Red Alert! The Inquirer puts up COMMUNIST women as “representives” of Filipino women, youth, students, and journalists!

Has anyone noticed that commie “activists” have never denied their links to the terrorist New People’s Army? That’s because they can’t. They’ve already lied enough to Filipinos over the last century, but the silence that surrounds their links to the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) and its terrorist arm, the New People’s Army (NPA) is such an enormous whopper that even they can’t mention it in polite company.

A report on militant organisations published on the Stanford University website describes current party-list group Bayan Muna as “a political party connected to the CPP and other groups in the Communist movement.” According to a recent ABS-CBN News report Bayan Muna is part of the Makaybayan bloc of left-leaning party-lists that include “Gabriela, Kabataan, Anakpawis, Migrante, and Alliance of Concerned Teachers.” Like most other mainstream reports and discussion surrounding these “leftist” organisations, the report stops short of describing these groups as being linked to the CPP and the terrorist NPA.

It seems, mainstream media cannot be relied upon either to undertake a bit of the “investigative journalism” the chi chi stalwarts of the Philippines’ “journalism” community of “professionals” pompously encourage everyone to be beholden to. Despite the attention the persistent “mystery” surrounding their communist roots seems to be increasingly attracting nowadays, normally eyeball-starved Big Corporate Media simply dropped the ball on the matter.

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Quite the opposite, in fact. No less than top-dog broadsheet Inquirer is pandering to the woman thing and muddling this snowflake “issue” into the conversation surrounding communists-in-disguise. In a recent series of features on their Preen section, they pitched five women associated with the communist cause as “women who refuse to back down despite misogynistic comments, fake news, and red-tagging claims” who are, they add, “Filipinas for change”.

It seems, the society editors and writers of the Inquirer believe communist girlettes hold a monopoly on these special virtues and presume to define the Filipino woman within this rather presumptuous frame. The fact is, these five women are clearly leaders of “movements” that have been long suspected of harbouring direct links to the communist cause, are active in “protest rallies” where those all-too-familiar literal red flags are waved, and where the bafflingly obsolete but all-too-familiar slogan template “Ibagsak ang rehimeng US-[insert current president here] diktador” is used ad nauseum.

Nonetheless, the Inquirer devoted an impressive amount of space and bandwidth to these “Filipino women” with full-length features complete with glammed up photos of shiny faces adorning each article.

Sarah Elago
Kabataan Partylist Representative

Alex Danday
National Spokesperson Anakbayan

Paula Janer
Secretary-General of the College Editor’s Guild of the Philippines (CEGP)

Kara Taggaoa
National Spokesperson for the League of Filipino Students (LFS)

Blaise Bellosillo
National Secretarty General National Union of Students in the Philippines (NUSP)

One can see the presumptuousness in the titles these ladies hold in how they presume to represent the Philippines’ youth, her students, her campus newspaper editors, and her so-called children. Filipinos should put their foot down and take back their identity from these communists and society editors and writers who presume to know better who the Filipino woman really is. Enough is enough!

12 Replies to “Red Alert! The Inquirer puts up COMMUNIST women as “representives” of Filipino women, youth, students, and journalists!”

  1. Inquirer is obviously infested with communists. The Senate hearings it seems have been hurting them real bad image-wise which is why this major attempt at image fixing to make the amazonas look sosyal and chic and relevant, courtesy no less of Inquirer. Judging from the comments on Twitter, it is backfiring. Good.

  2. It cannot be denied that this government seems to have some tolerance with this terrorist groups – the NPA and Abu Sayyaf. It has been reported in the government website that this Duterte gov’t is rewarding the NPA surrenderees to a trip to Hong Kong all expenses paid for by the tax payers’ money aside from the housing units, livelihood programs and cash incentives packaged in one. While the Abu Sayaff have also been similarly rewarded with elegant housing units and livelihood programs much better than those victins of calamaties such as typhoon.

    Such a monstrous deal of pampering these terrorist groups that instead of purging them to death or imprison them for life are now getting and enjoying rewards for the killing of our military and police men all for the name of surrendering while at the same time taking revolutionary taxes from legitimate businesses.

    No wonder why these terrorists are overly confident with their quests to stardom. Even in the beggining of Duterte’s term, he had already been hiring NPA alliances in his cabinet as secretaries of major departments and the latter are receiving big chunk of salaries from public funds. Until now, it is highly questionable what the real policy of this government is towards these terrorists.

    1. “It has been reported in the government website that this Duterte gov’t is rewarding the NPA surrenderees to a trip to Hong Kong… Abu Sayaff have also been similarly rewarded with elegant housing units…”

      Interesting. Which government website is this? Better if you could give link to the actual post.

        1. ricelander,

          And you think they deserve that? It has an implication that other people will be emboldened to join the NPA because after they join, quit and surrender, they will be awarded with benefits from the gov’t side using public funds. I think that’s stupidity. They will also get away with penalty and imprisonment from the heinous crimes they committed after reconciling with government. That sucks, really. While many innocent civilians are still awaiting for years from the gov’t assistance and housing units (or a luxurious trip to hong kong) after their houses were destroyed by typhoon and war, NPA and Abu Sayyaf returnees are instead taking the privilege! What a shame! And you call that as a carrot? I call that injustice to Filipinos.

  3. All well and good if inquirer brands them as something they’re paid to print. They do have to stay open and are open to “Advertisement Features”

    What boggles the mind, though, is which make up artist ran wild with the bronzer?

  4. The communist/leftist ideology does not compete in the “free market of ideas”…they creep into the mindsets of people. They use disinformation; fake news; fake history, and political propaganda to brainwash people…

    The Aquinos and the Cojuangcos were the silent financiers and supporters of this communist/socialistic ideology. Ninoy Aquino was the founder of the New Peoples’ Army…Cory Aquino freed all the communists , incarcerated by the late Pres. Marcos. She sent Jo Ma Sison, the communist supremo, in exile to Amsterdam, Holland. She allowed the CPP/ NPA to be legitimate. This made these communist use the : Pork Barrel system, PDAF, DAF, finance their insurgency.

    They are now operating and recruiting in our schools, colleges and universities. They have psuedo organizations, representing “oppressed people”, to hide their real purpose in overthrowing the legitimate government. They use the Roman Catholic Church, as their communist partners. Priests with “liberation theology” ideology are their active partners in their work, to overthrow the government…the Fake news media is also their partner.

    We must all be vigilant, in dealing with these people, who are bent on destroying our government; our youths; our future as a free nation, our freedom , and our ways of life thru brainwashing !

  5. Well now that Red is the new Yellow, it’s time these clanging cymbals get labeled “Leftards” on a more regular basis.

    Fortunately thanks to the sociopolitical Coriolis effect on the Pinoy’s left cerebral hemisphere we can pretty much predict which direction these hot bags of wind will turn.

    So unless they can come up with a cooler slogan that goes beyond slapping us with insults to our cranial assets, this entire exercise of CPP-NPA glorification written with misguided blue INQ is just a complete waste of broadsheet real estate.

    To keep from having one’s cover blown, commies masquerading as hero-wannabes can try using more intellectually palatable terms like vision, long-term, strategic plan, roadmap, or whatnot and prove they don’t just have a voice but a brain to go with it as well.

    To all who hope Russia and her former satellites will get back to being USSR, simply ask yourselves: Are you stupid because you’re Marxist or Marxist because you’re stupid? The amount of savings in your bank account will likely give the correct answer.

  6. Pretty sure someone footed the bill for Inquirer’s space on the page. They sure have money. But whatever the money, they sure chose some horrible makeup.

  7. Heroes, martyrs, and saints in reality in the present day were just merely a sacrificial lambs, that is, you think you are fighting for the less fortunate or the so-called “poor” but actually you are being drawn to commit into sacrificing your life for their own advantage, they live you die. So be careful of the “poor” they are in no way different from the “rich”, manipulative and exploitative.

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