We need a more INTELLIGENT “troll” narrative


The Filipino people need to put their collective foot down and take the social media “troll” narrative back into the level playing field of the broader public discourse. At the moment, the “woke” members of the Opposition, particularly the most rabid bloc within it loyal to the Aquino-Cojuangco feudal clan (a.k.a. the Yellowtards), presume to be the sole judge of who is a “troll” or what a “troll” is. They exercise their self-appointment as judges in a Yellowtard court they set up with their liberal Mainstream Media allies to both rule on and bear down on those they summarily deem to be “trolls”.

Manila Times columnist and self-appointed “social media expert” Noemi Dado so succinctly encapsulates this arrogant and presumptuous position Yellowtardom takes on “troll” politics here…

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“Trolls [and] supporters [of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte] are mostly reactive to the organic display of criticism,” said Noemi Dado, a blogger and member of the Consortium on Democracy and Disinformation. “Duterte is supposed to have a high satisfaction rating… so the trolls must make it look like Duterte is loved.”

…that it was used as a key reference in the now-infamous dishonest Washington Post “report” authored by its Manila correspondent Regine Cabato which I featured in a previous article.

Unlike Noemi Dado, real bloggers embrace and respond to dissent.
(Photo source: Unbox.ph)

Cabato’s public dishonesty stems from her attempt to mislead people into thinking that the main criteria used by Twitter to suspend users is their support for the government of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte. This is evident in the title of said piece, “Twitter suspends accounts defending Philippine government response to coronavirus pandemic”.

Totally dishonest indeed. Twitter, like many other large social media platforms, apply generally consistent sets of guidelines to ensure “community standards” are adhered to but don’t include any sort of partisan affiliation as criteria for determining violations. Thus, to claim that Twitter singles out “accounts defending Philippine government response to coronavirus pandemic” is absolutely unfounded.

Cabato’s behaviour when challenged to clarify the sloppy journalism she subjects her readers to is also typical of the arrogance “woke” Opposition partisans contribute to the national discourse. Cabato says she finds it “troubling when the people who advise our politicians’ campaigns are informed by Get Real PH instead of news organizations.” This is a bit sad coming from a Washington Post “reporter” seeing how a person employed by an enterprise within a declining industry struggles to defend it. Indeed, “news organisations” aren’t exactly enjoying their heyday as far as people’s trust goes nowadays. “Journalists” are seriously overdue for a bit of reflection seeing how practitioners such as Cabato routinely make assertions they are woefully unable to back with verifiable specifics.

In the end, the only recourse “woke” people like Cabato habitually take is to silence people who dissent.

Ironic, right? More so considering that Cabato describes herself in her Twitter profile as a “tough cookie” who “blooms in adversity”.

Double unfortunate is how “woke” journalism pulls down into the abyss it is falling into erstwhile noble liberal Western concepts such as “human rights”. No less than Filipino “human rights” guru himself, the eminent Carlos Conde, weighed in on the Cabato imbroglio tweeting that, “[if] you are a journalist and you get attacked by the morons over at Get Real PH, that means you are doing your job.”

Let’s examine more closely Conde’s logic, which basically goes like this…

IF you get “attacked” by GRP;
THEN “you are doing your job”

Scratch that. The above is an insult to the very notion of logic. Conde fails at the most basic principle of intelligent conversation — establishing a sound premise to frame one’s argument. Conde builds his entire argument upon two lame pillars: (1) that Cabato was “attacked” by GRP and (2) that Cabato was “doing her job”. Firstly, Conde has so far failed to exhibit any evidence that such an attack transpired and continues to fail to produce such despite several challenges to step up and do so. And then there is the idea that Regine Cabato was “doing her job”. Perhaps she was. The question is what defines said “job”? Was it a job as a true journalist in the honourable sense of the profession, or a job as lackey of the owners of the very chi chi but increasingly irrelevant Washington Post?

Dialling back to what defines a real troll, it seems that self-proclaimed “thought leaders” like “social media expert” Noemi Dado, Washington Post “reporter” Regine Cabato, and “human rights activist” Carlos Conde are the ones who exhibit the very trollish behaviour they presume to rail about. They issue assertions they are unable to substantiate specially when challenged to do so, make liberal use of credentials to demand that their arguments be deferred to, defend their hollow assertions using medieval reasoning, and silence dissent when challenged to respond.

It is high time Filipinos open their eyes to the blatant insult to their intelligence these people dishonestly institutionalise as “thought leadership” and “journalism”. It’s time Filipinos take back their public political discourse and take to task those who seek to pervert it towards their insidious agendas.

11 Replies to “We need a more INTELLIGENT “troll” narrative”

  1. Noemi Dado is a paid YellowTard WebBlogger; same as , Maria Reesa of Rappler.com. These paid WebMasters, were hired by the Aquino Cojuangco political axis and the oligarch, to continue the Aquino era disinformation. To destroy, Web Blogsites that are against their political agendas and personal agendas.

    Journalism is already dead in our present time…there are paid prostituted journalists; there are biased journalists; and there are fake news journalists. Just look at the Mainstream media, peddling biased and fake news. Even TV networks, cannot be trusted to be giving us accurate , and fair and balanced news.

    It is good , they cannot control the bloggers; which they tried to control. They put their own Blog Sites
    ; however, people are getting wiser to whom to believe…

  2. Its not the woke who decide who is the troll its twitter, facebook and the other platforms who want to clean their lot. Obviously the troll accounts were banned for breaking twitter rules not for “supporting the president”. But what about the meat of the matter, the fact the banned accounts spewed pro duterte messages? shouldnt we care about that e.g. maybe whether taxpayers money were used to fund the trolls, or any crime was committed in their operations, why is that so unimportant to you and you focus on the messenger?

    1. But there are companies that went ‘woke’, though. PR firms can also get woke in order to to appease the woke crowd.

      And that’s a yes, because the woke are the noisiest of the bunch. Seriously, I went there.

  3. I also detect a little “rage against expertise” argument here. The idea that “argument from authority” is a fallacy only works in philosophy 111 class. In the real world expertise is everything. Imagine after reading up on wikipedia you argue against a historian who had a doctoral on the ancient roman republic; or a philosophy undergrad entering a medical conference and argues against doctors using “logic” hehehe. On the same manner I would believe more in wapo than in any random blog on the interwebs.

  4. Says the #1 TROLL of the philippines.

    SHUT the f— up benign0 the FOOL. You don’t even live in the philippines yet you keep running your mouth. Nice to be sitting nice and comfy in Australia eh? While you run your filthy commie mouth.

      1. @benign0
        Is this really all you can say benign0?!?! You keep saying this ad nasuem

        I’ve responded already before so I won’t get into it again. You are not a very intelligent troll….

  5. These bloggers are just ivory tower people who believe their own little circle is the standard of the world. So when they see people who disagree with their little circle, they try to ruin those people, one of the ways is calling them trolls. To them, every Duterte supporter is a troll. Probably anyone who didn’t vote Duterte, like me, but does not support ousting him, is a troll to them. These people are trying to own the world, but I’m thankful they can’t. They don’t have a patent on that is terrible and non-terrible in the world, so other people with opposite opinions have the right to remain. If my beliefs are terrible to them, I have a right to that and they have no right to shut me up or incite others to shut me.

  6. High standards and working for the Washington Post don’t go together in the real world. One would assume that a blue-checked tabloid reporter to realize that but here we are.

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