Maria Ressa’s criminal conviction is a victory for the Filipino people

They said the whole world was watching. If that was the case, then the whole world knows Rappler CEO Maria Ressa and her former writer Reynaldo Santos Jr are now convicted criminals. This was after a Manila court judge found both of them guilty of violating the cyber libel law. The question is, are members of the international community going to respect the decision of a local court or are they going to look down on this decision because they assume everything that happens in a Third World country like the Philippines is a “travesty”?

Indeed, as soon as the decision was handed down, foreign journalists and high-profile individuals like former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton expressed their outrage on social networking site Twitter. There was enough support for Ressa to convince us that she would have been more successful as a lobbyist than a journalist. She certainly had a lot of foreigners fooled — foreigners who already had preconceived notions about the Philippines being a “rogue state”, no thanks to Ressa herself who has been telling everyone who cares to listen that “it’s worse than a war zone”. They all think “democracy is dead” and that “press freedom” is being undermined by the current government. They all blame President Rodgrigo Duterte and accuse him of “weaponizing” the law.

As expected, Ressa and supporters both local and abroad were all “shocked” by the verdict. They thought her PR blitz around the world would be enough to acquit her of the libel case filed by Wilfredo Keng – a private individual who was wronged when a 2012 Rappler article written by Santos published damning claims that Keng lent his sports utility vehicle to then Chief Justice Renato Corona. This was during Corona’s impeachment trial and Rappler played a big role in demonising the former magistrate. A series of articles painting Corona under a negative light were published during the trial including that particular one claiming Keng was involved in human and drug trafficking. They were trying to convince the public that Corona was hanging out with the “wrong” crowd.

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I guess you could say the ghost of Corona is still haunting the people who wronged him. He died a broken man shortly after being removed from his post in the Supreme Court. Ressa and her Rappler team played a role in his removal by engaging in character assassination. Those who support Ressa, especially those who did not follow Corona’s trial almost a decade ago, have no idea what they are talking about. Rappler published libelous content against a private individual just to help convict a former Chief Justice. Ressa deserves what she got for supporting former President Benigno Simeon Aquino’s crusade against an innocent man he considers his enemy. Keng is not Ressa’s only victim, but Keng brought justice not just to himself but also to Corona and the public who saw the injustice Ressa was committing then.

Expressions of support for Ressa would have you believe that the judge who presided over the case is corrupt and only bowed to Duterte’s wishes. They are disrespecting the rule of law by saying this. It is quite baffling considering Ressa still needs the court for her appeal. A smart person would want the judges to be on her side. That’s not going to happen if she keeps saying they are in cahoots with Duterte. It would be stupid of her and her supporters to malign members of the judiciary and paint them as Duterte’s lap dogs. The judiciary is an independent branch of government. Duterte cannot dictate his wishes on the judges. To say Ressa’s conviction is because of Duterte is tantamount to saying the court judges are corrupt. Whoever is saying that should be prosecuted.

Ressa and her supporters do not feel sorry for Keng. Rappler damaged his reputation but they still do not want to accept that the article they published broke the cyber libel law. She is not remorseful and doesn’t seem to have any plans of apologising. She keeps insisting that she is entitled to “press freedom”.

The concept behind press freedom is having the right to print or publicise factual information that is vital to the interests or safety of the public. It is not about the right to malign others without suffering the consequences. As a matter of fact, Ressa abused her power as a so-called journalist. She violated other people’s right to due process. She condemned people like Corona and Keng by publishing unverified and false information about them.

Ressa also continues to condemn Duterte before the international community by insisting he stifles dissent and is killing democracy. But Ressa and the rest of the Opposition have been saying that since Day One of Duterte’s Presidency. They contradict themselves everytime they say that. They have been enjoying their freedom to complain under Duterte for years. Proof of this is the fact that Ressa’s jet-setting lifestyle was not affected despite her incessant accusations against Duterte. She can go in and out of the Philippines without any hassle.

The members of the press will be fine as long as they don’t publish libelous content. I really hope other members of the media will learn from this. The conviction of former Rappler staff Santos Jr together with Ressa for violating the cyber libel law should serve as a warning to other Rappler staff. Ressa got Santos in trouble because she is a bad editor and her other cases still pending could prove she is a bad CEO. That could spell the end for Rappler. If I were them, I would look for another job now and not wait for the company to fold.

It’s getting tiring to read articles painting Ressa as a victim. She is not. She has a powerful tool — a media company that can and did ruin people’s reputations. She is just hiding behind the “press freedom” mantra. That freedom doesn’t include maligning others she doesn’t agree with.

I hate to rain on everyone’s parade, but it remains to be seen if Ressa will meet her cell mates any time soon. She is out on bail and will appeal before the highest court in the land. She is already using her conviction to advance her agenda to have Duterte removed by an international syndicate. We will see if her American citizenship will get her US support. But that can only mean the Philippine government can charge her with treason. I don’t think that is bailable.

58 Replies to “Maria Ressa’s criminal conviction is a victory for the Filipino people”

  1. “…To say Ressa’s conviction is because of Duterte is tantamount to saying the court judges are corrupt. Whoever is saying that should be prosecuted.”

    Lady, ease alittle! what about freedom of speech?!?

  2. Maria Reesa is an American citizen; and she is involved in political activities, in our country; that tries to remove the current Pres. Duterte. She was involved in demonizing the late Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona, at the command of her masters: the Aquino Cojuangco political axis.

    Now, she is convicted by the cyber libel law, approved and enacted by the late Pres. Cory Aquino. It is ironic, that “KARMA”, would work this way…

    Foreigners must not meddle in the Philippines…it is sad that former U.S. Sec. of State, Hilary Clinton is meddling in the Philippines. She has her own problems with credibility. Hilary Clinton, destroyed the computer drives evidences; in order to destroy her questionable communications, as U.S . Secretary of State….

    So, I request all foreigners, not to meddle in the internal affairs of the Philippines. We have a working Judiciary system. The one who sued , Maria Reesa and her accomplish, Mr. Santos; was a private citizen; Mr. Keng, who was maligned by Maria Reesa and Mr. Santos. It has nothing to do with politics. It has nothing to do with Duterte. It has nothing to do with Press Freedom.

    The YellowTards and the commies, try to politicize the issue of the her conviction, to make it be overturned… However, the case is overwhelmingly against , Maria Reesa, and her The evidences are glaring… Maria Reesa is now a convicted criminal…

    Who would want to read her blogsite ?

    1. @Hyden Toro Kho

      “Foreigners must not meddle in the Philippines….”

      Does this include MEGA – TURD benign0 as well who lives in AUSTRALIA !?!?!

      Oh the hypocrisy! Obviously an idiot like you couldn’t see this.

      1. @Darth M the YellowTard:

        Whatever your problem on BenignO is your own problem. To me, I see BenignO , as a patriotic Filipino, even if he lives in Australia.

        If you read the true history ( not the Aquino version); of the Philippines, during the struggle for independence; there were , “Filipino Illustrados”, who lived in Europe, and were writing propagandas against Spain.

        “La Solidaridad” was their newspaper. Many patriots were contributing their views, that ignited the fight for independence.

        It seems that “history is repeating itself”…in this time…the “Spaniards ” are the YellowTards , like you, who poisoned the minds of the Filipinos….the “illustrados” are like , the BenignOs, who live abroad, but are awakening their fellow Filipinos, thru their writings…

        YellowTards are now endangered species !

        1. @hyden ToroToro sex tape Kho

          LOL. you make me laugh. You are so stupid. Like whole other level stupid.

          At least Maria Ressa lives in the Philippines. While benign0 the COWARD TURD is hiding away in Australia. benign0 is not filipino. He has not contributed one measley cent to the betterment of the philippines. HE DOES NOT EVEN PAY TAXES. lol BIR should bust him up. Him and his “chi-chi” blog. freakin TRAITOR.

          If benign0 had any BALLS he should go back to the philippines RIGHT NOW. So that he gets his face punched by a real filipino patriot for insulting the filipino people all these years.

        2. HydenToro,

          I laughed so hard after reading your statement that “benign0 is patriotic.” I am not naive to the fact that benign0 is not patriotic but rather motivated to create this website for his own selfish biased agenda and passion in maligning the Aquino family and his perceived allies; the Roman Catholic Church; the Filipino masses; the mass media especially ABS-CBN and now Rappler. These are supposed enemies of Arroyo and Marcos families and not because they are dysfunctional. Reading all the articles in this website makes you think it is all concentrated on hating the Aquino family and other perceived enemies of Arroyo and Marcos family, while getting defensive of both Arroyo and Marcos. You cannot find any article written by benign0 and Ilda and other GRP writers hating these two as if their administrations are perfect and untouchables and have done this country a great deal to transition to first world for 9 years and 20 years in power, respectively.

          Being patriotic means being objective and impartial on what you believe is the right thing to do because patriotism is love and devotion to one’s country regardless of the odds or who is in power and, more importantly, not leaning to one’s political color. Benign0 doesn’t fit to be one nor Ilda. In Duterte’s administration where he already has a record of major blunders for his 4 years reign, benign0 and Ilda keep their silence all this time and did not bother to attack Duterte especially the nepotism and impunity issues, far from the ones they used to be doing almost every day on the supposed mistakes of Noynoy Aquino in 6 years.

          Hyden, you have the same color and political preference with benign0 so you don’t give a fuck even if your politicians are making blunders every day. You are not patriotic but rather divisive and selfish creatures. You are no different than your condemn enemy – the yellowtards. You are being dishonest on your cause. Benign0 is also dishonest and is selling a dishonest articles all these years to his readers in exchange of views and ads for their every visit in this website while laughing all the way to bank. Another truth is that all his opinions for a supposed progressive Philippines he doesn’t even take any action to himself to translate this into reality and just rely on those living in the Philippines to make a difference as if he is the boss, while enjoying the cowardly habit of hiding his identity and remain anonymous without a sense of accountability all this time. Most of all, he doesn’t have a DEBATING skill. His arguments are unsubstantial and when someone argued better, either benign0 will choose to remain silent or responding only a flimsy question and short trivial response while leaving/disregarding the important part of the argument. He has the habit of not following where the argument leads. That’s the fact that can convince us his opinionated articles are really dishonest ones.

        3. Wow, a special kind of stupid really is required to be able to dedicate so many words to what amounts to nothing more than a sad ad hominem. 😀

        4. benign0,

          You’ve been pretty comfortable using the term “ad hominem” as a special antidote against someone who personally attacked you. I guess you still don’t know all your life that ad hominem can be either reasonable or fallacious. Mine is reasonable and has a bearing of truth in relation to HydenToro’s statement. You make yourself look foolish by not refuting all my claims, so that makes my statement above valid and yours is an idiotic response who have been caught in a surprised attack.

          I debated with you previously with intellectual reason and yet you can’t defend your claims. Either of the two you are dumb. And in history, you have the tendency to block people you can’t stand to argue. I guess that’s the only last resort and the best option that you have to stifle dissent and to silent your opponent. ?

        5. @Jason: Hmmm… let me think about that for a moment…

          Nah, you’ve so far provided no evidence that you actually “won” any “debate” here — not with me, nor anyone else in this forum for that matter. And this is the reason you are here now equipped with nothing else but these bizarre speculations on people’s personal circumstances.

        6. benign0,

          It’s not a bizarre speculation but a truth and a fact. Anyone who follows this website surely knows I’m telling the truth. Either you choose not to see or your pride hampered your judgment.

          Since last month of May, you have been lazy with your arguments and so I owned you always. You will either dodge from important topic or you sound foolish asking trivial questions and not following where the argument is leading. Your style of reasoning is someone who only picks what is suited for him to response and would avoid dealing with hard arguments. If you don’t admit this, you are in denial or not using common sense.

          This website is nothing but some sort of dishonesty and travesty concocted by your own delusions to suit your political Arroyo and Marcos agenda and their allies including Duterte while perpetuating a forceful crusade to crush their enemies; the Aquinos and allies. This way, you only help political clan to succeed and not really fighting for the greater good of the Filipino nation. Hence, you are not patriotic but only motivated by a political agenda. The only difference is that your political ally dutertards are in power while yellowtards are in lesser positions. What is common to both of these political colors is that they prioritize their own agenda more than they prioritize the welfare of the Filipino nation. That’s what you are doing in this website with your opinionated biased articles.

        7. @Jason: Nope. Still no evidence of a sound argument ever fielded here nor any sign of any ground gained as far as any position you take (if any) is concerned. I really tried to find a pertinent point amongst the shrill assumptions and speculations you make in your comments but unfortunately continue to fail to find any such.

        8. benign0,

          Of course, it will take a real man to admit his faults. You don’t have the balls from the start as you have been hiding under the cloak of anonymity. You don’t share accountability. Your opinions in your articles are the product of your own political preference not substantiated by fair and balanced evidence. You shouldn’t expect evidence from me if you are not using common sense since I pointed out already the month of May as a hint but you continue to deny. I don’t have to be specific since I know you are a lazy ass.

          You like sharing dishonest blunders to gain views and money from readers. Nothing some sort of real actions from you to convince us you are true to your own words. As one commenter said, you enjoy your stay in Australia while demanding and expecting us to make real change in the Philippines without you contributing real action all these years. That’s a real lazy ass from you. You are not our boss and you don’t have the right to demand anything from us since I know from your articles you only want your political party the Arroyo, Marcos and allies (Duterte) to succeed, and nothing some sort of real concern about the whole Filipino nation and the Philippines but only hate and divisiveness like telling us to get rid of the yellowtards but taking a blind eye of the major blunders of other politicians like the nepotism and impunity of today’s admin. You can deny this but your articles speak for themselves.

        9. @Jason: And yet here you are still unable to put forth any semblance of a sound argument.

          Amazing how you are able to put in so many words that, together, amount to so very little. ?

        10. benign0,

          Since you did not refute any of my arguments above (despite having a time and a chance to do so) and you just keep quite on the above accusations hurled against you, that only makes them appear more valid. And your lousy response only affirmed impliedly what I already said above about your lack of debating skill. ?

        11. benign0,

          My ad hominem (as you labeled above) arguments. Don’t you know they are arguments too? Yes, they are also arguments just in case you don’t know. If you keep your silence despite of those attacks, you made them appear all true. ?

        12. @Jason: That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you all the while — that you offer nothing but ad hominem arguments.

          Glad that you now see things my way.

        13. I stated above that my ad hominem arguments are reasonable rather than fallacious. Ad hominem are either reasonable or fallacious depending on the topic of the argument whether they have a bearing of truth. You have to state your case or raise an objection. Since you did not, my arguments only appear more valid and truthful.

        14. Shame on you comparing Benigno to real heroes. Real heroes dont Partnered with CPP NPA. Benigno did!!!! Gising! Kung Pilipino ka talaga dapat alam mo yan! Hindi sya nanghimok ng saloobin ng Pilipino. Sinama niya ang mga Pinoy sa pagbagsak ng Pilipinas sa sarili niyang Ambisyong maging Presidente.

      2. Hey @Darth M, you’d forgot to read the statement of Wilfredo Keng:

        Maybe you either an ignorant guy who’d refused to read it or you think that Mr. Keng is a “government agent” & there’s a conspiracy on the cyberlibel lawsuit against the Crappler.

        Whatever the reason, you’re just a BS just like Ms. Maria Ressa. ?

      3. Filipinos love authoritarian leaders/dictators and use every strategies they can to justify their authority and actions no matter how stupid they are. The modus operandi here is to call anyone who oppose to Duterte ‘yellowtard’ (as if that means something),communist, leftist etc as if a bloodbath is the ultimate solution for the future of the Philippines. You are absolutely right Darth. People like benign0 glorify a retarded and incompetent dictator to their own country but live in the west and eat in the hand of the white man enjoying the flavor of modernity, freedom of expression, functioning system, decent salaries etc. ‘It’s great to have a psychopath leader who fixes things by killing people. As long as I don’t live there and I’m not affected’. Typical Filipino crab mentality.
        That turd should thanks the liberals since they’re the ones who make Filipinos go to Australia and give them opportunities.

        Call me a communist Yellowtard for opposing to that junk “leader”.

        1. Where were you during those 30+ years as if they were better back then. It’s not.

          You just hate the current incumbent since he doesn’t fit your feelings. And please, your post is incompetent and retarded since it reeks of ad hominem.

        2. Give us 20 reasons why Noynoy Aquino is the greatest president ever and why is he not retarded and incompetent and why should we believe you.

  3. Anybody can use some of the same arguments. She can have the worst lawyers, shitty evidence and still win. The current politics just doesn’t favor her.

    1. @Darth the YellowTard:

      Being a Filipino patriot is not being in the Philippines. We can love our country of our birth, even we are living in foreign lands. Do you think that the Filipino OFWs, because they are living and working in foreign lands are unpatriotic ? And these OFW people have no right to comment with their view about our country ?

      Your YellowTard brain is still held hostage by the 1986 Aquino EDSA stupidity. YellowTardism is now out of our times !

      1. @hyden the STOOPID toro toro

        You mean the OFWs that benign0 the TURD called “panhandlers in other countries” !?!?! LOL
        You are too stoopid to understand your own arguments so I own you every time.

        OFWs send money back to the philippines and pay taxes. benign0 has not sent a single centavo back. Only hatred from his chi-chi blog.

        1. @Darth the YellowTard:

          Your problem of BenignO is your own…OFW are living in foreign countries, so you call them foreigners, as you had stated.

          Ask if BenignO had not remitted any money to his relatives; do not presume what people do…I know a Filipino who works and live in America, who sends frequent remittances of money to his family in the Philippines…when he comes home, the Philippines Embassy ask him to pay his taxes, before issuing him a visa…

  4. I believe that on balance, its still better that journalists are afforded leeway in their search for truth that they dont have to worry about jail time every time they offend someone “powerful”. Society is better served than media silenced by fear.

      1. Overall, i think we can afford the occasional defamatory article in exchange for a vigorous and vigilant media. I dont think the common citizen has an idea of the courage it takes to report on the powerful in our society, its life and death. I propose a maximum penalty of fines and forced retractions but zero imprisonment. Also, consumers will not support/ostracize to bankruptcy any habitually offending media entity or personality. And we do have a choice whether we believe or not believe what we read from whatever organization writing.

        Another thing, you notice when youre trying to make sense or articulate a new idea you will blurt out something offensive sometimes? what if you can be imprisoned for that, your ability to think itself will be affected. anyway just my 2¢ 🙂

        1. @greengrin:

          Use your common sense, to evade those troubles…as long as you are telling the truth, and tell the truth, no matter who gets hurt…it will be okay !

        2. Defamatory articles are everywhere that the justice system won’t keep up.
          Maximum penalty and forced retractions? Where is courage and responsibility in that? A vigorous and vigilant media would have to be motivated on its own. I wouldn’t be so paranoid about blurting out offensives if I have no misaligned/dishonest agenda.
          People’s choice are limited by access. There are ways to improve on that, but priorities are misplaced.

    1. But they are given that leeway.

      In this case though, I think an important point that is “glossed over” is that Mr Keng did try to have Rappler correct themselves without resorting to filing a case. He even included documentary evidence from the relevant agencies of his innocence.

      Yet, Rappler did not retract or publish a correct article.

      Now, for the “claim” of Ressa that she wasn’t reached by Mr Keng… It remains to be seen as it appears that her office was the one reached and a writer for Rappler prepared a correction of their mistake but Rappler did not publish it (upper management decision).

      So, Rappler themselves looks to have not done themselves any favors.

    1. This case seems to be different though.

      I do agree that it would be bad for Investigative Reporters to be “handcuffed” by abuse of lawsuits/fear of lawsuits of libel.

      But, if it is in fact an investigative report, there should be documentary evidence supporting the report published right?

      The mere fact they claimed there was a report of investigations on Mr Keng back then must have lead them to a certain document or a report. Where was that document? If they relied on hearsay or what “someone” said, that shouldn’t even be viewed as investigative journalism, right?

      I read the decision of the court and from what I understood, Ressa and the writer did nothing to defend themselves in the case. They did not present who “Edited” the 2012 article for the typo or the original 2012 article vs the 2014 article to show what was corrected/updated, for some reason.

      I honestly did not understand why that was the strategy.

      I’m guessing that maybe since they expect appeals will happen, are they planning to present it later in the CA or SC? Can they do that?

  5. they should be taking up a different career if that’s the case. Will their documentary evidence hold if they had presented it before?

  6. Journalism is long dead in our country, much more investigative journalism. It started, when Cory Aquino was President. Cory Aquino used, “willing paid journalists ” , to be her propaganda media machines. She also used , the Roman Catholic Church priests, bishops, and cardinals to project her sainthood, to us the gullible people…. Her team of propaganda journalists, used to photograph, Cory Aquino, kneeling infront of the Church Altar, “as if” praying…and her bunch of “paid journalists”, will publish the photo, write about her “untainted sainthood”…

    Maria Reesa and her “journalists” cahoots, were one of those Cory Aquino propaganda machine journalists. .. She was employed by the fake news and biased media: ABS CBN…after which, she founded the, to continue to serve the Aquino Cojuangco political axis as their propaganda machine.

    Journalism, much more investigative journalism, is long dead in our country…it was buried a long time ago by the Aquinos !

      1. @Benthere:

        Libel is when you destroy someone’s reputation by falsehood. What I am writing in my blogs are the truth and nothing but the truth. …These events had truly taken place in the past…Let them come and accuse me, if they have the balls to deal with me. I am waiting to deal with anyone, who can refute my blogs…

        YellowYartds are the most stupid political species on out country !

        1. “Libel is when you destroy someone’s reputation by falsehood.”

          Not necessarily so.
          Look at Art. 353 at webpage:

          “A libel is public and malicious imputation of a crime, or of a vice or defect, real or imaginary, or any act, omission, condition, status, or circumstance tending to cause the dishonor, discredit, or contempt of a natural or juridical person, or to blacken the memory of one who is dead.”

  7. First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a socialist.
    Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out— because I was not a trade unionist.
    Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—because I was not a Jew.
    Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

    ……………….. But I guess it’s ok if its benign0 the TURD who lives in Australia. (Safe and Sound)

    1. @Darth M the YellowTard:

      We are not German Nazis…we are making our country safe from : commies; prostituted fake news journalists; YellowTards like you; and other misfits…Maria Reesa destroyed a man’s reputation, and Cyber law is the law of the land, approved and enacted by Cory Aquino…

      Surely, they will come for YellowTards like you sooner, if not later …

      Do not violate the laws, and you will have no problem !

      1. @Proudly DUMB
        After they come for me. They will come for you. They always come for everyone. Soon we will be living in a North Korea like hell hole because of STOOPID sheep idiots like you.

        Except for benign0, who is SAFE and SOUND in Australia

        1. Yeah maybe someday calling the president schoofid in twitter will be grounds for locking Pinoys in jail for inciting rebellion. Maybe that’s what Filipinos deserve. The Philippines’ communist rebellion is Asia’s longest-running insurgency. Why?

          Just look at where all out FREEDOM got Filipinos… What was that MLQ “run like hell” quote again? Here’s a tip: Mitigated freedom managed by world-class minds that have been exposed to real systems abroad (the type that can set up and MAINTAIN functional rail lines up to the International Airport) would be what you should be wishing for.

          Belated Happy “Independence” Day!

        2. “More than half of my batch-mates at the Ateneo de Manila high school and college— mostly from the upper class —also didn’t prefer a government run like hell by Filipinos, and have migrated to the US and Canada, many straight from college.”

          – a quick quote from that Tiglao article.

          Technically, opting to stay in the Philippines is for the super elite who have the means to insulate themselves from all the suffering, or for the super poor who have no options but to remain in the basket case. For everyone else in the middle, there’s nothing stopping you from getting out – esp. if you’re not happy, and wish for a more comfortable, convenient , orderly and systematic life where things actually work consistently.

          You don’t need to be in PH to be nationalistic. Covid and the new normal just made physical location even less of a factor in being an influence for positive change for your country. Why organize street rallies when you can just post a twitter/FB viral message. Become viral and visible enough for “investigative journalists” to notice you and next thing you know Congress has a bill on the table to address your concern.

        3. See you at the concentration camp bud. I am going to ready the rocks you will break and the songs to Duterte you will sing all day 😉

  8. The loyal hard-working American character assassin goes to jail while the lackadaisical mastermind lazily slouches on his couch playing video games. At least that’s “better than nothing” justice that most Filipinos will settle for.

  9. It is hilarious to me that this site has all these articles claiming how this was the “right/just” conviction. I like this site a lot, and agree with most of the stuff, but think about this in the most basic way….

    Rappler writes an article in 2012.

    Supposedly the article hurt/ruined an extremely wealthy businessman’s reputation.

    So obviously that businessman would file his objection to the article right away as his reputation is being so damaged….

    NOPE, he waited 5 YEARS to file a complaint…..

    Anyone with a brain knows the whole cyber libel complaint is strictly political as some friends of Keng (I highly doubt Keng came up with this charge) realized they could charge the writer and owner with this cyber libel crime.

    The whole charge is ridiculous on so many levels like many things in The Philippines.
    One of the reasons why reading this site is great is because usually GRP calls out this sort of nonsense, but for some reason now (I don’t know if because of Ressa’s previous connections or whatever) GRP is truly missing the point.

    This is off topic… but I truly hope someday “logic” will be more highly ingrained in Philippines education system.

    1. Did you read the RTC decision on Ressa’s case at all?

      Did see what the judge cited as grounds for why the case was ruled the way it was?

      Are we not all aware that this still goes to appeal is not “the end”?

  10. If you agree with what I am commenting on my blogs…thank you. ..If you do not agree with what I am commenting on my blogs…thank you , also…

    I write my blog comments in truthful ways, as much as possible. It is not of my liking/enjoyment, to ruin someone’s reputation…If I offend someone…it is their fault, not my fault… Because they have done such despicable things, to ruin our country; and to manipulate the ignorant/naive mindsets of most of us…most of the bloggers, who commented for the truth are doing good jobs for our fellow Filipinos.

    It is sad that some of the mindsets of our fellow Filipinos, are still “held hostage” by the remnant propaganda machines of the Aquino Cojuangco political axis …

    Interactions of both those who agree and those who do not agree with any subject in this website , is vital for having/receiving good informations to come to all of us !

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