Demonising the police is a DANGEROUS slippery slope

I find it a bit disturbing seeing all the rhetoric meant to incite hatred against the police. Police officers, after all, are people who rush headlong into danger on a typical day at the office. We’ve seen the tragic outcome of incompetent police action back in 2010 when a squad of police officers who couldn’t wield their weapons competently botched a hostage rescue resulting in the death of nine Hong Kong tourists. If we do the statistics, we’ll likely find that more trouble is caused when the police are restrained than when they are given latitude to do their jobs. One wonders then what the end game of the “activists”, radicals, and extremists who demonise the police is.

There seems to be an emerging pattern in the way “activists” always paint the police as the “evil” antagonist. Perhaps it is because anarchy can only prosper when a state’s police forces are significantly weakened. Anarchy, after all, is the foundation upon which extremist elements mount their jihads or “revolutions” whether it be one that seeks to establish their long-overdue (they say) pan-continental caliphate or dictatorship of the proletariat.

What they seem to not be telling the people they seek to convert to their cause is their proposed alternative to the police if they do succeed at crushing them. Obviously there is none other than, get this, standing up their own police force, say, some sort of Taliban or Revolutionary Guard to keep their newly-subjugated population under control. Either way, it is likely that under the rule of an extremist Islamic or communist government, a police state far more oppressive than the one they imagine is the case today will likely take effect.

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People need to routinely ask an “activist” or radical a simple question whenever they get an earful of their quaint slogans: And then what?

“Overthrow the US-[insert current president here] Dictatorship!”

And then what?

“US troops out now!”

And then what?

“Junk the Anti-Terrorism Bill”

And then what?

Regardless of what the slogan is being flashed in the latest “street protests” the question is the same and, very likely, will remain unanswered. And regardless of what the “trending” “activist” hashtag is, the police will do their job which is to maintain law and order. Ordinary Filipinos, those who all but roll their eyes up to the sky whenever they see the usual faces and names populating these street circuses, will be happy to see the police do just that.

The police are not the enemy here. Terrorists and extremist elements are. And if not the police, who else will have the means to neutralise these criminal elements? Certainly not the snowflakes who regard their “fight” as one involving wearing a red shirt or brandishing a placard with a cliche written on it while dancing on the streets.

20 Replies to “Demonising the police is a DANGEROUS slippery slope”

  1. Although there are crooked Policemen; we need the Police to keep the peace, and enforce the laws and ordinances.

    Demonizing the Police will not achieve anything good…On the other hand, we must clean the Police Forces, of bad elements; improve their efficiencies in fighting criminals; and give them modern and working equipment, to do their jobs well. We must separate the Police from politics…no politician should use the Police to further their political agendas…

    We also have good people in the Police Forces; doing their jobs well; and enforcing the laws.

    We salute those good Police Officers, of jobs well done !

    1. What if we go deeper? What if we address why the crimes are happening in the first place? There are a lot of social injustices in our lifetime, and the only proper way to address them is simultaneously. Meaning, we look at why people are still poor WHILE we take care of the environment WHILE addressing gender equity WHILE we look at the questionable quality of our healthcare system, etc…

      I’d like to live in a society in which I don’t have to trust (“put all my eggs in one basket” so to speak) an authority (the police, for example) for “peace and order”, because that’s just not a resilient way to actually maintain peace and order. What if they’re incompetent, prone to corruption and abuse of power? Oh wait, they actually are.

      Obvs, I don’t have the answer. Some of the comments here mentioned “cleaning the police force”, and that’s a good tiny, molecular, baby step, better than no step at all. But we have to look beyond that.

      1. Your appeal to emotion and utter lack of credibility when you mention “Social Justice” makes you like the rest of your type, all sloganeering slacktivists use of, there’s no nuance in “Justice” when you add in your favorite word “Social”. And addressing all of these issues? on whose lense? because plenty of people can say “Corruption” of anyone they can point blame at with little solutions other than mob mentality.

        And I completely agree with you on putting your entire safety and protection to the state, too bad the way the country works, most of the use of force is relegated to Police and the Armed Forces, and there’s little to no equalizer to Self-Defense laws when we do not have a culture of responsible gun ownership, and our laws are strict, doesn’t matter to the Communist Insurgency, Islamic Terror groups and Criminal Syndicates.

        And there’s a quote for your views on “Social Justice”
        “Envy was once considered to be one of the seven deadly sins before it became one of the most admired virtues under its new name, ‘social justice. ‘”
        One of the greatest evils unleashed in the 20th century was the ideology of everyone are equal, but some are more equal than others.

        1. No nuance in justice when you add the word “social”? So what do you think justice is for? You’re no different from those you ridicule when you’re triggered by the mere mention of those words, however clichéd. You too are also losing nuance, which then makes you as vulnerable.

          What makes you think we do not have a responsible gun ownership culture?

        2. “Envy was once considered to be one of the seven deadly sins before it became one of the most admired virtues under its new name, ‘social justice. ‘” – Thomas Sewell

          This quote is a good gauge on identifying envious socialist thungs, and it’s quite easy to see how your pathetic attempts at projecting “nuance” and accusing me of being “triggered”? If you aren’t unbiased, you should know there’s “Justice” and there’s “Social Justice” where people who often think think they know about “Equality” gets to decide who is more equal than others.

          And the Philippine’s gun laws are strict, from Marcos to Benigno Aquino, the requirements of being the age of 21 years old, background check by the Government that can take months to years, and the constant requirement of renewal of your license every 2 years and registration of your guns every 4 years is as strict as it gets, fail in those and you will not be allowed to own a gun or have yours confiscated, that creates the whole issue of the state having a monopoly of force and the only those who can afford this in having a gun. And we have a culture for decades that demonizes gun ownership on the poor or those who do not have strict training, how can you have a culture of responsible gun ownership when it’s limited to those who can afford it? we’ve seen for years on retired policemen or military who gets into fights with their service revolvers.

        3. I just had to rearrange parts of your comment. It seems to have a split personality.

          “And we have a culture for decades that demonizes gun ownership on the poor or those who do not have strict training, how can you have a culture of responsible gun ownership when it’s limited to those who can afford it?

          If you aren’t unbiased, you should know there’s “Justice” and there’s “Social Justice” where people who often think think they know about “Equality” gets to decide who is more equal than others.

          Envy was once considered to be one of the seven deadly sins before it became one of the most admired virtues under its new name, ‘social justice. ‘” – Thomas Sewell

          Btw, the mob don’t need guns.

    2. @898Hyden963Toro999999 Well that’s true even in the United States that some of the Americans are demonizing their policemen as a criminal or a villain & not heroes. And this is what happens right now in the protest movement of Black Lives Matter, or shoule we say Black LIES Matter because their activism is way overboard & it stains by political biases just like what this Black American police sheriff said on this video:

  2. @benign0 the FOOL, I read your article above really carefully hoping to find an intelligent point within it. Sadly, I failed in that endeavour.

    What exactly would an AUSTRALIAN know about policing in the philippines!?!?! You haven’t lived here for more than a decade. Obviously you just yappin away with no SKIN in the game.

    You make me sick you TURD!

  3. Oh btw look what I found…

    Pretty convenient right benign0!?!?! Magically the PNP just now became a bunch of angels , even though we know policemen don’t really change from admin to admin.

    I guess its just to push a certain “narative” .

    This is all the PROOF you need that benign0 is a HYPOCRITE con-man who lives in Australia who doesn’t know JACK.

    Most pilipinos know the police are dangerous (and have always been) and not to be trusted. They routinely abuse power (i.e. the guy they beat-up in dasmarinias village)

  4. most congressmen are endangering the lives of pilipinos by not obeying the constitution and i think that’s terrorism. how many of them might be also american/pilipino dual citizens???

    1. well, good for them, that’s not how they defined “terrorism” in the bill, so they’re not terrorists, yay! /s

      but seriously, look this up (for anyone reading this): who drafted the constitution if not the privileged?

      1. The 1987 Constitution drafted by “Revolutionaries” who were “victims of great injustice”? that’s quite the ironic word to describe these varied people of affluence, and plenty of flaws in the constitution of the Corazon Aquino-led Government created. But how do you supposed we fix that when Filipino citizens continue to elect Congressmen to continue adding law after law to our already bloated Legislature? here’s something to think about, “More law, less justice.” Because just like the thinking that “Bigger Government = Better Service and Efficiency”, adding more laws that the average Filipino do not know, will not help them.

  5. Difficult to support a mob of angry idiots enticed by a bunch of Communists from Antifa and BLM and generally need a proper excuse to act like animals, and it’s sadder to even think that “Foreign Politics” is becoming a trend to follow here in the Philippines while they gather around a dead man who never asked to be a symbol but was artificially made into a Saint with a criminal record that is not flattering.

    If the media keeps reporting those riots full of arson, looting, murder and destruction of property as “Peaceful”. then I cannot support this and those idiots reporting it, nor will I ever associate with idiots who say that “Human life is more important than property” in defense to this temper tantrum and pathetic excuse to steal. Nor would I ever support someone with this thinking with power.

    1. during your research, did you also find out that arson, looting, murder (of what again?) and destruction of property is actually a rare occurrence among the places where protests are taking place? of course,

      The Media WILL keep reporting the arson, looting, murder (srsly, of what?) and destruction of property to discourage people from supporting the protests, and from the limited knowledge that I have, that’s called sensationalism. It’s working noh?

      1. Ah, the activist buzzword list of “How can I keep justifying these riots while supporting peaceful protests”, if you were never the disingenuous type , I’d assume you saw the activation of 26 of the 50 states there of the National Guard, or have you seen what’s happened in Minnesota? their so-called city council just voted to dismantle the Police there and replace it something else, are you happy about that? And what “Media” do you refer to? from the coverage of MSNBC, ABC, and CNN, it’s been “Peaceful Protests”, not a mention of the word “Riot”, “Murder”, “Arson” and “Looting”, if you were not the disingenuous type, you’d realize not talking and reporting about this, is the same as giving tacit approval to continue rioting. Have you watched what’s going on in New York City? lots of “Peaceful Protests” and attacks against Policemen.

        If you were not disingenuous, you’d realize the death of one person shouldn’t be taken out against thousands of innocent business owners, or are you one of those types who said “Human life cannot be replaced” when justifying those fires and looting? and “rare occurrence”, it’s so rare that it happened to spread from the city of Minneapolis to New York, Los Angeles, Dallas, Phoenix , Boston, and more, but keep defending your “Peaceful” temper tantrums.

  6. Pinoys…typical bandwagoners! What does George Floyd have to do with these sheep? Oh wait, most Filipinos are pasaway like their hero thug George who was a career criminal and had even done a home invasion and pointed a gun threatening a pregnant woman. Guess many pinoys identify with this guy since a lot are lawbreakers and have no sense of accountability. Lack of discipline to note. Many wish they’re in the heights of Singapore. Haha you wish that, morons! The key success is that unlike pasaway pinoys, Singaporeans abide the law seriously, are hard at their work, and don’t have all the toxic habits of Filipinos who wait for heaven to grant them blessings. Sheesh, you can’t even follow simple laws like throwing garbage in right places or doing illegal vending…now you protest against some “injustice”. Hilarious cause they just couldn’t see through their own hypocrisy just like much of the BLM movement towards their own community.

  7. It seems like you’re claiming things about us that we’ve never said? We never said we were against ALL police. When you talk about cultural and political issues, do people actually expect that people are making 100% strict generalizations? When you say “Filipinos” are easily insulted or stupid, I do not conclude you are actually talking about yourselves as Filipinos as well. It is just a way to simplify the discussion without constantly stopping to say what we’re saying is not a strict generalization of everyone in the group.

    We never said all police were evil. I do sympathize that many activists do conclude this, and I am sorry on their behalf for their lack of foresight. Though please know, we are not all like that.

    Thank you. Please provide me feedback if you wish.

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