Speaker Cayetano Holds Hostage the Livelihood of Thousands of ABS-CBN Employees

One of the House Speaker’s duties is to make sure that important political and economic legislation is passed in an efficient and timely matter.

House Speaker Alan Peter Cayetano prides himself for having passed the 2020 budget in record time but not without detractors alleging that he had favored allies with hundreds of millions.

Fellow political observers looking at the behavior of some congressmen say that they saw quite remarkable changes which they say could indicate that vast sums of money changed hands.

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One of which was prominent Gloria Macapagal Arroyo ally Mike Defensor coming out in a prominent news article saying that House Speaker Cayetano should remain as House Speaker and renege on his term sharing agreement with congressman Lord Allan Velasco. This sticks out as an odd thing for Defensor to do, considering the hate-hate relationship Arroyo and Cayetano had.

If that’s strange, you’ll get your socks blown off when I tell you that a former government functionary says he’d even go to the extent of buying and planting kilos of illegal drugs right on the doorstep of Velasco so that he doesn’t get a chance of taking over as House Speaker.

But even as tons of cash giving people at the House of Representatives a giddy high, thousands of ABS-CBN’s employees and stakeholders have to do with weeks of restless sleep.

This is chiefly because their fate remains uncertain as the renewal of ABS-CBN’s franchise hasn’t been acted upon by Cayetano and the House Committee on Legislative Franchise chaired by Cong. Chicoy Alvarez.

The word I get is that not a single hearing has been called for the 10 or so resolutions for the renewal of ABS-CBN’s franchise filed by various other congressmen last year.

Seeing this situation, a fellow political observer said, “When it comes to shovelling millions into their pockets, Cawatano (referring to Cayetano) and his gang are blindingly fast. But when it comes to ensuring the livelihood of thousands of workers, they’re excruciatingly slow and quick to pass the buck.”

The political observer says that Cayetano and House Legislative Franchise committee chairman Alvarez keeps saying that he can’t act on the resolutions filed before his committee without a go signal from “upstairs” — referring to Malacanang.

Malacanang on the other hand says it is up to Congress to decide on ABS-CBN’s franchise renewal.

And while this buck passing happens between the House of Representatives and Malacanang, the calendar dates move onward and there are now just 17 days to go before the end of the 18th congress’ first regular session.

Another political observer speculates that Cayetano and his gang are sitting on ABS-CBN’s franchise renewal because they’re waiting for a higher money offer from the Lopezes.

Could Cayetano be such a depraved political entrepreneur that he’s willing to risk the livelihood of thousands just so he can get his hands on more money?


5 Replies to “Speaker Cayetano Holds Hostage the Livelihood of Thousands of ABS-CBN Employees”

  1. Paul Carol, are U a shitty yellowshit?
    Employees will not be affected since the company will be sold to the highest bidder.
    Wag kang OA at ungas.
    Do youwant me to call Atty.Gadon or Teddy Boy Locsin for your seminar?

  2. The ABS CBN franchise must not be renewed. This network is the propaganda machine o the Aquino Cojuangco political axis and their oligarch allies. This TV network also, indoctrinated the Filipinos of EDSA fake news, that became fake history. They were responsible for indoctrinating the young Filipinos of the “heroism/martyrdom ” of Ninoy Aquino and the “sainthood”of Cory Aquino .

    A politically biased network, like ABS CBN must not be allowed to operate. Since it serves the Aquino Cojuangco political axis and their owners, the Lopezes. It is used as a propaganda network of the greedy oligarchs; their allies , the crooks in the Liberal Party and other well known crooks , and the stinking YellowTards !

    1. Funny about this marcial Bonifacio aka ninoy aquino the Malaysian madbomber of plaza miranda and late santa cory kurakot sa tubig,kuryente,aeroplano at halos lahat ng government owned controlled corporation=This TV network also, indoctrinated the Filipinos of EDSA fake news, that became fake history. They were responsible for indoctrinating the young Filipinos of the “heroism/martyrdom ” of Ninoy Aquino and the “sainthood”of Cory Aquino . that brainwashed us for thirty four years of mainstream media manipulations.

  3. Wait and see, too much speculation and this so-called sob stories for the poor ABS-CBN employees is redundant if you also don’t put the Lopezes up to the task, are they still negotiating on paying their dues to the Government? Still waiting on ABS-CBN’s next move and Cayatano’s reaction.

  4. Not a pusher either of closure, despite my criticisms of its content, such as all the drama shows, and how it started the trend of noisy, radio announcer-style news anchoring. I hope some internal changes happen leading to changed content and direction. But yes, let’s see what happens. Probably there’ll be a last minute save by someone.

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