Filipinos like COMELEC commissioner Rowena Guanzon are threats to democracy and Philippine progress

Filipino Netizens became witness to irrational behaviour on social networking site Twitter from Rowena Guanzon, Commissioner of the Commission on Elections (COMELEC) after she went on a bragging spree because “trolls” annoyed her. She referred to herself as a “senior” Commissioner in a desperate attempt to get some respect after she made a series of cringe-worthy posts.

Guanzon’s mini-meltdown started when she expressed her condemnation of Police Master Sergeant Daniel Florendo for shooting and resulting in the death of retired army corporal Winston Ragos. Ragos was stopped for allegedly violating quarantine protocols in Quezon City and was shot twice after he threatened to pull a gun on the police officers. Guanzon was of the opinion that there was evidence of premeditation and that Florendo planned to kill Ragos from the beginning: The intent to kill was present. That and two shots were fired. Sa first shot immobilized na si Ragos. Why fire a 2nd shot?

Whether she is right or wrong about her presumption is beside the point. The point is, when people challenged Guanzon’s point of view, she went a little crazy. Her succeeding posts overly emphasised her position in the COMELEC. She couldn’t stop reminding people who she is.

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(Links to tweets respectively: 1, 2, 3)

'Pro PNP Pro -Florendo' trolls , u can't succeed in attacking me, a Senior Commissioner of @COMELEC  . U are generating an environment of impunity. That is very very bad. STOP IT #BawalAngShunga @pnppio  @CIDG_PNP @PNPChiefGamboa

Pro PNP Trolls I'm warning u. I am @COMELEC Senior Commissioner . PNP is deputized by the COMELEC during the election period and we issue the gun exemptions

You don't get it in your thick skulls that when you attack a Commissioner you attack us all. Cardema 's lesson should be clear to all by now.

She followed those tweets with challenges to lawyers to debate her but said only lawyers who graduated from the University of the Philippines (UP) or Ateneo law schools are worth her time.

(Links to tweets respectively: 4, 5, 6)

Those who are challenging me to a debate about the killing of Corporal Ragos  should do it personally and directly .Baka sumikat kayo, chance nyo na ito. But be sure u graduated from UP Law or Ateneo Law and u are teaching law. Otherwise don't waste my time #BawalAngShunga

Because, as we always say in the @upsystem, there is UP and there are 'the others.' Hahahah joke. #BawalAngShunga

Hindi puede yong lawyer who passed the Bar in 2010 and not from UP Law or Ateneo Law and has not taught Law in either colleges. Challenger yon na ambisyoso Pero unqualified #BawalAngShunga

To be honest, I felt sad for the Filipino people after reading her posts. While she is not the President of the Philippines, Guanzon does hold a powerful position in government. As Commissioner of the COMELEC, she has the power to apply election guidelines strictly or loosely depending on whose side she is on. Case in point was during the 2016 Presidential Elections. It was Guanzon who let slide the Liberal Party’s violation in submitting their statement of campaign expenses (SOCE). In an earlier Get Real Post article, we highlighted how current Vice President Leni Robredo’s running mate and Liberal Party presidential candidate Mar Roxas as well as the Liberal Party itself failed to meet the deadline imposed by the COMELEC on the submission of their SOCE. Section 14 of Republic Act 7166 stipulates that this is grounds for barring any winning candidates nominated by the LP from holding office. All Liberal Party candidates then including Robredo should have been disqualified for failing to meet the deadline.

Four COMELEC commissioners including Guanzon predictably voted to allow the extension of the deadline of submitting the SOCE, which eventually allowed Robredo to hold office. Like I said in my previous article about the issue, the COMELEC broke its own “final and non-extendible deadline” rule. The agency showed ordinary Filipinos that rules can be broken when you are connected to the right people. The Liberal Party’s connection to the COMELEC came in handy, indeed. It’s no secret that Chairman Andy Bautista was the losing Presidential candidate Mar Roxas’s former campaign adviser when he ran for senator in 2004. Bautista is also a close ally of President Benigno Simeon Aquino having once been the chairman of the Presidential Commission on Good Government (PCGG).

Some people have highlighted Guanzon’s own connection to the Liberal Party now that she is in the spotlight. Apparently, she was appointed Mayor of Cadiz City, Negros Occidental by the late former President Cory Aquino. She was also appointed by another Aquino, former President Benigno Simeon “BS” Aquino, as commissioner to the Commission on Audit (COA) in 2013. One can be forgiven for saying she owes a lot to the Aquino family. She doesn’t hide her partisanship in her posts on social media. Her ties to the Liberal Party are dangers to the country’s democracy, indeed.

According to her bio, Guanzon came from an affluent family. Some of us wouldn’t have guessed that with the way she behaves on her video blogs and by reading her posts. She’s quite fond of using words like “shunga” — Filipino gay lingo for stupid. It’s not the word itself that is the problem, but it was the way she was saying it. No amount of showing off her wealth or bragging about her so-called education can compensate for her lack of class and breeding.

Guanzon repeatedly exhibited disgraceful behaviour on social media. Her attitude is a remnant of the so-called Aquino legacy. She was so full of herself. She was very discriminatory. She perpetuates elitism. Instead of promoting an egalitarian society, she promoted a hierarchical society where people of low status are not given a voice. This was evident when she dismissed law students who didn’t graduate from UP and Ateneo universities. These are not the only law schools in the Philippines. Guanzon clearly looked down on people outside of her circle. Yes she’s the type of person who asks people, “Don’t you know who I am?

People in powerful positions should be promoting humility and grace instead of pride and arrogance. The attitude of Guanzon is part of the reason Philippine society is dysfunctional. As long as people like Guanzon are in control of government agencies that hold the key to democracy, not much will change. The voters will remain disenfranchised. That is a guarantee that the country will remain backward.

33 Replies to “Filipinos like COMELEC commissioner Rowena Guanzon are threats to democracy and Philippine progress”

  1. if what she did is impeachable for her position im sure calida will take care of it. i hope not as exchange of ideas is healthier than govt policing every tweet. there is a block button after all, now that guanzon ignores your tweets you come here to get some sympathetic comments hehe im not sure how you went to threatening democracy and progress hihihi

    heres a link might help you dont take the bait so easily twitter is designed to hack the brain and elicit a response (although i use it a lot myself hihi):

    why is grp so concerend about feelings getting hurt lately? isnt emo discouraged here? lets be rational

  2. Rowena Guanzon clearly has a superior attitude since she writes such snobbish tweets. There are so many of such people in philippines that it is a common thing. My advice is to move away, maybe become ofw like so many others so that you will have a peace of mind instead of being frustrated by people. The chance of the country to become 1st world country is only 15%.

  3. Guanzon has a “superiority complex”, because she is a high official of the COMELEC; and beholden to the Aquino Cojuangco political axis. Who cares, if she is a lawyer and a graduate of Univ. of the Philippines, and Ateneo de Manila Univ. .. it does not mean she is smart, and full of knowledge.

    This bitch . Guanzon, put much importance on herself; she should look at what the COMELEC had done to the 2016 National election. There was HOCUS PCOS and SMARTSWITIC…the former COMELEC Chief, Andres Bautista, was found with multiple bank accounts, by his wife. The crook, Bautista is now a TNT in America, enjoying his bribes.

    Maybe, this bitch, Guanzon, was a partner of this crook , Bautista in the 2016 national election fraud. She may have also grown filthy rich, also, that she is looking down on everybody else.

    Crookedness, with self respect is the call of this bitch, Guanzon for the day !

    1. So what’s wrong with that. COMELEC Commissioner ROWENA Guanzon is entitled to have that bragging right. Like you said she is a senior Commissioner and needs some respect. Her condemnation against the shooter, PNP MSGT Daniel Florendo was justified.
      To paraphrase my earlier comments ” Here’s another ridiculous happening that cost a life…you had a PNP MSGT Daniel Florendo, the shooter with 6 man back-up team killing an unarmed MARAWI (PA) veteran with PTSD, CPL Winston Ragos, shooting him multiple times and the shooter was heard saying Patay ka sa akin, promotion ko’to (you’re a dead duck, here’s my promotion). Later on, comes a three (3) star paper-pusher general who made a statement, saying it was or needs a split-second decision.(WTF) What a split-second decision? The victim was unarmed! the shooter with his 6 man back-up team could have just shot to incapacitate CPL Ragos in the legs or shoulder in one shot. But the shooter had the intent to make a killing for show-off to his comrades. Then somewhere along the line, an alleged gun showed up purporting to be from the victim.(WOW). PNP recruiters need to add a course in their curriculum, Agriculture 101, How to plant evidence. But that’s another story. Now, back to Brutcha mocha clone, ILDA.
      Unfortunately, Brutcha mocha clone ILDA, your just a ridiculous IYOT andanar troll and just spouting nonsense to try to stir up arguments and irritate people. Why lie and spread DUTAE-PUTAE (aka:duterte) Bullsh*t? Only a true moron would claim that – are you a true moron? Brutcha mocha clone ILDA, are you so proud of your stupidity that you admit you are not smart enough to do research for information instead of having to have it cited to you? Of course, you are. You’re just a moron following your instincts! Your Mom wants you to be a nuclear physicist and here you are, a MORON. You’re a mistake of mankind and your kindergarten mentality doesn’t work here scram. Intelligent Adults are talking here. You clearly have no idea how it works. Just shut up. And PLEASE stop spreading your legs again..

  4. Prestigious degrees from the best schools in the country and a high ranking position to go with it, and yet she still managed to look like a fool with no dignity and class. What a shame!

  5. @missred wow suddenly people are looking for “dignity and class” from our govt officials what about our president is he exempted? below is his greatest hits collection:

    “obama your mother is a whore”
    ” i am philippine hitler i will massacre three million addicts”
    “journalist should be killed if youre son of a biatch”
    “i will ride you to helicopter and throw you out”
    “i will eat the liver of militants” this is funny hehehe
    “i was angry because the rape victim was so beautiful i should have been first”
    “when i take viagra it stands up” in a speech to business leaders hehehe
    “pope your mother is a whore”
    “shoot to kill, sampalin kita, patayin ko talaga blah blah blah”

    1. The president never admitted to being with class or with dignity, more like an Anti-Hero with a mouth that’s dirtier than motor mouth Deadpool, lols. And people like that, I like him. It makes him more colorful as what Obama says (unlike Obama himself after his regime, prettry useless and forgettable, haha).

      He’s not exempted of course, except that he has immunity till his term ends. So good luck if you can take action against him, haha (fact: you can’t, lols).

      Dudirty’s words messes up the mind of detractors and all, until he strikes with actions you’ve never forsee nor predict he will do, lols. So much for utterly boring stateman like former presidents like the Aquinos (utter trying hard to connect to masses lols), Ramos (another s$%*), Estrada (puro papogi, wa action, lols), Arroyo (scheming speaker, almost emotionless when speaking, yet scheming really).

      “obama your mother is a whore” – after research by many, found out that this is (partially) true with what his mother did, haha.
      ” i am philippine hitler i will massacre three million addicts” – well, wishful thinking. He apologized afterwards to the jews for this remark, ok you are forgiven, lols.
      “journalist should be killed if youre son of a biatch” – funny, haha. Wished it happened to Rappler but they’re still alive like a tumor that keeps coming back, haha.
      “i will ride you to helicopter and throw you out” – greengrin you’ve got to ride that helicopter, please…
      “i will eat the liver of militants” this is funny hehehe (of course it is, especially with salf, pepper, garlic and onions)
      “i was angry because the rape victim was so beautiful i should have been first” – must be his hormones raging then (and this before he became the president, he was always like this, lols).
      “when i take viagra it stands up” in a speech to business leaders hehehe – lol, and the business leaders who feel “limp” and “powerless” when they heard this. So sad for these leaders who can’t do anything really, even just “standing”, lols.
      “pope your mother is a whore” – I can’t say anything more about this, lols.
      “shoot to kill, sampalin kita, patayin ko talaga blah blah blah” – fake news, mister, he didn’t say “blah blah blah”, lols.

  6. She’s indeed a threat to our country especially on this situation on the ECQ & lockdown in our country brought about the COVID-19 pandemic. And I’d watched a news recently that she’s defending the Spaniard guy from Dasmarinas Village in Makati who’d he’d violated the Bayanihan Heal As One Act & cussing against the Makati policemen. She & that Spanish guy should be deported to Singapore & executed by hanging inside the Changi Prison for having their carriers of a deadly disease called AIDS, or also known as the ANTI-DISCIPLINE INFECTIOUS DISEASE SYNDROME. Both of them are the social virus to our country & they shouldn’t stained more on our country’s image at the height of this nationwide health crisis!

  7. The only REAL threat here is benign0 the FOOL and Sheep-ILLDa.

    BENIGN0 the FOOL who lives in Australia. This is what the violation of human rights looks like. Being assaulted on your own property for not wearing a mask. You do social distancing in your home or the military will barge in.

    All while government officials get a free pass to do whatever.

    An old man was shot for “breaking quarantine rules”. Yet Mocha holds a mass gathering thus spreading COVID and no one bats an eye. Koko pimentel who tested positive walks around a hospital, no one bats an eye.

    MARTIAL LAW FOR THEE BUT NOT FOR ME right benign0?!?! WHat a bunch of TURDS this GRP is.

    1. notice that ilda’s article again fits the pattern of attacking a more famous personality. two events now that grp ignored: police executing exmilitary in the street and mocha flouting quarantine rules because shes close to the president.

      1. @greengrin
        Also the police harassed/ assaulted an old man for his helper not wearing a mask in his own house. Police entered the house with no warrant. Social distancing is only applied to public spaces. Police one again flaunting their petty tyranny which is the case during Martial Law.

        crickets from GRP coz their commie masters pay them to ignore such issues

        Benign0 doesn’t have to live with this fear of being assaulted in your own home as he lives in Australia. He’s just enjoying the beach some where. Benign0 THE TURD.

        Martial law for thee but not for me

        1. Lol maybe you should stop writing this blog with your FAKE NEWS benign0 the TURD.

          I quickly read your article and once again… garbage. Utter garbage.

          This is basically the extent of your argument for police brutality

      1. LOL @benign0 the TURD

        Yes he did get assaulted.
        Further proof of your bias and FAKE NEWS

        It’s literally ON VIDEO!

        Obviously you wouldn’t know that living in Australia where you are safe and sound you FOOL.

        1. @benign0
          Kuya, convince us, please! Make your readers think. We will agree if it’s agreeable.

      2. L M A O… Actually it was a failed extortion scheme that turned violent. The PNP extortionist misjudges the reaction of the owner and thought it was an easy target for being a foreigner.

  8. ….And for all you benign0 the TURD-sheep out there.

    Your house is not “Public places” or “common areas”. It’s private property. Police cannot enter private property without a warrant. That’s how the law works.

    Questioning obvious police harassment is not “verbal assault” and does not merit a BEAT DOWN of an old man. Freakin soldiers with their onion-skinned feelings.

    Obviously this is just petty tyranny in action. Luckily for benign0, he doesnt have to worry about soldiers barging in his front yard in AUSTRALIA. Luckily this was caught on video but this happens all the time.

    Remember the motto of GRP;


    1. @Darth M so you’re trusted source is on the Crappler? If you think that it’s you’re the “best” source on news info then I don’t care that’s because you’d already been brainwashed by that Yellow stained news portal which are more biased & over-liberated business practices! And no wonder the Dilawans like you are the pests to this country & you’re really just a one-sided person that you think the Liberal Party are the “true defenders” of this land.

      Too bad, the Dilawan people like you are always making noises & complains without giving a great solutions or results, just a pure garbage.

      In the meantime, the rest of the Filipino people who are eager to make change & to find a better life & future with or without the support to President Duterte & the ONLY thing that they think about is how the Philippines should become the next Singapore & get rid of the Yellow Virus coming from the Liberal Party & leftist group, then we will listen to these 2 video links below, one is the situation on the case of a Spaniard expat who’d cussed the Makati police officers & the other on the case of an ex-army officer by the name of Winston Ragos. If you don’t want to watch these 2 videos below, Mr Darth then fine for you that’s because it is NOT for the Dilawan people:



      1. you attack rappler but your “source” is your handpicked youtube biased vlogger hehehe duterte’s legacy will now be of a tyrant who killed people in the streets in the midst of a pandemic. sad.

        1. instead of personal attack why dont you make a profile of how credible your youtube source is hehehe if youre eager for change you should welcome criticism so your favorite president and administration can improve. instead you tolerate police shooting mere quarantine violators and mocha ignoring social distancing guidelines. so youre the one whos partisan. checkmate

        2. @gangrene:

          Nope, you don’t want it to improve. You just want to hate on something, that’s why.

          There’s such thing as vitriol. And any argument isn’t won by hurling labels and insults.


      2. @mrericx
        The WINSTON RAGOS EX MILITARY INCIDENT ANALYSIS video is NOT for the Dilawan people, neither it is for the Dutertards! It’s a presentation better appreciated by a group of sane and thinking individuals.

        The video forwards the question: If indeed Ragos carried a gun or was it planted by someone?

        Based on the police camera’s captured image (@9:12) there’s what appears to be a bottle of absolute drinking water in the bag of Ragos, but, when all of the contents in that bag were presented to the public it suddenly disappeared like magic. Many speculate that a Criss Angel-like maneuver did happen prompting many believe there is ‘dagdag-bawas’ in the investigation of the police. Nothing new if we go through the history of the PNP.

        You be the judge! Indeed, there’s something we learn in discussing ideas instead of discussing people.

        1. It’s possible that Ragos only wanted a drink as opposed to the police thinking that he’s trying to draw a gun. Well, as the saying goes, dead men tell no tales.

    2. Says the ACTUAL faker who uses Rappler as source, who also did fake news on their own.

      Let’s be real here: banning you is the best idea because all you do is keep insulting the authors. Care to tell me when ad hominem is ‘noble’?

      Perhaps you should STOP BEING A WHINY LITTLE BITCH and set your priorities for once. Self-entitlement is for losers. And self-entitlement is a Filipino dysfunction.

  9. Why is she exposing herself like this? Anyway, the feedback on this issue came fast. Let’s hope she now realizes where to place herself so she could review and reflect on her ego.

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