Rappler LINKED to a media alliance mounting a concerted vilification campaign against Duterte!

No less than Manila Times publisher Dante Ang himself writes the report following an investigation into a network of organisations supposedly representing the Philippines’ “journalism” profession. Occupying a prominent space within the network Ang describes in his explosive exposé OUST-DUTERTE PLOT BARED is “social news network” Rappler and a bevy of personalities associated to it implicated in an email trail leading to a slanderous video that supposedly reveals a “narco-list” that includes members of President Rodrigo Duterte’s family.

The nodes in this “matrix” are linked by a set of lines that, together, “illustrates the flow of news from the source to a nexus or distributor and finally to the individual journalists for publication.”

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The Philippines’ Queen of All Fact Checkers Ellen Tordesillas of Vera Files herself endorses the video at the centre of this conspiracy where a certain “Bikoy” supposedly tells all. Tordesillas reports on her blog that the videos “look professionally done” and were “uploaded on You Tube and Facebook [under the] account of ‘Metro Balita’, which lists itself as ‘media/news company’.”

Two prominent personalities in the Philippines’ axis of so-called ‘fact checkers’ — Ellen Tordesillas and Maria Ressa.
(Photo source: Vera Files)

An evidently defensive Rappler today countered with the article authored by Lian Buan screaming that Human rights law group calls Oust Duterte plot ‘rubbish’, a position that contributes nothing to debunking any of the assertion Ang makes in his report.

Rather than address the points raised in Ang’s report directly, Rappler resorts to the all-too-familiar ad hominem argument…

“The Manila Times under Dante Ang, appointed special envoy for international public relations by President Rodrigo Duterte, is the reason why journalism schools and newsrooms in the country should be actively educating the youth and communities on what truthful, responsible, and ethical journalism is,” Rappler said.

Real “investigative journalists” can do a lot better than that. Indeed, the Manila Times in this instance has single-handedly taken to task the country’s foremost honchos that form the chi chi clique of self-anointed “fact checkers” and “truth seekers”. That’s one against three. One would think that three of the Philippines’ so-called “guardians of truth” — Vera Files, the Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism (PCIJ), and, well, Rappler — together wouldn’t be the least bit intimidated by one newspaper — the Manila Times. But seeing the lost composure and astounding incoherence in their response on exhibit amongst God’s Gifts to Philippine Journalism, one couldn’t be blamed for thinking that Ang is on to something real.

6 Replies to “Rappler LINKED to a media alliance mounting a concerted vilification campaign against Duterte!”

  1. Maria Reesa and Ellen Tordesillas, were the propaganda “journalists” of the Aquino Cojuangco political axis. Journalism is long dead in our country. The Media is controlled by politicians to promote their political agendas. They will use any media, as they had done it before…

    The “Oust Duterte” plot is always there. Lugaw Robredo, the fake Vice President, whom they installed to replace Duterte, is always waiting there. The Aquino Cojuangco political axis people are in the background, doing this political manuever. The crook Caguioa is sitting on the results of the Vice Presidential recount for the Vice President position, as ordered by Aquino and his cahoots.

    Do not vote for any candidate that the Aquino Cojuangco political axis is identified with….Concerned Bloggers must blog to expose the truth, to expose any kind of political machination of the media.

    Who is that so called: “Bikoy” ? He/she maybe the creation of the stupid imagination of Maria Reesa and Tordesillas. We have to be aware that these anti Duterte people, are always there, to try to regain their power. They had done it to the late Pres. Marcos Sr….they will do it to Duterte !

  2. all i can say is, pnoy and bikoy sounds the same. they will never give up hacienda luisita the one they’re fighting for.

  3. If the axis of these so-called journalists expect all to respect their private beliefs and faith, and their rights and dignity as persons, how can they actually expect that from people if they are unwilling to reciprocate and continue to incite hatred and the vilification of other people.

  4. Been noticing how propped up theses “Independent” journalist groups are and how they love citing each other’s garbage, because that’s how it works, rinse and repeat, and maybe you’ll get wikipedia to cite these “reliable sources” and make whatever you say into reality.

  5. I wonder if the minimum requirement to be a paid yellow hack is they should be bitter and angry, old, soulless, apathetic ladies. They seem to have that market cornered.

  6. these people are far toxic than any amount of AgentOrange/Roundup mixed together
    and ingesting its poisonous substance is fatal to one’s safety and well-being

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