Will Leyte 1st District representative Martin Romualdez Be The Next House Speaker?


Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio’s influence on national politics appears to be continuously ramping up, not only because her statements reverberate throughout Philippine social media but also because whatever she says seems to carry a lot of weight among her political allies across the country.

Some would say that the removal of congressman Pantaleon Alvarez as House Speaker revealed her political clout. A story in the Philippine Star titled Arroyo confirms ‘thank you’ lunch with Sara Duterte reveals what could possibly be some indication of Sara Duterte’s ability to rally political support from congressmen across the country.

In the hours leading to the ouster of the former speaker, it was reported that the plan had the backing of Carpio, who allegedly burned the phone lines to drum up support for Arroyo.


However, Carpio has remained mum about her participation in one of the most dramatic political showdown in recent years and simply congratulated Arroyo on her success in ousting one of the most powerful men in government and one of the president’s closest allies.


A week later, Arroyo was holding a lunch meeting with Carpio, Ilocos Gov. Imee Marcos and more than 150 representatives at a hotel in Quezon City.

In another news story, House Speaker Gloria Macapagal Arroyo echoed that Duterte Carpio is a “rising star” in politics.

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“Let me just say [that] she is a rising star in Philippine politics, even Senator Ping Lacson saw that. But let’s take it one election at a time… and let us talk about 2022 later on,” Arroyo said in an ambush interview.

Duterte-Carpio is the incumbent mayor of Davao City. Due to her key role in the regional party, Hugpong ng Pagbabago, and its support for 13 senatorial candidates in the 2019 midterm polls, many now think she is being groomed to succeed her father, who is set to step down in mid-2022.

According to Arroyo, the idea is not far-fetched, considering presidential offspring “historically” emerge and eventually take positions in politics.

“Let me just put it this way: historically, children of presidents do rise,” Arroyo said.

Arroyo herself, daughter of former Philippine President Diosdado Macapagal, eventually joined politics and became senator, vice-president and president.

Her successor, Benigno Aquino III, is the son of the late former Senator Benigno Aquino Jr. and former President Corazon Aquino.

But even before 2022 sets in, Duterte Carpio’s actions and statements at the cusp of the 2019 mid-term elections seems to be building up to the confirmation of her national political clout.

Apart from backing 13 candidates for senator through her regional party Hugpong ng Pagbabago, Duterte Carpio has openly endorsed 1st District of Leyte congressman Martin Romualdez as House Speaker for the 18th Congress.

Romualdez, who ran for senator in 2016 and is the nephew of former First Lady Imelda Marcos, welcomed the endorsement.

“Nabubulunan na ko dito [kasi] dalawang beses sinabi ni Ma’am Inday Sara na ako ang magiging next Speaker of the House. Salamat po, Ma’am, sa tiwala at kumpiyansa sa akin. I am humbled by the mere mentioning of my name,” Romualdez said.


“I am very thankful, honored and grateful for the endorsement given to me by Mayor Sara in what is going to be a competitive speakership race,” he added.

If my sources in congress are right, another congressman vying for House Speakership is congressman PA Velasco from the lone district of Marinduque.

In a news report last year, it was said that both President Rodrigo Roa Duterte and Duterte Carpio also called congressman Velasco the next House Speaker.

Also unconfirmed bet for the House Speakership is former Senator and Foreign Affairs Secretary Allan Peter Cayetano, who is running for congressman in the first district of Taguig-Pateros while his wife runs for the second district of the same city.

No matter how the 2019 elections turn out, I am betting we will see more confirmation of Duterte-Carpio’s growing political influence on a national scale.

18 Replies to “Will Leyte 1st District representative Martin Romualdez Be The Next House Speaker?”

  1. We do not have many women leaders in the world. But if you look at the current examples, most of those few female leaders that we have today lead their countries under the pressure of difficult political and economic circumstances. They all posses strong personalities and have real political influence on the domestic and international scene.

  2. It’s politics as usual in our country…at least, the Aquino Cojuangco political axis will not be able to insert, their fake VP Lugaw Robredo, as the President. This woman is imbecile and is a puppet… Don’t elect any of their supported Senatorial candidates. They are all puppets of the Aquinos and the Cojuangcos.

    We wait and see, what will be the results of the political scene…

  3. This is a lot worst than I think. The Mayor of Davao Sarah Duterte Carpio, who advocates dishonesty in public service, controls the legislative branch of government, which is supposed to be the co-equal branch of executive and judiciary as the highest department in government. Another laughingstock in this country’s politics in modern history. In Philippine history, congressmen will not be controlled unless they gained some money or favor from the principal no matter if they already look like fools as being puppet.

    Today’s case is no different. Look at how Gloria Arroyo and Andaya wreak havoc on 2019 national budget. They intentionally delayed the passing of it for two-months since October 2018 to make some insertions in their favor and their allies, and now, first time in history that the re-enacted budget is still hanging in the air even it’s now month of March. Fuck! Stupid incompetent house of representatives full of scumbags!

    This midget Arroyo who is known to be the queen of anomalies and controversies during her decade of presidency takes a toll on house of representatives again as the speaker together with her puppet Andaya. These two are power hungry. Arroyo is the top notcher of being power hunger in the Philippines, aside from Marcos Sr., who forces herself in politics after her presidency even if she was already charged with graft and corruption. Thick-face is all she got aside from being incompetent and inefficient, while the Filipino people are suffering from her idiocy.

    Paul Farol, I have read some of your articles and I should say you should be ashamed to yourself by being loyal to your politicians rather than to your own country. Your brain is extremely fucked up because you let go of what is best for the nation and let mediocrity sink in your small brain! That is the consequence of putting love first to your politicians over your country – the reason why the never-ending wrong becomes right, and right becomes a never-ending wrong in this country. How selfish you people are! Fuck you all!

    1. But you are the same guy who advocates:
      a) a former presidential wanna be who name drops a a lame political family in the backdrop of the one of the worse storms in Philippine history
      b) You favor a political party that loves to photo opp Muslims and born again Christians in a Catholic mass.
      c) You favor a former president who loves to deceive the public with red herring dates with beauty contestants during his time in office just to obfuscate the fact that both feet are firmly in the closet
      d) you favor Mr. Whip It Good who favors your political political party of choice by intentionally changing code to alter the VP race
      e) Aforementioned V.P. of choice did not tell the truth about her affair with someone who likely has a wife
      f) You favor a detained Senator who lied about getting driven by her driver without a car and there are even videos to prove it.

      Yet you : 1) come down hard on Sara Duterte saying politicians lie when the ones you so brazenly shill for lie left and right and can’t even come out of the closet. 2) You are loyal to the yellows and not your country. The yellows who can’t tell the truth and kept their relevance by cheating the FIlipino of their vote.

      1. Why should you always bring liberal party on the table whenever your demi-god Duterte and his allies being criticized? Is that all that you got to argue against me? I myself want what is best for this country. Your accusations against me are not my own doing. You lost arguments to counter mine above that is why you love to bring liberal party up just to cover the blunders of this administration, and like Duterte, you love to smear other people by hurling personal accusations just to cover up one’s fault. As if throwing mistake to another will make it right.

        You love to talk about elections cheating. Yeah right, if there was indeed a massive cheating in 2016 elections, Mar Roxas should have been President today and Bongbong Marcos should be the winner of VP election protest that he filed against Robredo awaiting for SC’s decision, but in today’s counting, it looks like Bongbong Marcos will likely be suffering another shameful defeat wasting multi-million peso again by Robredo twice in one election even if Duterte is now the president. So that proves there is no massive election cheating happened in 2016. Suck that up! Marcos loyalists will cry a river. Not only Bongbong is a two time loser, but he is also a big fraud caught in the act because he cheated on his educational background about obtaining a “degree” from Oxford and Wharton School of University. Same kind of breed with his co-equal fraud sister Imee Marcos who also cheated about her education, wherein Sarah Duterte-Carpio started her advocacy campaign about dishonesty for elected public position. You all are favoring your own personal demonic agenda to the detriment of the Filipino nation.

        1. Mar Roxas rallies could not draw flies. Look at when the Mr. Whip It Good code kicked in there was no hope , I repeat no hope of Mar Roxas catching Duterte unless even the pinoy tambays to believe Mar Roxas beating RDD by 5 million votes per hour. Nobody came rallying to Mar Roxas cause. How come no yellow is taking up the Whip It Good cudgel? Because y’all know he is guilty. Hence his own scourging at the pillar? If Leni is so great why did Whip it Good have to David Copperfield? You shill for the Liberal Party that has to change it own name and color scheme every month. You are them.

        2. Maybe because the camp of Mar Roxas and Aquino are not cry-babies and sour losers like you all do who always cry “election cheating” whenever your favorite candidates are losing the election. You don’t know how to accept defeat and you resort to your childish emotional retort because your toy was taken by the liberal party.

          So evident in your immature post that you are still not moving on from the Liberal Party even if they are not in the top power anymore. They are your favorite subject to talk about whenever Duterte and his allies are being criticized because that’s all that you only know. Yeah, I understand that that’s your only point and it’s up to me whether I take your bait or not.

        3. ^Nope, more like it’s because they have LOTS OF MONEY to get away with all of the mess they’ve created. They have LOTS OF MONEY in order to manipulate everything in the elections. And even the media BARELY reported these or didn’t even bother to. That’s why Noynoy and Mar are so lucky to get away from it so they were not be treated as ‘losers and crybabies’ when they are exactly like that when they were in power.

          It’s so evident that you’re totally missing the point that the Liberal Party is doing whatever it takes that they are so desperate to return in power. You failed to mention that they have the most media attention. And no, there is no criticism against Duterte but only senseless vitriol and blind hate, full of biases and whatever. Of course, you would never understand because you totally act like an NPC.

          If anything here that has a demonic agenda, it’s you, Pinoy NPC. Especially your buddies from the Left.

        4. “Pinoy” Citizen better change your name to dilaw citizen. Your love for the limp wristed, COMELEC vote manipulations, bullwhip toting, traffic directing , bus stop forgers, tricyce driving folks that populate the values you espouse and yet you knock the idea politicians lie. Dilaw citizen, your love for that color is so obvious despite your claim of countr. Nope. you are so dilaw that you are the only one with an original copy of the “screwdriver” video not a Quiapo copy. Autographed I might add.

        5. ^Gogs, Yellow Citizen is so clueless that Aquino and Roxas are totally rich that they can do ANYTHING just to get away from their shenanigans. I remember that Aquino said that “he would never see another Marcos in Malacanang” and when the 2016 elections happened, they began to do their thing to make sure that would never happen. And it did.

          And he wouldn’t even admit that he’s the type of a guy that hates the current government and would love to call it “criticism” just to make himself relevant. That’s just the same as a merchant selling snake oil.

        6. Both of you are fucking moronic! You are idiotic to the core that no amount of sound arguments can ever change you! You are the definition of the absolute blunders in this country because of your loyalty to your politicians rather than to your country that you sacrifice being rational and logical in exchange of being paid hacks. Stupid Dutertards eternally retarded! Fuck you all!

        7. DILAW CITIZEN. Is there anything more moronic than a president who was voted in because his campaign featured his dead parents as well as his still born accomplishments? Your politicians of choice all rallied around him treating him like this flawless god. That is moronic. You love them and you are denying it. That is also moronic. Go hero worship Bam. Go play Barbies with Noynoy. Go wait in the highway for a bus that ain’t comin with Leni and go shopping for a cat o nine tails with Andy Bautista since you claim you are not moronic and yet every post is so dilaw in flavor and in source. Yes you worship morons and yet you go here and call others morons who are not as infatuated as you with necropolitics.

        8. ^Spoken like a true NPC.

          It’s like we are all asking ‘WHY?’ and all we got from you is this:


          Oh yeah, look who’s talking. You are also the definition of the absolute blunders in this country because of your loyalty to YOUR politicians rather than to your country that you sacrifice being rational and logical in exchange of being paid hacks. Stupid Yellow Yellowtards like Pinoy NPC are eternally retarded.

        9. @Pinoy Soyboy:

          Maybe because the camp of Mar Roxas and Aquino are not cry-babies and sour losers like you all do who always cry “election cheating” whenever your favorite candidates are losing the election. You don’t know how to accept defeat and you resort to your childish emotional retort because your toy was taken by the liberal party

          In fact, it was Noynoy who is an ACTUAL crybaby and a sore loser and a soy cuck just like yourself. Here’s an explanation:

          Noynoy is a narcissist. World class egotists don’t see half of what is happening and what is coming because half of the time they only see themselves and are busy admiring themselves. This is the reason why during crisis, Noynoy gets paralyzed, and has been known throughout his life as a non-performer.

          Noynoy was just born into privilege, but if he was hoi polloi (the masses; the common people), he would be one of our palamunins. Now, that he was shoved into a position that requires results, he, not knowing how to perform, had to resort to credit-grabbing, if available, to propaganda, if not available. No wonder there has been more words and statistics in the last six years, than implemented projects.

          And lemme guess what your loyalties lie: it’s to people who love money and just themselves than people who love their country. One commenter in this page is right about Aquino and Roxas about this matter because to them, money can fix everything in order to get away from their absolute blunders and stupidity that they themselves created. Both Noynoy and Mar are born with wealth in their hands. During his presidency, Noynoy is often called a “loan addict” where he borrowed billions of dollars and guess what, he never spent it. He kept those lots of money for himself that he can buy all the lawyers and all the legal stuff just to get away from his own absolute blunders. That’s right, he’s always for himself and not for the people. And smart people like myself knew that Mar Roxas is just a Filipino male version of Hillary Clinton. In fact, the reason why he ran for the presidency back in 2016 is because he had millions of money to make it happen. So yeah, they’re not “sore losers and “crybabies” because they have bucks. They have wealth. They have privilege. Things that you wished you have. And of course, you can use money, even resorting to BRIBERY just to shut people up, including those who involved in “election cheating”. That’s Noynoy and Mar in a nutshell.

    2. Mayor Sara Duterte Carpio was merely stating fact that we cannot count on public officials to be completely honest all the time when it comes to managing the affairs of a city, province, or country. In that, she was being HONEST and it takes a lot of guts to admit that.

      The impasse on the 2019 National Budget was because of issues between the Executive and members of the House of Representatives. Apparently, these were threshed out and the budget was passed. This is still all part of the democratic process abided by the Duterte administration.

      Arroyo was ACQUITTED from the cases filed against her.

      You say I am not loyal to my country on the basis of the few of my articles that you read. Awwww… Okay, whatever.

  4. Both of you are fucking moronic! You are idiotic to the core that no amount of sound arguments can ever change you! You are the definition of the absolute blunders in this country because of your loyalty to your politicians rather than to your country that you sacrifice being rational and logical in exchange of being paid hacks. Stupid Dutertards eternally retarded! Fuck you all!

    It’s hilarious to see that a soyboy like you love to claim you have any sound argument when you have ZERO. Ever. It’s all Yellow Soy.

    Go be a soy somewhere else, not here.

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