The Communists are LYING. No one actually said that “Criticism = Terrorism”!


It is actually quite baffling the way Opposition “activists” are rallying around the nonsensical slogan “Criticism is not Terrorism”. To begin with no such assertion had been made by anyone as far as I am aware. I don’t even think these “activists” themselves would be able to name any specific person who’d be stupid enough to assert that criticism is the equivalent of terrorism.

In short, the communists who are on a campaign to push for the “junking” of the proposed Anti Terrorism Bill are waging a phony battle. What is interesting is that the people who really do regard criticism as “terrorism” are the very Opposition “thought leaders” who routinely block people who challenge their points of view (as failed Senate candidate Florin Hilbay does) or summarily tag their critics as “trolls” (as failed Rappler CEO Maria Ressa does).

Indeed, for the Yellowtards, the clique within the Opposition rapidly loyal to the Aquino-Cojuangco feudal clan, demonising criticism has practically become a cult. The term “troll”, like that other favourite snowflakes’ bogeyman “Fake News” has been dropped too often that it has been rendered meaningless and is now regarded as just a quaint Yellowtard punchline. We all have to thank the astounding inconsistency with which the Yellowtards apply their “principles” to their sophomoric “activism” for that.

When a social media user toes the “liberal” Yellowtard or communist line, that user is a “Netizen” and enjoys a high chance of getting generous citations in various “reports” all over mainstream media — specially “social news network” Rappler where the idea of “journalism” is a nebulous vibe crafted to suit the political and personal agendas of its CEO Maria Ressa.

And the rest of the lot? They are “trolls”. So anyone deemed disagreeable by the chi chi “thought leaders” of Yellowtardom gets summarily slapped that label — a convenient one that erstwhile attracted social stigma.

Even more shocking, that other ironic ally of convenience of the communists and Yellowtards, the Roman Catholic Church, also lives by a policy of regarding critics as terrorists. Recall in 2017 how the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) released a list of “fake news” sites which included The CBCP list included only sites perceived to be critical of the Liberal Party and the broader Opposition to the government of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte. No sites associated with the Opposition camps were included in this list.

It is therefore quite amusing to see the communists and their pals in “arms” against their temporary common enemy claiming to be “outraged” over the possibility of being “summarily” labelled a terrorist considering they themselves have long been busy doing the same to their critics. Theirs is a dishonest “activism” meant to distract Filipinos from the reality of their flagging credibility. They seek to mask the indisputable fact that they coddle the bloodthirsty New People’s Army and seek to soften the reality of their terrorism by making everyone believe they are merely “critics” of the government of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte. The fact is they don’t merely aim to criticise. Their aim is to overthrow the government — any legitimate government for that matter — in a violent “revolution” by any means possible, including the use of terrorism.