Kakie Pangilinan needs to check her privilege

Indeed it really does suck to be anyone who is not Kakie Pangilinan. The chi chi daughter of The Megastar Sharon Cuneta and so-so legislator Kiko Pangilinan is seen to be a deity of the “feminist” cause by Filipino wokedom. Even her opinion as an eleven-year-old on the impeachment trial of the late former Chief Justice Renato Corona in 2012 was seen fit to be given air time by Opposition newsletter Rappler considering her quaint journal on the then unfolding circus contained material that fit their narrative (and very likely their singular mission back then).

This moved anti-injustice lawyer Fedinand Topacio to weigh in on the matter and issue a long-overdue realty check on the politico-showbiz clan of Senator and Mrs Cuneta and their precious scion…

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Hi, Kakie Pangilinan. Read your notes on CJ Corona that you saw fit to publicize. Here are my notes on your father: Sen. Pangilinan is a lousy lawyer who couldn’t even win as kapitan till he married your mom and exploited her popularity. He can’t hold a candle to your mom’s first and greatest love Gabby, who remains dashing until now. If I were 12 years old, I’d bitch-slap you and say F.U. for your rudeness to a dead, great man. Ate Shawie [Sharon], since the [Secretary of Justice Menardo Guevarra] is your friend, SUE ME! BRING IT ON!

Last week Pangilinan was embroiled in a social media scuffle with a Netizen (reportedly a certain “Sonny Alcos”) who allegedly threatened her online. This unleashed the wrath of her mother who went on a mega-rampage pulling strings of privilege along the way and, not surprisingly, succeeded in tracking down the culprit in just a matter of days thanks to her powerful friends. Cuneta earlier made clear in a tweet her intent and the means with which she would be effecting it…


…the “right people” here of course being Secretary of Justice Menardo Guevarra. I know, right?

The swiftness with which the wheels turned on the behest of The Megastar is a clear case study of how things are done in the Philippines. It also illustrates the selective nature of “activism” in the country noting how supposedly communist groups like “women’s issues” mob Gabriela quickly side with the Cunetas’ privileged sort whenever convenient.

Gabriela Partylist stands with Frankie 'Kakie' Pangilinan! Stop using threats of sexual violence against critical voices! We fully stand with @kakiep83 amid the slew of troll hate speech & even rape threat she is receiving for criticizing the Duterte administration.

Funny enough, our comradettes at Gabriela seem to overlook Cuneta’s use of her friendship with an influential member of Duterte’s cabinet to make it all happen.

This all illustrates the whole problem with “activism” of the woke sort practiced by the chi chi Starbucks and private school crowd that the Kakie Pangilinans of this world represent. It results in the incoherent and, as such, electorally-unwinnable nature of today’s Opposition — a hodgepodge of shrill voices “united” only against a strawman of their own making, “stanning” for the latest trending social media “hero”, and not much else of substance.

10 Replies to “Kakie Pangilinan needs to check her privilege”

  1. The Pangilinans are a family of “matsings”…the father Kiko is a “matsing.”..the wife , a “matsing.”..the daughter is a “matsing”…They all behave like, “Matsings”

    Politics is really a “nasty profession” in our country. It makes people behave not like human beings; but behave like their “simian cousins”…

    We have to see, if these people have tails, since they are behaving like one !

  2. Wooooooowwwwww just when I thought benign0 the CLOWN is scrapping the bottom of the barrel he always finds a new low in the Shitter.

    So you are advocating for a man who threatened to RAPE a young woman online?!?! This young woman who is barely an adult. For the crime of expressing her opinion? (Which you also do in your ever STOOOPID GRP Blog filled with monkeys like hyden toro toro).

    Why don’t you tell your employer in AUSTRALIA how much pro-RAPE you are. Maybe you should check your own god-damn privileges YOU SICKO

    1. @Darth M the Lunatic YellowTard:

      I am not a monkey, and a lunatic YellowTard like you.

      Why do you blog here , if you think this is a stupid web blog ?

      It means you are not only Lunatic YellowTard; but a stoopid YellowTard…

      Get lost, nuisance, you are not wanted here !

    2. Says the guy who is actually PRO-RAPE and a total SICKO all along and then points fingers at others.

      Typical liberal leftist thinking right there.

  3. What’s surprising is that we’re still reacting with surprise when it comes to these things. It is what we’ve built-in and implied that people in their position get to pull the strings. But it’s something we’d like to think should not be taught to our children.

    1. And Kiko and Shawie should know better, otherwise, the fruit will not fall far from the tree, indeed.

  4. Don’t touch the high and mighty people! Media, Celebrity and political people are noble and holy in the Philippines!

  5. Lol. What bunch of KIDS, being triggered by notes of a fellow 11 YR OLD KID. Smh.
    Parepareho kayo. Mga matatandang paurong. Right topacs?

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