Why impeach Duterte when a good old-fashioned Yellowtard “people power” might work?

It seems that the Yellowtards (the leading faction of the Philippine Opposition rabidly loyal to the Aquino-Cojuangco clan) have lost faith in that very iconic “activist” enterprise that originally garnered them worldwide fame — “people power” street “revolutions”. Nowadays, these snowflakes seem to have lost their edge and are now resorting to legal means to achieve their dishonest ends.

At present one of the legal means they are exploring to oust sitting Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte is yet another quaint impeachment circus. Apparently that other legal means to achieve the more noble end — actually winning an election — does not seem to work for them either having, this year, again sampled what it feels like to cop a catastrophic loss at the polls.

An impeachment bid against Duterte would have made sense had the Yellowtards succeeded at taking over Congress in this year’s elections. Unfortunately for them, they suffered an epic fail getting the required bums on seats there thanks to the tiresome, ill-thought-out obsolete approach they applied to their lame campaign. Ironically, former President Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ Aquino III could be counted as a key innovator when it comes to dishonest impeachment projects having successfully mounted a successful coup against no less than a sitting Supreme Court Chief Justice, the late Renato Corona, back in 2012. Tragic that his spawn of “thought leaders” could not run with that template. Peping Cojuangco must be really frustrated.

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Peping Cojuangco can’t find good household help nowadays!

Thing is, the Yellowtards themselves are responsible for the decline of their once illustrious political brand. We see the same limpdicked attitude today in their lack of courage to call for the same “people power” they keep waxing poetic about in their numerous Yellow shrines and memorials. To be fair, they did one too many back in the mid-2000s when their matriarch, former President Cory Aquino, was still alive. Back then, Aquino presided over several more attempts to incite “people power” after the last successful one in 2001 that saw the ouster of then President Joseph ‘Erap’ Estrada. All of them failed, as People Power Fatigue crept into the public sentiment of a people increasingly becoming disillusioned with the empty promises of a discredited narrative.

The more important point to make, having pointed out all that, is that the Opposition continue to lack any semblance of an alternative path forward. All they have in their aresenal is a worn-out Martial Law Crybaby narrative, use of nebulous hifallutin’ notions of “human rights” and “equality” as fodder for their lame campaigns, and a pathetic dependence on Western liberal “journalists” for PR capital. But as far as (1) a roadmap to (2) some sort of vision, the Opposition’s top honchos propose neither. This is thanks to their continued latching on to the Yellowtards for “leadership”. Leadership, in that regard, goes nowhere beyond ouster rhetoric which means focusing on tearing down rather than building upon the current government’s inertia.

The best way the Yellowtards can prove to the Filipino people that they mean business is through a great show of power. What better way to do this than to show that their old magic still works, right? That’s the challenge they need to step up to if they choose to continue acting and thinking like Yellowtards. Then again, the better alternative is to evolve into a more modern and more intelligent political force. That, of course, is premised on an ability and resolve to accept that Yellotardism had become a liability to their cause.

6 Replies to “Why impeach Duterte when a good old-fashioned Yellowtard “people power” might work?”

  1. People Power is dead. The Yellowtardism it spawned is on a downward spiral, hopefully, it will hit the ground zero of misfortune soon, never to recover again, its children, namely the Otso Diretso sa Inidoro, permanently retired from the political landscape. We deserve more than the combined preachers and practitioners of Yellowtardism. We didn’t deserve BS Aquino and his gang of thieves. We don’t deserve YellowLeni either. Consign them all to history and from there build anew.

  2. The Aquino era was the worst era in Philippine History. It was an era of many kinds of corruptions and grafts; political opportunists of various kinds flourished; the New People’s Army and the CPP; were in bed with the Aquinos. On the other hand, the Aquino Cojuangco political axis used the Mainstream Media, as their political propaganda machine..they used, YellowTardism as their political ideology. Those who adhere to this YelowTardism ideology are their political base.

    Much to be said, they built a shrine: the EDSA Shrine and the EDSA monument, to make the YellowTards, worship the Aquinos. Cory Aquino is worshiped as a Saint. Ninoy Aquino, Jr. is worshiped as a martyr and a hero. There is a holiday for this Aquino celebration. Airports and memorial stadium are named in their honor. Their “heroic deeds”, are in our textbooks. History books, were altered to promote their “heroic names” Their nasty faces are smirking at us in our currency…

    The ignorant Filipinos were led by their noses, like “patient carabaos”, to vote and elect what the Aquino Cojuangco axis presents as candidates.

    Fortunately, the Information Technology came in time. People used the social media and the internet to inform each other. Responsible Filipino Bloggers awakened their fellow Filipinos in their “political slumber” and being mesmerized by the Aquino whores in TV shows.

    The rest is now history. We hope, we will not see this kind of YellowTardism idiocy in the future !


    Everything yellow died a long time ago. Mar Roxas kind of saw it and tried to distance himself from the other 7. They even photoshopped his face into a Rappler picture since Mar probably has better things to do.  Mar was the only 1 of the 8 who actually acknowledged the President’s existence. The other 7 treated him like some leper.  Mar kind of learned from his defeat in 2016 where his campaign rhetoric was Noynoy this and Noynoy that. But a leopard does not change his spots and he could not completely amputate his yellow badge of honor and he went down with the rest of them. Guess he has more time for “going down” now.



  4. Take our politicians: they’re a bunch of yo-yos. The presidency is now a cross between a popularity contest and a high school debate, with an encyclopedia of clichés the first prize.

  5. As long as the idea of hero/martyr/saint is being kept alive, the yellowtard elite will never get tired of trying to make a comeback, perhaps not in Duterte’s time but on some other ruling elite using Duterte’s achievement but not really making any progress with that achievement, that will be the time, and then we come full circle again, and here we go again. History repeat itself, but only in the elite system of society.

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