In times of crisis, the Yellow-led Philippine Opposition sows fear instead of promoting unity


The Philippine Opposition has so far failed to step up to contribute to the national effort to deal with the coronavirus crisis. Rather than propose solutions, they merely undermine government efforts to get on top of the situation. This is certainly something that will not go down well with Filipino voters considering the next national elections are just around the corner. Rather than consolidate their efforts into a coherent force, the Opposition remain a disorganised lot of rabblerousers who do nothing better than take lame potshots at the incumbent.

Led by the a bloc loyal to the Aquino-Cojuangco feudal clan (a.k.a. the Yellowtards), the Opposition engage in rhetoric with an intent to demonise Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte and discredit efforts being taken by his government to manage the situation. They even suggest that Duterte let his “vice president” Leni Robredo “lead” the Filipino people instead!

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There is no merit in proposing a disruption to governance, specially at a time when the need for Filipinos to work together is of the utmost importance. Then again, disrupting governance is something the Yellowtards specialise in. Rather than work within the frame of the law to push change, the preferred operating model of the Yellowtards is to rouse mass action in the hope of inciting another “people power revolution” reminiscent of the ones that eruped in 1986 and in 2001 that resulted in the ouster of the late former President Ferdinand Marcos and former President Joseph “Erap” Estrada respectively.

It is easy for top Yellowtard “thought leaders” to make sweeping statements that suggest that anyone other than the duly-elected current president can do a better job. Harvey Keh who, at one time, was “Director for Youth Leadership and Social Entrepreneurship, Ateneo de Manila University’s School of Government” issued the following tweet

The government’s current handling of the COVID-19 should give us all the more reason to make sure we elect the right President and leaders in the 2022 elections. Literally, our lives and the lives of our love ones depend on it. You can start by making sure you register to vote.

One wonders though what bases Keh applies to his thinking that an Opposition president would handle the crisis better. Last time a Yellowtard president was in office, he botched a hostage situation in Manila, a police commando operation in Mamasapano, and a supertyphoon disaster in Tacloban all of which resulted in enormous death tolls of tragic proportions.

Even more baffling is the fact that the Opposition is still to find a strong leader capable of uniting their different tribal units into a force capable of challenging the hugely popular Duterte. For now, all they have to show for their trouble is their “vice president” Leni Robredo who, beyond mirroring the Yellowtards’ penchant for melodramatic virtue signalling, exhibits neither the character nor the statesmanship to rally a nation of more than 100 million towards a compelling national vision.

On that last point, does the Yellowtard-led Philippine Opposition have a national vision to begin with?

That’s a question that could launch a thousand debates. But therein lies the more important point. The Opposition, as the campaign begins for the 2022 elections is hopelessly fragemented and being pulled in a thousand different directions. In contrast, the Duterte administration remains resolute, singularly focused, and consistent with its 2016 campaign rhetoric. Small wonder that this government continues to enjoy approval ratings that dwarf whatever semblance of public goodwill the entire Opposition community could muster.

Whatever any garden-variety Yellowtard may say — or tweet — the bottomline is whether those words or actions (if any) can translate to converted voters. That’s a tough challenge to face when you are a community of partisans who squandered every ounce of the vast political capital you enjoyed at the close of the 1980s and, in the six years of the Second Aquino Presidency, lost the trust of an entire nation.

The only way forward for the Opposition is to apply a bit of humility to the challenge ahead and learn. The lessons are obvious and the solutions even more so. The first thing they need to do is re-evaluate all the negative campaigning they engage in and ask themselves: Do these actually deliver results? Granted, there may be a lot about the current government to criticise, the Opposition are evidently not building political capital doing what they are doing today. Indeed, there is even a lot to learn from people they summarily dismiss as “trolls”.

In short, the Opposition must learn to be more inclusive in their approach and ditch the pompous high-nosed exclusive airs in the way they conduct themselves today. The Philippines, after all, is a vast and diverse country — certainly one not fully-represented within the chi chi grounds of Diliman and Loyola Heights. Neither do most Filipinos care about high-fallutin’ Western notions of “human rights” and “gender equality”. All Filipinos really need is clarity of vision and purposefulness in action. This requires that we as a people focus on the future and cure ourselves of our fixation on an increasingly irrelevant past. The Opposition need to take heed and build upon that foundation for the sake of their future electoral success.

14 Replies to “In times of crisis, the Yellow-led Philippine Opposition sows fear instead of promoting unity”

  1. What I personally hate about the way the opposition approaches things is they don’t have an actual EXPERT to discuss, talk or explain anything.

    They rely mainly on celebrities or “names” instead of professions.

    Granted, Duterte is not completely innocent in this, but at least he lets the DOH take point as much as possible and actually listens to them as far as we know.

    Is this a time to panic with the people detected with COVID-19? I don’t think it is. But it really should be the signal to tell people to listen to the RIGHT SOURCES instead of just those who are known.

    The youtube video done by “Dr Mike” is something I would appreciate from the media but that isn’t happening.

    But I hope they start inviting doctors or researchers instead of economists and/or politicians to talk about this to help people, especially those who are reliant on mass media, with no other reliable sources that they really trust, to step up and take the less click-baity approach.

    But frankly speaking, what can Leni Robredo even do at any point about COVID-19? Is she a doctor or expert? Don’t tell me they want her to prepare her book report and we wait for 14 days to a month for a report… which she can decide not to release as it is “not the right time”…. and then maybe decide to take action?

    What’s the reference on how changing the guard between Duterte or Robredo is going to do better anyway?

  2. Lugaw Robredo, as an alternative to Duterte ? Those YellowTards must be kidding….Lugaw Robredo Flunked her law Bar Exams 3 times…the woman is incompetent and has no managerial experience, other than being a wife of a crooked mayor. She was elected by massive fraud of HOCUS PCOS and SMARTSWITK…

    The CVID 19 problem is now used by the opposition as a political weapon, against Duterte. Anything that they can throw at him, including the “kitchen sink”, they will do it , just to get rid of him, and install their “hopes for a puppet” : Lugaw Robredo.

    Divisive politics will always be in our country, as long as these vicious oppositions are in their offices.
    The only solution is to vote them out in the next election…2022…we had done this with their “otso diretso” , we can do this again, with anything they will offer to us !

  3. Lol Unity. Ammerite benign0.

    Unity with CHINA !! Which has bought the government.

    Lucky once again for benign0. He lives in Australia which has a first rate health care yet shits upon filipinos who are dissatisfied with the ‘pretend its not there’ response to the CRISIS.

    Hopefully your MARCOS money is still good after we all have the Covid!!! Be safe in Australia.. Lucky you!!!!!!!!

    1. There you go with your Sinophobia and anti-Marcos crybabyism which you blabber in EVERY post.

      Thanks for admitting that you’re an actual troll. Set your priorities for once, son. You’re embarrassing yourself, as always.

    2. Hate to disappoint you, but there’s no helping on yapping about petty things like China and Marcos.

      You don’t care for the Filipino people. You only care about your obsolete Left-leaning ideology/Yellowtardism. Next is that you’re gonna be blocked once again.

  4. Political Opportunism is never going away, same with idiotic trolls who project their accusations of people they don’t like being “Paid” to write the same things they have for years, without any evidence what so ever, much like how they ignored the Bikoy Saga and completely erased it from memory.

  5. If you read any Philippine history book, that were written before that fake 1986 EDSA revolution; you would find patriotic Filipinos, living abroad, mostly in Europe, who published the newspaper, “La Solidaridad”, as a way to inform and awaken their uninformed countrymen, who were subjected to Spanish propaganda, fake and biased news…

    This sparked the Philippine revolution and the war for independence. The two books of Dr. Jose Rizal; “Noli Me Tangere” (Touch me Not) and “El Filibusterismo” (The Reign of the Greed), also awakened the Filipinos….Is it not ironic that we are again, with the “Reign of the Greed” ? Greedy politicians are always reigning on us…

    It is not that those Filipinos, who are living abroad, are less patriotic than those living in the Philippines. Most of the Filipinos, who left the country, mostly want the best for their country and their countrymen.

    So, the thought of those Filipinos who are living in foreign countries, must not have a voice in their native county is nothing but a conceited YellowTard thinking !

    1. LOL easy to be “patriotic” when you dont have SKIN in the game. The fact that you think Rizal is a “hero” shows you are BRAINWASHED. In every other country heroes are the ones who fight.

      Bonifacio is the true hero.

      benign0 is just like JOMA SISON. Causing chaos while living inluxury in a FIRST WORLD COUNTRY. What happens to benign0 when China annexes the Philippines and SUCKS DRY all our rare earth metals? He’s still safe and sound. WHile you and your family Mr. SHeep are in immediate danger.

      1. @Darth M the YellowTard :

        Whatever you think of Rizal and Bonifacio is your own opinion.

        China annexed the Scarborough Shoals , due to the “backdoor negotiations” of Trililing Trillanes and Pnoy Aquino…China even used Philippine mountains as landfills, with the approval of Aquino. Maybe, they are your heroes…
        There is no way China can annex the Philippines. We already have modernized military equipment. and we have allies who are strong militarily…

        Jo Ma Sison was a commie, who became a Filipino Mafia Don, living in Amsterdam, Netherland. He is the running dog of the Aquino Cojuangco political axis; the feudal oligarchs; the YellowTards; and some politicians. Sison used : extortion; protection racket; murder; intimidation; etc…to enrich himself.

        Whatever, you think of BenignO and me, is your own conceited YellowTard thinking…I blog and write what I want to blog and write. If you agree with me..thank you….if you do not agree with me, thank you, also. The readers will be our judge !

        1. @767Hyden369Toro99999

          I don’t care about you. I wasn’t talking to you. You have a blog? I don’t even know who you are…..

  6. Tomorrow, Leni will have a photo op showing her giving away masks, tissue paper and alcohol bottles. But again will have no plan of action of workable solutions to provide.

    HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATED!!! Martial Law time!!


    1. @Dath M the YellowTard:

      You have commented on my blog, as if you are very informed. I found out you are a YellowTard…
      So, I answered..

      Now, you are trying to shift yourself….a typical YellowTard response !

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