiring and Firing, a child-like voice will pipe up from the woodwork and regard the naked emperor: Carlo Katigbak should have just kissed Duterte’s ass.

Will Katigbak’s head roll? If it does not, if the members of the ABS-CBN Board are too inbred to do their job, Katigbak should do the right thing — the honourable thing.

3 Replies to “Carlo Katigbak should resign as President and CEO of ABS-CBN”

  1. “Natigbak na si Katigbak”….some of the social media people wrote on FaceBook. The ABS CBN media conglomerate think itself to be “above the law”…that they can just violate any franchise agreements, they have with the Philippine government. They are not aware that the “Aquino era” is already gone; and that the Filipino people has already awakened by the social media revolution…

    Katigbak is too stupid, not to know that : he went on trying to do the EDSA I tactic of so called :”peoples’ power”…or so called : “star power” of its own entertainers. Unfortunately, both did not work. He lost…so he should accept his defeat and resign, for his incompetence…

    I wonder, how this “stupid guy” got the position of being a CEO. He is too young , and has no good experience in dealing with the ups and downs of media business.

    Anyway, it is the victory of the Filipino people, because they put a dumb guy, as CEO !

  2. We want Marcos loyalists to let military crack down ABS-CBN and switch to government-run PTV-4!

    Blame the Lopezes’ sorryasses.

  3. beware, it will get worse after June 2022.
    be reminded that your station was already owned by the government and no records in place that you have acquired it back during aquino admin. hahaha

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