The dishonest intent in Leni Robredo’s “free shuttle services” to Filipinos in a time of COVID-19 pandemic

Every bit of resource thrown into the effort to respond to the on-going COVID-19 pandemic is welcome, not the least the “free shuttle services” being deployed by “vice president” Leni Robredo through her office. However, a very important question needs to be asked: Why does Leni Robredo’s name and that of her office need to be prominently-displayed on tarps fastened to these shuttle vehicles? What utility does the information in those tarps serve the public?

Consider for a moment the perspective of the average Filipino commuter. All a public transport patron really needs to know about a public transport vehicle is where it is going and, perhaps, that the service is free. Any information beyond that is nothing but noise.

A basic principle of communication engineering is maximising signal-to-noise ratio in a channel. In the case of a typical public utility vehicle (PUV), the signal is the route information and the noise is all the rest of the decals adorning the vehicle. In much the same way many public buses allow some space to display advertising on its exteriors, one can argue that those tarps signalling Robredo’s “caring” to the public constitute a form of advertising. This raises the question:

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What is “vice president” Leni Robredo advertising?

Do Filipino commuters really need to know the information displayed on this tarp?

People are likely to be able to work out the answer to that question on their own. The point is, the tarps clearly don’t serve any purpose other than whatever interests Robredo seeks to advertise. Robredo says she want to contribute. Everyone is happy that she does. The difference is, many who do do so quietly. Robredo’s intent in having those tarps adorning her buses is to do so noisily.

If Robredo’s office were sincere about the public service they are delivering, it should be reflected in the way they inform the public about said service. And a key principle in the information business is to not over-inform and minimise noise to enhance the signal. Even with the best of intentions, we do tend to over-inform — providing more information than is needed to get the job done. In this case, those tarps adorning Robredo’s shuttle services clearly do not represent any best intentions — only insidious ones.

In times of crises, citizens need to look to a unified government that is in solidarity with their needs. Dividing government services into brands and cults of personality runs counter to this. There is no value to ordinary people in differentiating government services between one politician or the other. What Filipinos need are government services, PERIOD. They just need to know what that service delivers. In the case of public transport, people just need to know where the damn bus is going before they board it!

15 Replies to “The dishonest intent in Leni Robredo’s “free shuttle services” to Filipinos in a time of COVID-19 pandemic”

  1. Isang maagang pamumulitika ni Leni lugaw Robredo na ginagamit at sinasamantala ang panahon ng krisis gaya ng sa COVID 19. Ganito ba kawalanghiya ang pekeng bise presidente na sa kabilang ng epidemniya ay nakuha pang mamulitika? Anong klase siyang tao, makatao nga ba ang ginagawa niya? Ito ba ang trabaho ng isang matino ang pagiisip? Sa kabila na nagpapakahirap ang pangulong Duterte na makaisip ng paraan paano malulunasan at malulutas ang epidemniya ay may isa sa kanyang opisyales na kung hindi gagawa ng issue ay gagawa ng kawalanghiyaan sa bayan at sa taong bayan. Pekeng bise presidente na ngaitong si Leni lugaw Robredo hindi pa magtrabaho ng maayos para sa bayan puros pagwawalanghiya pa ang nasa isip.

  2. Not everyone can afford to netflix and chill to ride out the pandemic benigno. For some not working means not eating every day. Try to get out of your bubble once in a while and see the world. idiot

      1. Biglaan naman kasi yung pagpapatupad nung suspension of mass transportation. Eh hindi pa pala prepared yung mga aksyon nila. Hayssss

    1. Looks like greengrin missed entirely the point of benign0. Shwingg over head the whole point of the article!

      Comprehension level is on ever time low among people nowadays! Not really surprising, especially for a commentor troll named “greengrin”.

  3. tingin ninyo hindi delikado ito? lahat ng health workers ay maaaring ma expose or na exposed na sa close contacts tapos paghahalu-haluin sila sa iisang shuttle? My suggestion is to have free shuttle sa bawat areas… sana

    no to public free shuttles…company must provide their employees such service. Better yet provide temporary housing for health workers and company employees.

    this way mapapadali ang trace tracking

  4. Well there goes your P664M OVP budget for 2020: Lugaw ni Leni, Shuttle ni Leni, …
    Don’t be surprised if Free Feminine Wash ni Leni comes out soon at a city near you.

  5. Linuto tayo sa sariling mantika ni Lugaw Robredo….she won her Vice President position by massive election frauds and cheating in 2016…it just show that Lugaw Robredo is a shameless fraud and a cheat…

    Those “free rides and free shuttles” are not “free”. The expenses came from our taxes…So, she used our tax money, to induce us to believe, she is giving us a favor of “free rides and free shuttles”…. Lugaw Robredo , advertises the “freebees” noisily with her name boldly written on the side of the shuttles. The corona virus pandemic is now spreading thruout the world; people are getting sick and dying… Lugaw Robredo has a sick mindset…it is not a time for politics…

    Remember, nothing is free in this world. All comes with a price !

  6. Bakit magaling ba yang Dutae nyu? Di nya talaga pinapahalagahan ang health budget. Lahat halos binaba nya ang budget incl education. Ang nakakatawa pa nyan, nagkaroon ng universal health coverage pero ipinasa naman sa amin ang gastos dito thru increased PhilHealth contribution. Paanong di nya pinababa ang budget sa lahat halos ng ahensya. Para lumaki ang intelligence fund nya paniktik sa kalaban nya sa pulitika. Yan ang dapat ipamudmod nya at i-account nya kung transparent ang gobyerno nya. At wag nyo sabihing wala syang kinalaman sa pagbaba ng badyet ng mga ahensya. Marami syang tsuwariwap sa Kongreso.

    Ang gulo gulo pa ng guidelines nila. Di maayos.
    Nagtravel ban kung kelan marami na napadpad na tsino dito.
    Nagpamass transpo restriction nga kawawa naman pala yung mga healh workers na papasok. Late pafree shuttle ng DOTR. Buti pa sa Pasig. May sensible empathy. Bleh

  7. Aga ni Vico Sotto mangampanya, potek.
    Biruin mo, ginagawa ‘yong trabaho niya nang tama, nang may malasakit, at may transparency? The fuck?!!Hayop. Ganyan mangampanya nang maaga, tamang paganda lang ng CREDENTIALS through work.Nawa’y magpatuloy. Nakaka-inspire ka, Vico. Manatili ka sanang malusog dahil interesado ang marami sa mga puwede mo pang gawin.

    eh yung Dutae nyu?

    1. Use your brains if you have one. vicco is just 31 years old and to be President, you need to be at least 40 years old. Where are you coming from? MEMA

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