Opposition candidates should distance themselves from the International Criminal Court intervention in the Philippines

If this year’s crop of candidates vying for seats in Congress know what is good for them, they should avoid the “issue” of the intervention in the Philippines being mounted by the International Criminal Court (ICC). The ICC has indicated a resolve to continue to pursue an investigation into allegations that the government of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte is guilty of “human rights” abuse. However, the remit of the ICC to pursue such “investigations” rests on a nebulous premise at best given that it remains clearly evident that the Philippine state is adequately equipped with a viable criminal justice system and a proven process for impeaching errant public officials. More imporantly, measures to ensure that the popular will is robustly represented are deeply-rooted. Filipinos are members of a populace that is renowned for removing presidents extraconstitutionally. More importantly, they are active participants in institutional processes — elections — that systematically channel their collective will.

Candidates campaigning in the lead up to this year’s mid-term elections are well-advised not to touch the ICC circus with a ten-foot-pole. The ICC brouhaha is essentially no more than an agenda-driven “initiative” mounted by a small cadre of “woke” shills within the Opposition — specifically the Liberal Party (a.k.a. Yellowtard) faction within it that presumes to be its leaders. Using it as campaign fodder would be electoral suicide. Duterte remains an overwhelmingly-popular president and his endorsements materially move public sentiment as recent surveys continue to reveal. He was duly-elected into office in the 2016 elections and, as history has revealed, “popular uprisings” that have unseated duly-elected presidents in the past — in 1986 then in 2001 — have turned from golden to turdesque political narratives that have plunged entire political power bases into death spirals.

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Indeed, inviting a foreign court to “investigate” a sitting president is ludicrous at best. It can be considered to be a bizarre form of reverse-imperialism where a former colony actually invites a foreign power to re-colonise it. It runs counter to every notion of nationalism and the spirit of independence many noted Filipinos lived and died for. Opening one’s doors to allow a foreigner to judge one’s own government is the height of the very snowflakedness that has run the entire liberal agenda in the Philippines aground.

Filipinos should learn to see through the dishonest narrative dubbed “fighting against tyranny” that leaders of the Philippine Opposition are pitching in this year’s elections. There is no “tyranny” and there is no “fight”. All there is is a bald crooked bid to seize power by all means. To the Yellowtards, if this cannot be achieved within the framework of the law, they will mount projects to grab the prize extraconstitutionally if they think they can get away with it — as they did in 1986 and in 2001.

The Yellowtards will not own up to the fact that it is their 1987 Yellowtard Constitution upon which those “uneducated” and “unintelligent” Filipino voters (that they now vilify) chose the leaders they now paint as “evil” villains. They conveniently ignore the reality that the current Speaker of the House — former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo — which they now count as their nemesis — was, herself, a product of the 2001 “EDSA Dos” “revolution” that they shrewdly engineered to steal the presidency away from then duly-elected President Joseph “Erap” Estrada.

In essence, this ICC stunt is the Yellowtards upping the ante — ratcheting up the level of treachery against a legitimate Philippine Government up a hundred notches, beyond mere rebellion to an actual act of treason. Former Commonwealth President Manuel L Quezon would be fuming if he were alive to take stock of what the camp of his grandson is doing today. After all, Quezon is famous for his battlecry for national independence…

I would rather have a country run like hell by Filipinos than a country run like heaven by the Americans…

The Philippines, perhaps, may be run like hell today. But it is run by Filipinos. The Yellowtards can’t seem to deal with this and they should be punished at the polls for this inability to support a collective resolve for Filipinos to take pesonal responsibility for the outcome of their own practice of democracy and habitually go running to a foreign power whenever things don’t go quite well for them.

23 Replies to “Opposition candidates should distance themselves from the International Criminal Court intervention in the Philippines”

  1. As the saying goes “get woke, go broke”.

    And Gary Alejano should be careful this time. His “lawfare” days are over.

  2. the yellows should be very careful..the pilipinos might revolt against them like the bolshevik revolution and see what happens to the romanovs.

    1. @salagintong bukid actually you should said French Revolution instead of that commie bolshevik revolution. We don’t want our country to become a communist state, and fuck those CPP/NPA/NDF, Gabriela, KMU, LFS, Bayan Muna, etc.! ??

  3. >> But it is run by Filipinos.
    No, it’s run by a tiny, well-placed clique of Filipinos who have more in common – in terms of their subculture and values – with the Spanish conquistadors than with Filipinos in general.

    Being colonized by a foreign power would actually represent a step up from the present scenario.

    The only reason this is allowed to continue is that the average Filipino is content to wallow in his own filth, occasionally raising himself out of the gutter to take another swig of Tanduay. He doesn’t care who’s raping and pillaging the country as long as he is “free”.

    1. Regardless, whether insulares, peninsulares, indio, or Madre de Cacao, these are all Filipino citizens you talk about. They live, work, do business and pay taxes in the Philippines which, if we recall, continues to be named after a King who happened to be ruler of Spain when it claimed the islands as a colony. So, in that sense, descendants of conquistadores and the prayle have as much if not even more claim to the Philippines than the indio who spent more centuries pre-Spanish conquest in petty spear throwing “wars” amongst each other than on unifying into a big enough state to count as a force of consequence even by the global standards of the 14th to 15th centuries.

  4. What kind of intervention does more damage and instability to whole nations? While claiming to be superior with actions that are consistently inhuman?

  5. The Aquino Cojuangco political axis, with the liberal party and othe opposition cahoots want to remove Pres. Duterte, and replace him with that imbecile woman, fake VP Lugaw Robredo. This is what this circus in the “toothless court” ICC, is all about. It wants to usurp the jurisdiction of the justice system in the Philippines.

    These justices in the ICC, are nothing but dummies, placed there by foreign powers, to intervene in aweak countries.

    The Filipinos are addicted to EDSAs, So, the Aquino Cojuangco political axis, the Liberal party and the opposition, think, that EDSAs, and not fair and honest elections , are here to stay. This is the reason, they cheated in the 2016 national election, thru that crook, former COMELEC Chief , Andres Bautista. They cannot win in fair and honest election.

    So, they must cheat, to hijack the will of the Filipino people !

  6. Inevitability is a comfortable escape for people who don’t care for the pain that comes with truth. They convince themselves that they had no hand or say in the matter, that whatever happened could not be stopped no matter what they personally did, and so blame can never be placed upon them.

  7. LOL! Why is Duterte camp so worried about the ICC if it has no teeth to enforce its conviction or better yet if Duterte is not guilty of what the ICC will have to investigate in the Philippines that he needed to withdraw from ICC membership and he will need to stop them from conducting an investigation regarding on the crimes committed in his drug war? As they said, if you are afraid of something then you must be hiding something you are guilty of. Truly, this has been clearly appearing in the manner, body language and actions of Duterte admin whenever someone seriously accuses him of something.

    Regarding the Philippines being controlled by the Filipinos – yes, but only on some trivial matters. Economically and politically speaking, the Philippines is under the control and mercy of China. Duterte relies heavily on China for grants and loans at the expense of our sovereignty, independence and our own laws. In short, the Philippines is fucked by foreign power. It can never stand on its own. So, benign0 your “independence” notion is only a product of your own futile imagination. This article runs counter to what you wrote earlier about your preference that this country be run by Chinese instead of Filipinos. You are deluding yourself and deceiving your readers at your own hypocrisy just to suit your political agenda. Fuuuuccckk!

    1. And? Still a zero argument. Because you’re clueless that even the Opposition is using the the ICC as a weapon of trying to destabilizing the current government. Oh yeah, there is still no preliminary investigation coming, rendering the court being useless. Fine example is this:

      “Several years earlier, in 2011, several Mexican human rights organizations sent a communication to the International Criminal Court (ICC), urging the prosecutor to investigate Mexican President Felipe Calderon for war crimes and crimes against humanity. The letter was accompanied by 23,000 signatures from Mexican citizens. At the time, at least 45,000 had already died (Reuters, November 26, 2011). The following month, Luis Moreno Ocampo, the ICC Prosecutor at the time, said that the court would not do anything about it. “We don’t judge political decisions or political responsibility,” he said (Latin American Herald Tribune, December 2011).”

      So again, another pathetic rant from Pinoy NPC. For you, globalism is your own notion of “independence”, along with your Sinophobic tendencies. Actually, you’re the one who is deluding yourself and deceiving everyone in this page at your own hypocrisy just to suit your left-leaning globalist agenda, along with your Yellowtardism.

    2. EVERYBODY know that ICC issues on EJK are mere destabilization, so why would Duterte’s administration would entertain?

      And why are you soooooooooooo mad about Duterte himself when it was Teddy Locsin Jr. who pulled the Philippines out of the ICC? He said this on Twitter:

      Uh, excuse me, I withdrew us from the ICC — when I saw an vacuous debate going nowhere, ICC playing politics & both sides becoming embarrassments to each other and to themselves. Leave him out of this. I did it. And no power on earth can enforce an ICC judgment I told the UN.

      Son, you just went full SOY.

      1. LOL. How do you destabilise a country that’s already going to hell in a handbasket?

        And what’s up with you guys addressing people as “son”? It’s incredibly irritating.

        1. One of the NECESSARY conditions for ICC to have jurisdiction is the FACT that the country is unwilling or unable to prosecute the cases submitted to the ICC.

          And what’s so bad about it? Have you ever been to /pol/?

        2. >> One of the NECESSARY conditions for ICC to have jurisdiction is the FACT that the country is unwilling or unable to prosecute the cases submitted to the ICC.

          Yes, I made the same point at the top of the thread. And someone else pointed out that the case against Duterte has already been dismissed as outside of the ICCs jurisdiction.

          So surely that gives them even less leverage for “destabilization”?

          It makes me laugh how Filipinos think that it’s them against the world, and that every country on the planet is trying to bring them down. The reality is that they’re doing a fine job of bringing themselves down without any outside help, but like victims everywhere they need someone to blame for their own failures.

          What’s /pol/?

        3. or, you should perhaps explain the fact why:
          the US, EU, the ICC an the rest of these interfering misfits
          who keep poking their dirty noses on Philippine affairs
          much akin to annoying rantings of a meddling mother-in-law.
          now justify hordes of American/Euro retirees spending their twilight years
          in the beautiful country like the Philippines
          savoring all the fruits of their monetary resources @ 50x equivalent
          settling down with fresh-from-the-bath pinipig-scented and naturally-beautiful Filipinas
          instead of wrinkled, speckled Caucasians
          the Philippines IS a country exclusively blessed with much God-given grace
          inspite of its flaws
          which is why you Foreign Devils find it so irresistible

        4. Because the foreign meddlers can’t do better for themselves so they resort to force and exploitation!
          Some choose false security and stability over independence.

    3. better polish your limited juvenile vocabulary
      a re-enrollment at the nearest kindergarten school would do wonders to your gutter grammar
      furthermore, your faux-patriotism antics reek of unvarnished American subservience
      face the music
      homosexual drug-addicted Yanquis are a deplorable bunch of HAS-BEENS
      struggling in their final death throes as rigor mortis sets in
      blindly refusing to accept the fact that even the once-invincible RomanEmpire bit the dust
      irreparably crumbling from within_ much like your patron.
      why, CNET reports that America is struggling to implement 5G infrastructure across the country
      due to capital constraints and inadequate mapping information
      but hey, go forth and drown yourself on endless Aquaman re-runs
      you very well deserve it.

      1. Nice ad hominem, kid. No wonder why no one here wants to take you seriously due to your shitposts. Zero argument. Try again.

        1. shitposts eh ?
          coming from a clown named cleveland BROWN?
          the truth for you must really BUTT-HURTS
          go try some laxative to ease your pain

  8. I’d watched the reply of Senatorial Debates on CNN Philippines last morning & there’s one senatorial candidate by the name of Toni Casino [and no, he’s not related to the leftist congressman] and when he’d comment about the withdrawal of our country in ICC, he’d said that the controversial billionaire George Soros owned the International Criminal Court & he have an evil plot to oust our president, and he was right! And here’s an information about his connection to the ICC, and even he’s using his money to fund the mainstream media [e.g. Rappler], the Liberal Party [aka Yellowtards] & other human rights groups in order to bring down President Duterte: https://www.facebook.com/DuterteFeverByLotti/posts/the-cia-omidyar-and-soros-plot-to-oust-duterteusing-the-international-criminal-c/500219230372013/

    I would support & vote for that senatorial candidate this coming midterm election, and he’s not an Epal & Trapo [Traditional Politician] unlike those corrupt officials out there who they only seek their own interest & not the interest of the people & our country, and he even supports our president. Kudos, Mr. Toni Casino, keep up the good work & don’t be afraid of telling the truth to the Filipino people, even though most of them are dum & still blinded by the Trapos, incompetent & corrupt politicians.

  9. the ICC is but a picture of a toothless, paper tiger playacting in a vaudeville show
    it simply cannot enforce its judicial authority against known criminals such as
    Bush Junior, Tony Blair, Donald Rumsfeld, Colin Powell, Condoleeza Rice
    or against the USGov for various illegal wars and regime-change operations
    from the time of usurping the sovereign rulership of the Hawaiian Kingdom
    all the way to the Syrian conflict_and still counting

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