Leni Robredo is DISRUPTIVE and should be BOOTED OUT of the Office of the Vice President

When the discourse descends to childish name-calling and mud-slinging comes the time once again to step back and take stock of the landscape from a higher plane of thinking. If we apply a fresh perspective to what is going on — specifically the tiff between “vice president” Leni Robredo and Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) Secretary Teddy Locsin Jr — it is easy to see a common denominator. That common denominator is Robredo

The Executive Branch is an execution function (duh!) and its Chief Executive, the President of the Philippines, is its supreme leader. It is the job of everyone who reports to the president to follow his lead. They may challenge him behind closed doors but doing so in public is bad form. As such, Robredo is, basically, a disruptive element in the Executive Branch. She needs to be dealt with.

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To the average Yellowtard mind, that sounds, well, “tyrannical”. But that’s only because Yellowtards react first before any semblance of thinking kicks in. When I say that (1) personnel of the Executive Branch should following the President and (2) that Robredo, in doing otherwise, is acting stupid, I say so in the context of the Executive Branch taken in isolation. Extend the conversation beyond the Executive Branch to include the full set of government branches, the Legislature and the Judiciary, and it is easy to see that there is no such “tyranny” to get one’s panties all twisted about. Whatever the Executive Branch does can be challenged by members of Congress. And if the Executive Branch does anything illegal, they can be taken to court which then becomes the jurisdiction of the Judiciary to rule on.

So you see, the Executive Branch can function internally as a “dictatorship” as long as it does so within the framework of the law.

Robredo, therefore, behaving in what has been described as a “stupid” manner as “vice president” is doing the job that Congress and Philippine Courts are already doing which is to keep the Executive Branch in check. In short, Robredo is doing work that is not part of her job and is wasting Filipino taxpayers’ resources. All of what she is focusing on — talking out of line, schmoozing with the media, and pandering to the Yellowtard narrative — are activities one would expect of elements of the Opposition, Robredo is no more than a rogue and not much else. As such, she has no place in the Duterte government. The Office of the Vice President after all is part of the Executive Branch and Duterte, whether anyone like it or not, is the Chief Executive.

Unless she changes the way she conducts hereself as “vice president”, Robredo is a waste of space.

She insults Philippine Congress by posturing as a challenger to the President while he remains perfectly capable. She insults the Philippine Supreme Court by presuming to be the Filipino people’s legal representative within the Executive Branch. No such ludicrous functions exist and, as such, the way Robredo is using her office is unethical, dishonest, and unconstitutional. There could likely be a strong case to lodge an impeachment complaint that is framed in this manner — by showing that she is in total dereliction of duty by working on things outside of what she is constitutionally mandated to deliver as “vice president”.

If Robredo’s defenders say she is being “disrespected” by people who call her “stupid”, they should at the very least pause and reflect on whether Robredo had been a respectable “vice president” from Day One. It is quite evident that it is Robredo who disrespected her own office by conducting herself the way she has been since she first stepped into it in 2016.

It’s time Robredo be held accountable for being a disrespectful and, more to the point, negligent Vice President. She did not act as Vice President of the Philippines. She spent the last three years being no more than the mouthpiece of a long-discredited political bloc that contributed to the catastrophic loss of a much-needed Opposition that it foolishly presumed to lead.

13 Replies to “Leni Robredo is DISRUPTIVE and should be BOOTED OUT of the Office of the Vice President”

  1. She’s one of those cases I sort of left out in my last article about dissing. Aside from “woke” people dissing politicians, here’s a politician who does nothing but diss, behaving like a dissing “activist,” even when already in government.

      1. I agree with almost all of your previous articles but not this one. Please read the editorials of Manila Times and Manila Standard on this issue. They are more objective.

        1. I think it is best not to resort to making insulting words to anyone even assuming she is really stupid. Or even if she is just an ordinary person, not the VP I guess it is more due to my attitude of avoiding hurting the feelings of anyone.

  2. What the “BOBA” as Secretary Locsin calls her, does is merely posturing. She realizes she has no meaningful role in President Duterte’s administration, so she creates a situation where people could see her as an active, functioning vice president. She’s enamored by the title but fails to realize that the position entails more than talking like she’s big-time “opposition”. Leni Robredo is a pitiable adjunct of a system, totally worthless and undeserving of national attention.

  3. Philippines have too much democracy, in the US you don’t elect the vice-president, he/she comes as an inherent part of being a president, well, only in the Philippines.

  4. Lugaw Robredo is a Fake Vice President. She was placed in the Office of the Vice President, thru the 2016 fraudulent National Election in 2016. The Aquino Cojuangco political axis, and the Liberal Party, bribed the former COMELEC Chief, Andres Bautista, to do a HOCUS PCOS , SMARTSWITIK election process , to forcibly elect Lugaw Robredo, as Vice President

    Andres Bautista is now in the U.S., enjoying his bribe money…he is not bothered by anyone. Crime pays in the Philippines…only in the Philippines…dummies…

    After Lugaw Robredo was installed in a fraudulent way. They intended to Impeach Pres. Duterte, on the charge of Extra Judicial Killings…This was the reason, the Drug Dealer : Leila de Lima, and the Kudeta addict, Trililing Trillanes, conducted a Senate Inquiry on Pres. Duterte’s role in the Extra Judicial Killings…this would have started the impeachment proceedings. They even asked help from international community to help remove Pres. Duterte…

    Fortunately, it worked against the Duterte’s EKJ conspirators. The nymphomaniac and drug dealer, Leila de Lima is now in jail. Trililing Trillanes conducted a failed “kudeta”…the “Otso Diretso” candidates of the Liberal Party were in a debacle…. It was a tremendous defeat of the : Aquuino Cojuangco political axis; the Roman Catholic Church; the leftist NPA/CCP and other opposition groups.

    Pres. Duterte is still in office. The hopes and dreams of the opposition to replace him with the “Bobo” Lugaw Robredo, is not materializing. The failed Kudeta, in which Robredo was a part has gone wrong.

    So, the only thing that Lugaw Robredo can do, is to open her mouth, and say stupid things and do nonsense. She is a really a stupid person anyway !

  5. From what she does and says, she thinks blocking Mr. Marcos from the vice presidency is more important than upholding the integrity of elections. The same thing Noy said he would do. Boba isn’t the right description.

  6. Politics is made up largely of irrelevancies. And FVP Maria Leonor “Leni” Gerona vda. de Robredo is so stupidly good at her own making.

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