Foreign media have become victims of Maria Ressa’s lies

Contrary to reports being disseminated by foreign media, the arrest of Philippine online news site Rappler’s Chief Executive Officer Maria Ressa has been welcomed by many people, not condemned. It seems a lot of Foreign media outlets are getting fed the wrong information about Ressa’s problems with the law. The Associated Press was even forced to issue an apology after they stated that Ressa was arrested after criticising President Rodrigo Duterte:

The AP deleted a Wednesday tweet on journalist Maria Ressa’s arrest. It incorrectly said she was arrested for criticizing Philippine President Duterte. Authorities said she was arrested over a libel complaint, but Ressa argues the government misapplied the law to target her.

At least the AP retracted its erroneous report. We can’t say the same about other news sites and veteran journalists. So far, Al Jazeera hasn’t corrected its false claim that “Award-winning Philippine journalist Maria Ressa has been released after widespread condemnation over her arrest.” That’s false. She was released after she posted bail! This is why the public doesn’t trust mainstream media anymore.

News site Al Jazeera reports falsely on a tweet that Maria Ressa was released due to “widespread” public clamor.

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It’s quite shocking to read false information especially when you know the truth. And the truth is, only members of the Opposition are not happy with Ressa’s arrest. Looking at the comment thread on Al Jazeera’s Twitter account, the foreign media outlet was the one that received widespread condemnation.

Al Jazeera went on to report that “Rappler is known for its tough scrutiny of the Duterte administration”. But Rappler hasn’t produced anything ground-breaking. Their articles are sloppy and mediocre. The very fact that Ressa and her staff are being sued for libel is proof of this. Rappler has not reported anything that can be considered a game-changer. The editor of Wikileaks Julian Assange even called Rappler’s article titled “Bots, Assange, an alliance: Has Russian propaganda infiltrated the PH?” the stupidest article he has ever read.

Rappler articles are definitely moronic. The publication has contributed to the dumbing down of Philippine society because instead of helping keep the Filipino people well-informed, they only present one side – the side that fits their own agendas.

Another foreign journalist Christiane Amanpour of CNN is being duped by Ressa into thinking the latter was arrested because the Duterte government is desperate. She is even campaigning for Duterte to “free” her as soon as possible. The comment thread on her Twitter account was bombarded with messages correcting her. A lot of people were actually disappointed that a veteran investigative journalist like Amanpour would issue statements without finding the facts on the case. Amanpour does not even know that it was a private individual who filed a libel case against Ressa and not Duterte. It was a case filed by businessman Wilfredo Keng regarding a 2012 article titled “CJ using SUVs of controversial businessman.” The author of the article, Reynaldo Santos Jr, claimed that the late former Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona used a car owned by Wilfredo Keng during his impeachment trial. The article also painted Keng as a criminal who was into smuggling and human trafficking.

It’s quite evident that Amanpour and a lot of foreign journalist still think that the Philippines is so backward that a President can simply charge anyone just like that. They also assume that members of the judiciary are in cahoots with Duterte in his supposed quest to get rid of his critics. That is an insult to the intelligent men and women who run the courts.

It would help if Ressa herself would start talking about the case instead of just saying the same thing over and over – that the law is being “weaponised” against her and that Duterte is abusing his power just because she is critical of him. But does Ressa even know the details of the case herself? When asked by a reporter if they even spoke to the complainant, she responded by saying she doesn’t know the details of the article. That’s unacceptable. Ressa was faking innocence — as if she can get away with using that. The article was written in 2012 and the complainant was reportedly trying to appeal to Rappler to take it down. Instead of acceding to his request, Rappler even updated it in 2014. This is precisely the reason why the article is covered by the cybercrime law, which was signed by former President BS Aquino in 2012.

CNN correspondent Chrsitane Amanpour presumes to know better than a Philippine court in deciding Maria Ressa’s case.

Both foreign and local journalists are showing their arrogance in this issue. They are supposed to be trained to get the correct information before publishing their work. They are supposed to be more professional in the vetting of information than the average person. It is quite alarming to think they could be stupid and just pretending they are knowledgeable.

The libel case against Rappler is good news particularly for people like me who followed and wrote extensively about the impeachment trial of former CJ Corona. I knew then that mainstream media outlets like the Inquirer and Rappler were publishing unverified reports against Corona just to put him under a bad light. They didn’t think of the consequences of their actions. They didn’t consider the fact that they were destroying people’s reputations including that of Mr. Keng. Back then, I felt sorry for Corona. He was just too nice and didn’t bother suing everyone who maligned him. He died a broken man.

It was a private individual who filed the libel case against Ressa, but if you think about it, every Filipino became her victim when she kept publishing unverified articles against Corona during his impeachment trial. Filipinos lost a good man because of the lies. Some Netizens are thanking Keng for suing Rappler and showing everyone “how to fight the entitled spoiled press of the Philippines” and that “the move is for us ordinary citizens who were oppressed by unprofessional partisan journalism.”

Ressa is stressing out and seems to be having a breakdown. She’s not happy about the comments she’s seeing online. She’s convinced that the people posting on comment threads are troll accounts with “marching orders” to convince foreign journalists against her. Where is her proof? These journalists still supporting her will get disappointed in her if they find out the truth. Ressa’s fall from grace will be even harder if she keeps up the lies.

It is time to hold journalists like Ressa accountable for their actions. Journalists are very powerful. They can make or break innocent people’s reputations. Even when wrong, some of them do not apologise.

There are a few journalists who have spoken out against Ressa’s claim that freedom of the press is being undermined. Multi-awarded journalist Jiggy Manicad confirmed that the government is not stifling free speech. Indeed, there have been a lot of journalists in the past who were sued for libel, but they did not complain about being persecuted the way Ressa does. The National Press Club also issued a statement confirming that Ressa‘s case is not an act of political harassment against government critics and that we should not make a martyr out of Ressa. Thank goodness some are starting to speak out against her. Ressa has been acting like she is God’s gift to Philippine journalism for years.

Ressa’s case is quite ironic. BS Aquino was the one who signed the cybercrime act into law in 2012. Maria Ressa was helping Noynoy oust Corona during his impeachment trial when her online site published the libellous article against Keng in the same year. Now she could be jailed using BS Aquino’s cybercrime law.

42 Replies to “Foreign media have become victims of Maria Ressa’s lies”

  1. I think I believe now in KARMA. The cybercrime law that the retarded Aquino signed is now being used to try the case of Maria Reesa who is a part of his , media propaganda machine…

    Maria Reesa and her cahoots, are feeding false news and informations to foreign correspondents, which is a part of the conspiracy of the billionaire Soros, to promote radical and progressive liberalism., thruout the world.

    However, in the case of Maria Reesa. She has been feeding to us lies and false informations, since she became a mainstream media Journalist and part of the Aquino Cojuangco demolition propaganda machine. She now begins to believe her own lies.

    CNN is one of the Fake News mainstream media in the U.S., that is giving lies and false informations to the American people about U.S. Pres . Donald Trump. They tell outright lies in their TV news media.

    Maria Reesa thinks, she can beat the Libel charge against her, by pandering sympathy to foreign media outlets, who are clueless about her libel case…

    Her tactic is not working, Jail time and fines are awaiting her !

  2. “Victims of Maria Ressa’s lies” I’m more inclined towards being her accomplices, the last two decades worth of garbage propaganda and the Mainstream Media’s attempt at being a special class of untouchables has not tarnished your view on them, just follow their networking, their politics, their agendas and ideologues, like the saying of “Birds of a feather, flock together” it’s the same with these special breed of bloggers. Journalism is broken and dead.

  3. Your article Ilda is more stupid than Maria Ressa’s emotional outburst. We are not children to be brainwashed here. It is patterned how Duterte is finding fault and doing everything under his power to trying hard in jailing his critics like how he and his family and allies tried hard against Trillanes but still remains a failure nowadays and yet you wanted your readers to believe that Duterte is not behind all of this on Ressa’s case? Of course, he will not do it himself, he will use his minions to do the dirty work for him.

    You and other bloggers here seem so focus on Maria Ressa as you published several articles already about her in the past days. Ressa doesn’t even have mainstream news channel on tv to be viewed that could affect the lives and perceptions of millions of ordinary Filipinos that deserve to be the top priority subject on your articles. You seem to have personal interest on her that you all trying to focus your mind and energy in putting her down. Or just being onion-skinned everytime Ressa is criticizing your allies. Because you are a paid hack by Marcos and Arroyo that is why you are onion-skinned just like Duterte, a known onion-skinned king.

    Speaking of your demi-god Duterte, he has been doing a Demonic job lately. He urged Filipinos to steal and kill bishops. He understimated women to be sex objects. He gave housing units to more than a hundred terrorist surrenderees abu sayaff who killed hundreds of soldiers and innocent civilians in the past while victims of marawi siege after almost 2 years are still hanging on their evacuation centers waiting for the Duterte housing units promised to them. I wonder where are the funds for Marawi just like how you criticized Aquino admin. before on yolanda funds? Filipinos thought that Duterte is effective and efficient but they are very wrong. Furthermore, Duterte gave billions of taxpayer’s money to rebel group MILF. Gave housing and livelihood programs to NPA surrenderees rebels who victimized private corporations and innocent civilians. He wants to change the name of Philippines to Maharlika because he thinks it is fitted because Filipinos came from Malay race and yet cannot even fight our own sovereignty, territory and independence from China. And many more demonic things he did and pronounce lately that you all choose to ignore that are more important issues than Maria Ressa’s case and yet here you are devoted more articles about Maria Ressa than the demonic words and actions of Duterte who is supposed to be the personification of the Philippines to the world. You choose to shut up on all of this because he is your almighty president together with the 16 million Dutertards. In short, you are a moronic bitch!

    1. Haha, lots of these claims are straws, unproven and products of a fertile imagination.

      Is this to say the rest apart from the 16million are “bukod na pinagpala”? This proves you are as demented as Ressa! You’re nothing more than a delusional retard!

      NO? Jover? Vera Files? Aw, probably just a lowly rapplerette.
      Here’s a short lecture on freedom of speech.
      You have all the right to badmouth Ilda. You have the right to call her writing sloppy. You have the right to rant that all the suffering in the PH is because of duterte. Here’s the catch though: we also have the right to call your bullshit. And we, the commenters have the choice to believe who we want (and it aint you, sistah)! Democracy is dead? Far from it. Free speech? Shit, as long as silent no more and thinking pinoy both exist at the same time, im pretty sure that free speech is alive and well.

      1. Indeed, it’s more like an ad hominem shitpost and nothing else. All just for the sake of attention whoring and/or just to gain brownie points.

      2. Much has been written about Mario Ressa, and it has been revealed that she’s together with Lilibeth Frondoso, her partner for more than 14 years.

        Just who is Lilibeth Frondoso?

        She’s the wife of a communist. Her husband left her for another woman. About Lejun De la Cruz

        She’s a mother of 3 boys who rely on Ressa’s financial support.

        Her career has been driven by Ressa. From being a production assistant, Ressa promoted her as a Producer of TV Patrol. As producer of TV Patrol, Lilibeth didn’t live up to expectations. She was in ABS-CBN for 11 years, and then resigned 2 years after Ressa promoted her. Lilibeth gave up her career for Ressa because the chatter in the newsroom was too much for both to handle. Lilibeth was not worried about her career because Ressa has been financially supporting her. She moved to CNN as a stringer, then now as Multimedia Head of Rappler.

        One time, Lilibeth told a friend that she wanted out of the relationship with Ressa, because Ressa was too much of a megalomaniac. However, what stopped her was knowing that she had nowhere to go. She couldn’t go back to her previous job where her reputation has been a lackluster producer who threw her weight around because her lover was the head. She also doesn’t have network, and would rely on Ressa for referrals. She was trapped to be with Ressa for survival.

        Now what does Lilibeth give Ressa? As a butch lesbian, she makes Ressa feel like a woman. Lilibeth also supports Maria in her grandiose dreams- from Rappler to be the #1 news source in the Philippines, to being the next Mark Zuckerberg. We heard that she’s been attacking Facebook left and right, hoping for Zuckerberg to call her and be their consultant.

        Left by her murderer husband for another woman, a lackluster career before Ressa came in to give her a lift, dependent with Ressa for financial support, this is Lilibeth a product of her own choices.

    3. In case you don’t notice, the only thing that is stupid here is your ad hominem-induced, taken-from-mainstream-media, anti-Duterte shitpost. Try again, actual bitch.

    4. Nice try, Demonic Citizen. This is what happens when you’re sucking up to Rappler too much or even worse, being a paid hack of the Aquinos and the Liberal Party. Why are we not surprised…. -_-

    5. She knows exactly what she’s doing. You can see it from the way she interrupts Spokesman Panelo on a CNN Ph interview. She’s an example of how it’s easier to play victim than to actually offer solid legal defense.

      1. Even Panelo himself called out to Ressa that she should blame her LAWYERS for their incompetence and not the government. This is Rappler’s modus: when someone filed a case against them, they will just play victim and even decry “Defend Press Freedom” and “Democracy is Dead”, which is dumb.

        And yes, Ressa is charged for cyber libel. BTW, the Cyber Libel Act is even signed during Noynoy Aquino’s administration. What an irony…

    6. Wow, you must be a certified yellow Zombie! Ilda is a real/true journalist, not like you brainwashed Yellow who is so blinded with facts.

  4. CORONA WAS A THIEF, PLAIN AS DAY ! ICAN PROVE IT JUST AS OTHER’s HAVE ALREADY DONE SO….I have stood by and watched the Guilty Man, Corona, act as if he weren’t Guilty simply because he did not bring other Guilty SCUMBAGS down with him. I am supposed to think Corona was virtuous because he fell on his sword when, really? Corona was paid to do so.
    Renato Corna died a WEALTHY MAN, he kept all the bribes he took during his time as CJSC, especailly the $100,000.00 BRIBE he took to screw the PAL Employee’s……..Renato Corona should burn alive in hell for that one misdeed alone…….
    Saying Corona “DIED A BROKEN MAN.”, may be true, but ID really K….but I DO KNOW, CORONA died a RICH MAN. Corona died a RICH MAN because he was a thief and a scumbag.

    1. This is a typical Yellowtard shitpost. You’re just wasting your time shitposting here. And everything you’ve said is mostly from the mainstream media.

      I am a witness of Corona’s trial, which is a scam. What happened at Corona is more like a trial by publicity/trial by media. They just want to get rid of him, not because he is guilty or he’s a thief. You should know that, real-life Yellow scumbag.

      Try again, fam.

    2. being rich doesnt have anything to do with being broken. your logic escapes me. that kind of reasoning is non sequitur! Then again it is a very pinoy trait, so what can i expect from someone raised in an culture that is designed to stunt critical thinking.
      besides, corona was already rich in the first place. you know, from being a brilliant lawyer and all.

      1. no one said it did. CORONA was a Thief, he fucked the PAL employee’s. First ruling in their favor and the “FLIPPING” the decision after he was given a $100,000.00 check, which HE CA$HED! and it was shown/proven at his trial that he CA$HED THAT CHECK and he admitted it too !…..then there was a recess of two days and then CORONA got back on the stand and was allowed to rant for 90 minutes and then he faked having a heart-attack and the trial was NEVER CONCLUDED.YOU WITNESSED THAT TOO, RIGHT ? YOU IDIOT !
        AQUINO and MARCOS and all that they do, are a collective fraud on the Filipino people. A fraud that keeps the Filipino people IGNORANT and trapped in a never ending zarzuela…..AND THE IGNORANT FLIPS NEVER FIGURE IT OUT !

  5. @Pinoy Citizen:

    Rappler CEO Maria Reesa is being sued for Libel, by a private individual, named: Mr. Keng.

    What has Duterte, Arroyo, Marcos and the “Duterte Loving trolls”, have concern nor have anything to do about Maria Reesa’s libel case ? With the eagerness to impress her political patrons, the Aquino Cojuangco political axis; she wrote a false story, about Mr. Keng. She destroyed the reputation of Mr. Keng. So, the Dude, has the right to sue her for libel…

    Now, the libel case is in the Court of Law. Maria Reesa is trying to beat the libel charges, by shouting: “Press Freedom”, “Human Rights”, and diverting the issues against her. She even panders for sympathy to foreign press outlets, to shield herself from the Libel case.

    She wants the case to be tried in the “Court of Public Opinion”, instead on the “Court of Law” …What a dumb woman “Journalist” !

    1. LOL! That case filed by DOJ was politically motivated. Duterte admin is good at manipulating the laws in favor of their selfish end. The article against Keng was published in 2012 and that it was 4 months before cybercrime law became effective. In Philippine criminal case, law doesn’t have retroactive effect against the accused, so the case cannot be applied against rappler because rappler was considered innocent because the cyber law was not yet effective at that time. Given that it was updated in 2014, only spelling and punctuation were changed and none on the substance of the article so it cannot be considered new article even though it was made public again. Another thing, the prescription of filing a case for libel is only good for 1 year. After that, Keng doesn’t have the right to complain because his libel case already prescribed. But DOJ said for cybercrime law as special law the libel prescription is 12 years which is erroneous since the supreme court already ruled in one case, after the application of cyber law, that prescription for libel is still 1 year in consonance with the already libel penalty provision in the Revised Penal Code. Keng made a complaint only in 2017. We wonder why he did not complain in 2012 or 2013? Or 2015 after the republication of Keng’s article by the Rappler in 2014? Why only in 2017 after already 5years? Keng’s motive is suspicious and selfish dictated by the whims of onion-skinned king “president” because Keng gained/bagged multiple contracts from the government in favor of his company. And the fact that in the law only 1year is given a prescription, Keng’s libel case already prescribed.

      So no wonder why Maria Ressa’s stand is that this is plainly a harrassment against her by this admin. And that foreign media believe in her because they found out that based on the ongoing sabotage cases against the rappler, this is the patterned tactics engineered by duterte admin just like how they engineered a case against Trillanes. LOL! The vengeance of Duterte is shimmering and splending. A nice but childish imitation of Noynoy Aquino’s that Dutertards and Marcostard accused Aquino of all throughout the years of his presidency.

      Nice try all of you. You all going crazy against Maria Ressa when she is unknown to majority of the Filipino population. The real deal here is the Duterte issues as I stated above that you all chose to ignore because you are all blind and dumb.

      1. This is just another baseless rant full of straws and emotional outbursts.

        Oh yes, you’re just as dumb as Maria Ressa upon blaming the government for the issue she is facing but this is more like a legal matter. You’re such a drama queen like Ressa is.

        The real deal here is that nobody wants to deal with your Rappler asslicking and Yellowtardism right here. Unfortunately, you’re actually blind and dumb in the first place. There is no zero argument but something that comes out from the mouth of an NPC.

      2. @Blind and Dumb Citizen:

        You’re the ONLY one who said that it was politically motivated. Here’s Wilfredo Keng’s statement:

        “I have nothing to do with and am in no way being used by the Philippine government.

        I am an ordinary, private citizen and this is a personal, private suit. It is a basic remedy filed against defamatory words. My case does not tackle state suppression of policy criticism or of free expression of sentiment”

        So by your logic, you will consider anyone had the same thinking as you is considered as ‘private citizen’? You have the brains of a 5 year old if you think like that.

        The real deal here is that you’re just seeking attention and just to make nonsensical noise and this is no exception. Try again, troll.

        1. Since you are that dumb Iwill repeat what I already said above, based on Philippine law, Keng’s time to file a case against rappler is only good for one year and already expired as already ruled by Supreme Court in one case. Get your facts straight! Keng’s company bagged a multiple contracts from government that is why he is so cozy with the present admin and that the enemies of admin is also his enemies as a form of “pasipsip.”

        2. ^You mean, your dumb shitpost?

          In an official statement about the People v Rappler CEO Maria Ressa cyber libel case, complainant Wilfredo Keng said:

          “Upon seeing the libelous article and prior to resorting to judicial remedies, I tried to formally and informally communicate with Rappler in order to have the said article taken down, clear my name and restore my reputation…”

          Keng added, “In turn, Rappler, likewise through formal and informal channels, repeatedly promised me that they will take down the subject article, but never did. The libelous attacks remain posted on their website until now.”

          “Rappler, Ressa and Santos never attempted to obtain my side on the crimes they wrongly imputed to me or to fact-check their baseless attacks against my name. I have never had a criminal record,” Keng said.

          That’s why no one wants to take you seriously that you resort to NPC-esque outbursts. Lemme guess, it’s not “politically motivated” when it’s the opposite, right? Zero argument, once again.

        3. Keng never formally requested rappler to take down that article unlike Senator Sotto who publicly requested inquirer to take down Pepsi Paloma’s article verbally and in written form. Keng is such a liar and his time to file a case against Rappler has already expired.

        4. ^Nice strawman right there. Of course, Rappler would take Senator Sotto’s request because he’s a senator. Keng is a nobody in Rappler’s eyes so they ignored him. Everything you’ve said is fueled from hate and nothing else.

          Try again.

  6. This proves they have a large network of journalists around the world that whatever happens to their comrade, they always have their backs. which is coincidentally, they are all paid hacks and top shills on a payroll, pushing “”liberal agendas”””. Hence, birds with the same feathers flock together. And I thought al jazeera is a good altenative news site, boy I was wrong.

    1. Speaking of liberal agendas, I remember when Emily Maitlis of BBC is demolished by Hungarian Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó when she branded Hungary’s immigration policies as ‘fascist, racist, etc.’

  7. These YellowTards want to replicate what they did to Marcos Sr. , during the 1986 EDSA coup d’ etat on Marcos Sr.

    They wanted to portray that the Philippines is under the “harsh dictatorship” of Pres. Duterte. The Maria Reesa libel case; they want to portray Duterte is arresting and jailing Journalists ,

    They are pandering the support of U.S. Pres. Donald Trump, to remove Duterte; and replace him with the fake VP Lugaw Robredo. Unfortunately, U.S. Pres. Donald Trump, is a victim of the Fake News CNN and other mainstream media in the U.S. Most of the Americans don’t trust the mainstream media as their sources of their news. Most of the American Journalists are paid Journalists of the extreme left liberals…

    So, these YellowTards are just “howling at the moon” and working in vain to use the Maria Reesa case to oust Duterte. It will never happen, the Filipino people has awaken already !

    YellowTards, find other ways to oust Duterte, if you have brains !

  8. @PC >>That case filed by DOJ was politically motivated. Duterte admin is good at manipulating the laws in favor of their selfish end.

    Now even if (hypothetically/benefit of the doubt) the filing of the case was politically motivated, what’s wrong with strategically applying laws within legal boundaries towards one’s own political advantage? It comes with the ballgame. Should Ressa keep crying “weaponization foul!” just because the opponent’s side can systematically fire from the 3-point range? Who knows – her trying to look pathetically helpless could also be politically motivated. So everything could be politically motivated!!! – so what?

    1. Zaxx,

      “Applying laws w/in legal boundaries”

      The problem is this gov’t doesn’t know what boundaries is. This admin will go extra mile to prosecute its enemies even beyond what the laws have already set.

      They have made their own interpretation of the laws to their own advantage while allowing their perceived enemies to suffer. Just because they are in power doesn’t mean they are above the law and they can do whatever they think is right for them. We have the rule of law and in democracy, the rule of law and not the rule of men must prevail.

      This libel case against Rappler would likely result in another failure, same as the one that is already a failure when the court junked the petition of the gov’t against Rappler on its alleged “foreign ownership.”

      All I can say is that this present gov’t is doing vengeance based on hate. Maria Ressa, as a private person, has every right to express or voice out her frustrations against the gov’t for the latter’s fury and deluge filing of cases against Rappler without merit. They just filed cases against her, just for the sake, that’s all. Keng’s case was even backup by the Department of Justice (DOJ) so it proves gov’t is the principal and Keng is just an accomplice in this case.

      If Duterte admin is matured enough and is really doing their job properly, it won’t mind how many critics do they have, even if they think Ressa is with the LP, they won’t be afraid at all because they are doing their job based on the boundaries of the laws. But because they have their own hidden demonic agendas, so they go down to the low level and allow their emotions to get the best of them and they twist and manipulate the laws to their own selfish personal advantage as bright and clear as the sun, especially the cases filed against Maria Ressa and Trillanes.

      1. Napaka-dramatic ng mga paliwanag mo kahit wala namang katuturan. When your thoughts contain more adjectives than facts, that is certainly an indication that you have low IQ.

        Saka sa argumento mo, parang hindi ka pa naipanganak noong termino ni Noynoy e mas marami pa siyang ipinakulong kahit wala namang matibay na basehan.

      2. And the past administration does know what boundaries is? If you say yes, then you’re clearly delusional.

        Yes, they’re doing their own jobs w/o the help of the media. In case you don’t notice, the Opposition, mostly Ressa and Trillanes have their own demonic agendas and they always go down to the low level and allow their emotions to get the best of them for their own selfish personal advantage as bright and clear as shit (which is the Yellow mainstream media, btw where you considered it as the ‘sun’). Oh, Salvador Panelo even said this to Trillanes:

        “Hindi ko boss si Presidente. Tayo’y workers lamang ng pamahalaan. Ang pinagsisilbihan natin ay ating mga kababayan. Pag-aralan mong maigi ‘yung mga salita para hindi ka nadudulas.”

        Which really reminds me, where were you when he became Noynoy’s attack dog during his presidency and you’re just fine with that? That’s hypocritical of you, kid. That’s why no one here is taking you seriously and all you want is to TROLL on this site with your emotionally-charged anti-Duterte tirades. In fact, it was YOU who allow YOUR emotions get the better of YOU because your only reliance is the Yellow Mainstream Media (Rappler, ABS-CBN, Inquirer, etc.) which you crucially tried to ignore.

      3. Maria Ressa claims she is being silenced with the charges against her, which you said it’s politically motivated. But it seems you’re totally fine that she is the one wanting to silence Facebook users and social media bloggers. So that means, by your own logic, Ressa had her own hidden demonic agenda.

      4. >>because they have their own hidden demonic agendas… and they twist and manipulate the laws to their own selfish personal advantage

        Sounds like you’re describing Ressa/Rappler. They don’t just twist laws; they convolute their amateur detective “news reports”.

        Where is the law that prohibits one from filing a case against a perceived offender? It is the court that ultimately decides if application of the law is twisted or not. Still all is done within the framework of the rules of the game.

  9. so the final battle between democracy and communism still goes on.

    BTW, who really owns hacienda luisita? is it the government who paid it with taxpayers money, or is it own really by the aquino-cojuangco clan?

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