The Communists are LYING. No one actually said that “Criticism = Terrorism”!

It is actually quite baffling the way Opposition “activists” are rallying around the nonsensical slogan “Criticism is not Terrorism”. To begin with no such assertion had been made by anyone as far as I am aware. I don’t even think these “activists” themselves would be able to name any specific person who’d be stupid enough to assert that criticism is the equivalent of terrorism.

In short, the communists who are on a campaign to push for the “junking” of the proposed Anti Terrorism Bill are waging a phony battle. What is interesting is that the people who really do regard criticism as “terrorism” are the very Opposition “thought leaders” who routinely block people who challenge their points of view (as failed Senate candidate Florin Hilbay does) or summarily tag their critics as “trolls” (as failed Rappler CEO Maria Ressa does).

Indeed, for the Yellowtards, the clique within the Opposition rapidly loyal to the Aquino-Cojuangco feudal clan, demonising criticism has practically become a cult. The term “troll”, like that other favourite snowflakes’ bogeyman “Fake News” has been dropped too often that it has been rendered meaningless and is now regarded as just a quaint Yellowtard punchline. We all have to thank the astounding inconsistency with which the Yellowtards apply their “principles” to their sophomoric “activism” for that.

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When a social media user toes the “liberal” Yellowtard or communist line, that user is a “Netizen” and enjoys a high chance of getting generous citations in various “reports” all over mainstream media — specially “social news network” Rappler where the idea of “journalism” is a nebulous vibe crafted to suit the political and personal agendas of its CEO Maria Ressa.

And the rest of the lot? They are “trolls”. So anyone deemed disagreeable by the chi chi “thought leaders” of Yellowtardom gets summarily slapped that label — a convenient one that erstwhile attracted social stigma.

Even more shocking, that other ironic ally of convenience of the communists and Yellowtards, the Roman Catholic Church, also lives by a policy of regarding critics as terrorists. Recall in 2017 how the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) released a list of “fake news” sites which included The CBCP list included only sites perceived to be critical of the Liberal Party and the broader Opposition to the government of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte. No sites associated with the Opposition camps were included in this list.

It is therefore quite amusing to see the communists and their pals in “arms” against their temporary common enemy claiming to be “outraged” over the possibility of being “summarily” labelled a terrorist considering they themselves have long been busy doing the same to their critics. Theirs is a dishonest “activism” meant to distract Filipinos from the reality of their flagging credibility. They seek to mask the indisputable fact that they coddle the bloodthirsty New People’s Army and seek to soften the reality of their terrorism by making everyone believe they are merely “critics” of the government of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte. The fact is they don’t merely aim to criticise. Their aim is to overthrow the government — any legitimate government for that matter — in a violent “revolution” by any means possible, including the use of terrorism.

12 Replies to “The Communists are LYING. No one actually said that “Criticism = Terrorism”!”

    1. I honestly think Benign0 has a point that the bill doesn’t say anything about criticism being terrorism, but I don’t see why it has to do with communism. It is a bit like calling a rapist a bank thief — a completely different type of bad act, but still a crime. Communism is the political system of giving all the power to the government in the belief that they actually would provide equality in society and I don’t believe all their disagreement with the government provides that. It seems like people today seem to immediately conclude any political opinion that disagrees with them to be communists, which doesn’t make sense. If anything, the fact that everyone is openly discussing is democracy itself, no matter how wrong the other people’s opinions are.

      If someone tells me I’m butthurt, well, I don’t mind. I’m not offended, really. I do not see mere disagreement and conclude someone is a snowflake. Just go ahead. I wouldn’t care. I’d just take a look at your reply, shrug, and then go on my way.

      Also if

      1. thats probably the reason why GRP is on the naughty list… i mean the “fake news” list.
        And also the main reason that we should take Benign0’s words as salt in an already sullied wound.

        But then again i like to read different opinions; which is why i keep coming back to GRP.

        1. different opinions, familiar patterns.. and a lot of bickering. You must have a certain kind of patience.

  1. LOL benign0 who lives in AUSTRALIA off course has nothing to fear.

    Why don’t you move back to the philippines and see how far your “criticisms” get you. With this new bill, I hope you will get SHUT DOWN for insulting the pilipino people and sowing divisions these last few years.

    Did you even pay taxes this last few years benign0?!?! That’s a crime you know.

    You are a con man sowing divisions and insulting the philippines while living the life of luxury in AUSTRALIA. Digong should EXTRADITE you along with Joma Sison and put you to court for your crimes!!!

    1. Shut up Commie or Anarchist Darth M! You should be jailed if you’re one of the terrorists or doing an act of terrorism and/or anarchism in our country if the Anti-terrorism law will pass & also a law suit for libel & sedition against you as well.

      1. No value comes out of Darth’s spiel, but to Mrericx, “commies” (most likely, Marxist-Leninist-Maoist communists) are VERY different from anarchists (a very broad spectrum to say the least).

        I can’t speak for those who identify themselves as anarchists, or at least anti-authoritarian, here in the Philippines, but many would agree that it’s an insult to liken them to commies. while in theory MLM commies and anarchists have the same end goal, the implementation of “transition” differs. so anarchists have long since abandoned the “spirit of communism”, just like how we have accepted that swastika is no longer a symbol of divinity and spirituality no thanks to Hitler. i hope i make sense.

        if you (and anyone else reading this comment) have time and/or are interested, has plenty of materials that delve into this topic.

        1. To @Sk7vdMx6rBgt, yes I’d went to that website that you’d showed it to me & recently I’d found a topic on that website: Communism and Anarchy

          Since that topic is too long to read & I’ll read that one soon whenever I have time but I’d found this last line from that topic:

          “With Anarchy as an aim and as a means, Communism becomes possible. Without it, it necessarily becomes slavery and cannot exist.”

          Yes, there are some elements of Anarchy on Communism & of course, according to the founder of Communism, the only & right way to achieve the transition from non-Communism to Communism for a country is the use of violent means, i.e. anarchism or even worse, terrorism:,property%20(while%20retaining%20respect%20for

  2. i think those poor paid rallyist ordered to carry placards to protest a bill for the good of the pilipinos is terrorism. why their financers hiding if it’s not an act of terror?

  3. The YellowTards, the commies and the opposition, want to deflect the purpose of the anti terrorism bill; so they are chanting: “criticism is terrorism”….how dumb are these people….If you criticize Digong Duterte, you are a terrorist.

    The commies and their “frontliners” in the legislative congress and senate are afraid of the bill; because they can be arrested for inciting armed rebellion against the legitimate government. They enjoyed receiving our tax money, as “bogus legislators”, during the Aquino era…The commies, are one fo the tools of the Aquino Cojuangco political axis, to grab and stay in power. The commies became well armed and well financed from our taxes…and they are murdering, extorting, and terrorising peaceful people…

    They have even propaganda media in the: internet; in the TV network like ABS CBN; in YellowTard newspapers; and in teach in far flung barrios.

    We must defeat these commies thru laws and drain their financial resources . Remove all commie legislators in the congress and senate. Expose their supporters !

  4. Ah, College and Universities, always the hotbed for churning out failed ideological fanatics of a Political belief that will never work. They conveniently forget about “Criticism – Gulag” in many Communist Nations.

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