ABS-CBN supporters are beginning to act like a bunch of terrorists

Now that the non-renewal of ABS-CBN’s franchise to broadcast is a done deal, it seems Opposition partisans are at a loss around what to do next. This wholesale vexation in the party ranks illustrates just how thin on substance their platform is. Having made the “plight” of ABS-CBN and a handful of other manufactured pet “issues” cornerstones of their “dissent”, it is hardly surprising to see them now scrounging around for their next “fight” or the next big thing to shore up any semblance of their relevance to ordinary Filipinos.

Filipinos need to remain ever more vigilant. The loss of ABS-CBN evidently hit hard and it seems this is making the Opposition camp desperate.

Recently, there’s been reports of Opposition partisans and “activists” disowning their own parents over ABS-CBN and other such “issues”. Disowning one’s own parents is remarkable in a society such as the Philippines where elders continue to be generally revered and where young people tend to continue living in their parents’ homes well into their 30’s. Thus, choosing politics over one’s own parents is almost cult-like in nature — not too different from the teachings of the original ideologues of communism

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The new ideologues explicitly stated the need to destroy the family. A. M. Kollontay, one of the Communist party’s most active family policy makers, formulated this need in no uncertain terms as far back as 1918: “The family is doomed. It will be destroyed.” N. Bukharin also wrote that “in a Communist society, when private property and oppression of women finally come to an end, so, too, will prostitution and marriage.”

This also likely explains why communists in the Philippines don’t seem to show any form of outrage over the plight of parents who’ve seen their kds recruited into the New People’s Army often never to be seen again. Indeed, again looking back…

…it was Soviet Russia that, for the first time in the history of continental European law, allowed the state on vaguely defined grounds to remove children from their parents. Article 46 of the 1926 Code stated that a court can take children away from their parents “in cases when the parents either fail to carry out or abuse their obligations towards the children, or abuse said children”; when leaving the children in their family is deemed “dangerous,” child protective services can remove the children before any court ruling.

Not only are we seeing the makings of such mind conditioning happening today in pockets of Filipino youth affiliated with today’s Opposition, there is also evidence of more aggressive forms of “activism” — bordering on sedition, even terrorism — brewing across sectors of this disgruntled camp. Just the other night, a “noise barrage” coming from a motorcade of cars honking their horns erupted at the La Vista, Quezon City residence of Party-list Representative for ANAKALUSUGAN Mike Defensor who is seen to be one of the legislators instrumental in the “shutdown” of ABS-CBN. The stunt was reportedly not well-attended but was nonetheless condoned and cheered on by Opposition partisans on social media.

One wonders, however, what these sorts of circuses seek to achieve. So a “noise barrage” transpired. So what?

Evidently, Opposition partisans have lost any ability to form a platform or ideological frame that extends beyond the next “mass action”. Indeed, they don’t even have a plan around how to get the “mass” back into that term seeing how anemic attendance has been in these activities recent years. What is glaringly missing in these preferred approaches to “dissent” is a clear roadmap towards an end that can be achieved within the legal frame and within processes enshrined in existing democratic institutions.

If, for example, the Opposition would really like to “avenge” ABS-CBN in the next national election in 2022, it remains unclear what their approach to winning that election is and, more imporantly, who will lead their bloc to that aspired-for victory. Certainly, stunts like “noise barrages” and mananita rallies offer no clear pathways to electoral victory anymore, yet they continue to subbornly regard these as essential activities in their “activist” arsenal.

A disturbing implication of this baffling fixation on extra-legal means to get things done preferred by the Opposition is that legal pathways as a means to achieving ends are being less and less considered to be viable options as frustration with mounting political losses grows in the Opposition camps. This is an ominous sign and, as mentioned earlier, even more cause for the government and all Filipinos to be vigilant lest dangerous elements foment the sort of instability that could be exploited by the Opposition to do just that.

The case of the ABS-CBN “issue” follows an all-too-familiar template where partisans and “activists” would avidly follow due process then suddenly turn against it when said process yields an outcome they do not like. That kind of selective democratism is the dishonest trademark of today’s Opposition, one, in all ironies, led by a bloc loyal to the Aquino-Cojuangco clan (a.k.a. the Yellowtards) who have long upheld a claim to the 1986 “EDSA Revolution” on the back of which was framed the 1987 Philippine Constitution.

6 Replies to “ABS-CBN supporters are beginning to act like a bunch of terrorists”

  1. “The Left are using the Right, the Right are using the Left”…or “The Oligarchs are using the Commies; and the Commies are using the Oligarchs”…these are what you are seeing now in the present political disturbances…The closing of the ABS CBN is a “Major Blow” in the propaganda strategy of the oppositions, that consist of : the Lopez Oligarchs and allied oligarchs; the Aquino Cojuangco political axis; the CPP/NPA commies; the Roman Catholic Church Liberation Theology clergy; and other allied opposition fronts…

    It was their strategy then; it is still their strategy now…just watch out, if any foreign country will intervene for them…

    It is time to arrest these idiots; they are like “spoiled children who do “temper tantrums”, if they do not get what they want. Foreclose MERALCO, and let the Lopez Oligarchs pay for what they owe from the Philippine government…they have to answer for their scams and frauds. They are the initiators of these disturbances…

    Let us all be vigilant !

  2. Yellows throwing their blood relations under the bus is not new. There was this one asshole on Twitter who boasted of starving her DDS family by cutting off any money to them.

    Betweeng kultong DDS and kultong dilawan, I see much more cultlike shit from the yellows.

  3. The reason of why people are doing this is that the people recognize and saw injustice, insensitive action done by the congress to abs-cbn renewal. It is very absurd to connect people’s reactions to communism.

    I agree that it is doubtful to think that noise barrage is viable. However, it is good to see that people recognizes injustice and inhumane use of power by reacting to it.

    I believe also that the TWG’s report is also not based on the best and most logical assumptions and conclusions. I believe that the TWG’s conclusion is a red herring fallacy.

    1. What Injustice? Disowning and disrespecting your parents for this is a whole new level of cringe.

      You’re already grasping on straws with your post.

  4. @Anonymous:

    The Lopez family had done many injustices to our county…the ABS CBN is the propaganda media of the Aquino Cojuangco political axis; the Lopez Oligarchs and their Oligarch allies and the YellowTard oppositions…The Roman Catholic Church liberation Theology clergy is connected to these groups.

    The Aquino Cojuangco political axis is virtually connected to the commie leftists…NPA/CPP…This was the reason Jo Ma Sison , the commie “GodFather Boss” is living a “rich and famous ” life in Amsterdam, Holland. .. Cory Aquino allowed these leftist commies, to be in the Legislative Partylists. She created this Partylist concept to enable/accommodate the commies to be in the Congress and the Senate…

    During the Aquino era, there were barely any demonstrations, even when the Hacienda Luisita farmers were massacred. There were no disturbances, even when 44 SAF Police were massacred…There were no demonstrators, even when the Typhoon Yolanda Funds, were stolen by Mar Roxas and Pnoy Aquino…

    ANS CBN , was silent and barely gave the accurate news on those events…instead ABS CBN broadcasted propagandas about the 1986 EDSA “peoples’ revolution”; the martyrdoom of Ninoy Aquino; and the “sainthood” of Cory Aquino…

    ABS CBN attacked mercilessly, the late Supreme Court Chief Justice, Renato Corona, during his removal…they also broadcasted the attempted removal of Pres. Duterte, in the Senate impeachment proceedings by the nymphomaniac , Leila de Lima and the “failed coup d’ etat” ringleader Trililing Trillanes…And by the way, Where is ” Bikoy ” now ? Matobato ? DAP and PDAF SCAMS?, Napoles ? and the crook , COMELEC Chief, Andres Bautista ?

    There are more injustices in those events, than the removal of the franchise of the “squatter” ABS CBN TV Network…the Lopez family are scammers and crooks…They are the “Puppeteers” of crooked and corrupt politicians, who are defending them…The Lopez family, must pay their taxes; they must pay their billion pesos DBP loans…and they have to face the consequences of the crimes…They are worse than the Sicilian Mafia or Cosa Nostra..they are the people “behind the shadows ” of the manipulations of our country political events…

    Close all broadcast networks of ABS CBN…Bring out all the “cans of worms” of the Lopez family, and show them in the open, for people to see !

  5. Hey, Drilon was talking about oligarchies in the news, now they are changing the narrative as Duterte is one of the oligarchs. Just check it on the ABS-CBN youtube channel.

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