A nice Artificial Intelligence project: ASKLENI.COM or LENIBOT.COM


I realised recently that the domains AskLeni.com and LeniBot.com are available for the taking as of this writing. There’s an idea right there for an interesting project or thesis for Computer Science students — building an artificial intelligence (AI) that can generate Leni-speak.

The AI could work off a digitised body of public statements from Philippine “vice president” Leni Robredo quoted verbatim on published news reports. This is called the training text. The model or algorithm for generating a Leni-ism could be as simple as any one of those probabilistic models for generating text strings based on the frequency of the occurrences of words and combinations of word and character sequences in the training text. One such model is the Markov Chain Algorithm which “determines the next most probable suffix word for a given prefix.”

To do this, a Markov chain program typically breaks an input text (training text) into a series of words, then by sliding along them in some fixed sized window, storing the first N words as a prefix and then the N + 1 word as a member of a set to choose from randomly for the suffix.

That’s the easy part.

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To make things even more interesting, perhaps this AI could work behind a Web front-end that allows visitors to type in any question and then have the site return, say, a 500-character Leni-ism in reply. The challenge would be to develop an algorithm to interpret what users type into, say, the “Ask Leni” text box on the site and build the appropriate text strings to “seed” the Markov chain in such a way that the generated Leni-ism comes as close to looking like a reply as possible using these simple algorithms.

Here’s what such a website might look like.

For bonus points:

(1) Have different Leni images to support variety in emotional content of the generated Leni-ism (plus 5 points).

(2) Allow users to score quality of reply to entered question (plus 5 points).

(3) Use a machine learning algorithm to use scoring data in Item 2 to improve Markov Chain seed algorithm to enable the system to “learn” how to generate better replies (plus 15 points).

Happy coding!

6 Replies to “A nice Artificial Intelligence project: ASKLENI.COM or LENIBOT.COM”

  1. The stupidity and low I.Q. of the Fake Vice President Leni “Lugaw” Robredo, is too much for us to take, who are thinking with sense …

    Pnoy Aquino and Mar Roxas, who themselves are both stupid people, picked this dumb woman, as a probable replacement of Pres. Duterte, as they hope that he would be impeached thru the EJK killings cases. Artificial Intelligence is a mismatch to the intelligence of Lugaw Robredo…

    There were rumors in Naga City, that the Robredos, grew wealthy thru the proliferation of Shabu in the city. And that Lugaw Robredo’s brother in law, is the foremost Shabu drug lord in the city. The brother in law is now hiding in the U.S. Maybe this drug lord, is now partying with the crook , Andres Bautista, who himself is hiding in the U.S. , enjoying his election fraud bribe money, that elected Lugaw Robredo as Vice President in the 2016 National election.

    As long as we don’t prosecute, jail or even hang these kinds of crooks. There is no hope of removing graft and corruption in our country !

    1. Ha ha a classic example ware the blind leading the blind get us all poked in the eye. Now I’m not alowed talk Philippine politics and i’m hosted by several cabinets of the states of the union which to the United States the Philippines are the second largest state in the union both population and land mass compared to lesser member like Korea Porto Rico and now even Viet Nam, I can relate in morale’s and injustices so I my example here is maybe these folks may had the same perks as two pares of corporate lawyers sate in the chief executive oval offices, and both skimmed the peoples SSI funds in crimes they only had to sweat indictments to convictions by the statue of limitations laws of 7years, of coarse the Clitions ease’d right on through and even after 7 years they gave Killery Hitmon with clear GSR still on her hands, a plush paying job grooming her for a run at the white house were she took long napps and ran critical documents to email, through dot coms to lazy to use proper channels. Was even napping as her employs were getting mowed down in her budget cuts maybe adding a few bucks on her credit cards bottom line.
      Philippines actually has more authority with the SOU constitution then Americans do but corporate crime is not under the constitution and I’ve seen here several times and never heard your people mention the constitution in any of these matters unless its just media is sequestered here in Cebu to fit local policy and local control on local popular options?
      Maybe someone can enlighten me coz no one ever care mention it at all but a few judges i know ware they shacking there heads as if were would they begin? This device here as i see is a one way communications aide that actually as written oddly enough and rather bie’est ( i get to in a moment) but it is clearly a utility tool to marketers and look closely just who does it serve, then look it as, is this isolating a population in the constricts in a misconception over an a cult ure mixed up thinking there hairaitaga by killing curiosity to discovery, just to create a easy wall keeping a people in a cult that self deflects back to the a clut ure never seeinga truth education hands them the world to knowledge and more opportunity simply able to communicate with the world, or even the machine this writer calls AI.
      Even Stubborn China spent a massive budget and 40 years trying to build a chines complex-ed language from there root chines Semplex-ed that has a fare greater tech -devil to the detail vocabulary library then all Filipino and native American has combined. And china still could not speak to the machine or writ code, They turned the language of scince. English.
      This guys idea has no block diagram i suspect coz he proposes a lot of hardware with fare more complex soft ware and right off knowing my basic in electronics in robotic and sensory devices all my life, right away it hit me the universal power distributor in both PDAs and laptop with a striped down android opp system functions. Well not handle the power needed and worse when all the other apps and are also to be on the power rail,
      His stuff When asked are not just going to glitch but will mega hop conjunctions and or lead to power cascades ,ware someone is gonna get a hot pocket for sure.
      This would be very handy as a two way communication aide. Any one seen kicked up dust as google raced to his door? Reason is NSA, hotels and all travail providers and HR are and have been the biggest funders in all fascists in this kind of intelligence community and this has all been long gone over with no practical applications at all nor see need enable a micro community, compared to the worlds needs as a whole, and these folks hijacked, in to this subject ware even well known to trash the microeconomics, Obama then used of that money to put a honey pot in Mandano (bait for Isis) that also bought him Ben Lauden’s free trip to the oceans floor, and you guys a dirty little war a gift to you from the white house and not we the people of the USA .
      Beside Isis coming here he also gave china and thialand a little war still raging in the Jade Valley Ware the fool corporate lawyer Obama even got a flip flop whacked up side his head in Malamr giving the USA citizens SSI money to so called Muslim interest there to and this whack up side the head is still a popular political most funny moment TV broadcast. but we all know, fresh into (the bankers oval offices opps i ment) the white house. He got Isis and alquida hand over Ben Lauden From not the tax payers money, but wont say were this money came from. Same as the SSS here, the SSI is the peoples deposits and not a tax.
      This program has fare better use as a teaching tool of the pinoy language to non speaking, then it well ever have try talking with AI that can not translate expression or FEEL even detecting emotion. All the computers at echelon linguists NSA still have about as much luck to this day detecting the the simplex-ed form which it is looking at as well as the many online translators you see fail regular at Facebook of all the few online treys such as google, Don’t believe me read your post on FB or twitter and see how often translate does show up and the times it does go in and read it, You better of try chatten with the Klingons up in Uranis

  2. I love this idea!

    But I’m afraid this would boomerang to her favor. Remember how Erap took advantage of his faux pas? Think that was Reli German who did that…

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