Yellow-led Philippine Opposition continues to fail to win political ground along ideological lines

Nowadays you’d be hearing a lot of chi chi Western European and North American concepts being bandied around by “thought leaders” of the Opposition. Granted, 1980s relics like “human rights”, “press freedom”, and “people power” had been worn to tatters by the Yellow mob as a result of their habitual use of low-ball approaches to election campaign, new derivative notions are being used today to pepper their lazy cause with the spice of trendy “woke” terms. That’s bad news for Opposition candidates hoping for a win in the next election.

Unfortunately for the Opposition, their members and stakeholders fail to see that the real battle they are consistently failing to fight is an ideological one and not a people one. As the venerable Eleanor Roosevelt was said to have said, small minds discuss people, mediocre minds discuss events, and great minds discuss ideas. Today’s Opposition, as evident in their catastrophic electoral failure this year, had focused all their energies on demonising people rather than regaining lost ideological ground through modern and intelligent rhetoric. Filipino voters showed them that this obsolete approach is a political dead-end.

An entire platform hinged on Western colonial schools of thought no longer works and no longer wins votes. More importantly, a political bloc that lazily rides on the coattails of Imperialist ideological brands is doomed to fail again and again in today’s free market of ideas. It is quite evident that Filipinos have outgrown their once debilitating colonial mentality and are embracing more original and domestically-crafted approaches to governing themselves. The Opposition should learn to read the pulse of the electorate in a more intelligent way instead of copying-and-pasting campaign collateral from within their intellectually-inbred cliques.

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The Opposition ‘Yellow’ camp lost an entire nation as a result of their dishonest campaign methods which often targeted vulnerable minds.

It is evident, however, that their top “thought leaders” continue to fail to learn these important lessons. They still see the United States as their global Messiah. Proof of this is the most recent fashion trend in their chatter, the so-called “Magnitsky Act” which they are now weaponising against their political opponents. Governments of former colonial powers are using their respective versions of the Magnitsky Act to sanction “human rights violators” and their accomplices by denying them travel privileges to their countries. The Yellowtards are, true to form, lapping all that up.

The latest instance of this approach is one the Yellowtards are cheering today. United States senators are reportedly passing resolutions to bar individuals deemed to have been involved in “human rights abuses” against key Opposition personalities like jailed Senator Leila De Lima and Rappler CEO Maria Ressa entry to the US. That the “victims” in the scenarios painted in these “resolutions” are all Opposition characters says something about the underlying agendas of these “resolutions”. The US, after all, is locked in a do-or-die competition with China (to which the government of current Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte is pivoting to) for global domination.

The Opposition need to bring their rhetoric closer to home rather than nurse their addiction to Western liberal thought on how the world ought to be. This involves engaging the Filipino voters more closely on real issues rather than merely patronising them by regarding them as mere victims of nebulous “evil” forces. Filipinos are ready to take control of their own destinies and have had enough of being the voluntary victims the Yellowtards try to convince them to be to fit their dishonest political agendas and the agendas of the Philippines’ former colonial overlords.

4 Replies to “Yellow-led Philippine Opposition continues to fail to win political ground along ideological lines”

  1. Good day sir, tanong ko lng po if you can clarify or directly point out on what do you mean by “thought leaders”. ive been reading your posts since i stumbled into your website, im thankful for your insights, and i am reading a lot of “thought leader” to which i do not know what you mean exactly. thank you po and God bless…

    1. Bloggers, “influencers,” biased media and other such people who claim they are the “good guys” and are against tyrants, but they’re actually just sucking up to despotic politicians themselves and just using the “other guy is bad” card as part of their modus. That means the opposition also has no real ideology. They are the real tyrants, as I see it.

  2. The Philippine opposition has no political ideology…They are using the 1986 EDSA, false narratives of the heroism and martyrdom of Ninoy Aquino, and the sainthood of Cory Aquino, to get votes. Their political agendas are to just get into power. No programs to present to us to: (1) improve our lives. (2) solve the country’s problems. (3) solve the illegal drug problems.

    They had used election cheating in the 2016 Vice Presidential election, thru the crook, Andres Bautista, who was found with multi million bribe money, and is now a TNT in America, enjoying his bribes…They hoped and worked for the removal of Pres. Duterte; and replace him with their puppet : Lugaw Robredo…the woman with partially developed brain…this is the kind of opposition, we have. Cheaters, political opportunist, liars, and had “hijacked” the will of the Filipino electorates.

    Now, they go to foreign countries, to spread lies and disinformation about the Duterte administration. They cannot win in any fair election. So, they are asking foreign powers, like the U.S. and E.U. countries to put them into power, EDSA style…

    Human rights, press freedom, people power, etc…who would want them ? We know that we were scammed by these political rhetorics of the Aquino Cojuangco political axis. After they were in power. We have: massacres, unrestrained graft and corruption, the reign of greed of the oligarchs and politicians, etc…

    Even if you blacklist people from traveling to the U.S. , or other countries. It will not do any good for the opposition. The drug dealer, Leila de Lima, deserves her place to rot in jail. The tax evader and the Fake News woman, Maria Reesa, needs to pay her taxes.

    These people are using politics, to cover up their crimes, and to evade paying their taxes !

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